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ċօռtɨռʊɛs ʄʀօʍ ʀɨċɦɨɛ’s քօʋ


“sir Rich, KD is gonna hurt me!!


“I’m damn scared of him”


Nare said and started clutching my clothes like a little kid would do.


“tell him to leave!


I flicked at my guards,he bowed and then left my presence.


immediately he did that,her fear died away slowly.She left my clothes and still wrap her straight hands around her body like she’s cold.


I think she’s still scared.


“follow me!! I said and made sure that she climb the stairs properly.


She was not just focusing…it looks as if her mind is busy wandering.


“Nare’s get a grip,nobody is coming to take you” I mumbled, she gasped and tighten her hold on the slivery metallic rod of the stairs.


“okay,but are you sure!!


she asked,I ignored her and dragged her up the stairs in a fast manner,making her hairs to sway in a random manner.


I took her deeper and even more deep in the enchanted mansion.


then,I opened a slivery girly door…


The room was furnished by Elsa (the head of maid)…..


Everything in there was just perfect.


Deeper in the wide room is another section that looks more of a mini mart.


There’s nothing she will need that she won’t find there,I doubt.



“should I get in???


she pouted…


“sure” I answered,she got in and slam the door on my face…..


I raced down the stairs straight away to my private living room,my guards are already standing there.


“KD is still outside!


one of my guards bowed.


“let him stay but don’t open the door” I replied.


“sealed” he echoed back.


My phone beeped,it was Xavier.


Xavier is actually the one that started those foolish rules.


He made it clear that we’ve got dignity and treasures to protect and so,we shouldn’t mingle with the poor masses.


He’s also a top media and also the same person that carries news about us to the press,making sure that we are saved from rumor mongers and also from wicked assassins.


Xavier called my phone again after many fruitless attempts.


I’m very sure that KD must have call him and tell him about Nare’s even when he doesn’t have an evidence.


“what a suck up life???


I shrugged my shoulders up and pick his calls.


“Rich,why did you inform your guards not to open the gate?? he questioned.


“because I felt like that” I replied.


he smirks.


“tell them to open it,am at the gate”


he retorted




“he must have tell Xavier everything!


I frown and walked to the gate with my escorts.


we got to the gate,they opened it.



“I knew it!!


“KD had called Xavier.


I forced a smile to Xavier and have KD a disdainful look.


“Richie is it true??


Xavier asked.


“what is true?? I throw back at him.


“can we come in?? KD started acting friendly.


“no! I replied with a frown.




“Richie this is not you???


“is it true that you’re trtnna train a poor girl into joining you in your movie and business??? Xavier exclaimed.


“no” I lied.


“who’s telling the truth between you and KD?? Xavier asked.


“Sir Xavier,am the one!


“I actually saw Richie and the girl. they even hugged……


“Richie is trynna make what we do to become a free world that anyone can just step in and step out” KD blurted.


I smiled,Xavier frowned


“Richie is it true??


Xavier asked….


I didn’t reply. instead I adjusted my bandana pretty well on my head,making Xavier to get irritated as much.


“is it true!!!!


Xavier shouted.


I smirked and make him look foolish by his speech.


“Richie you’ve really grown wings and this attitude of yours is starting to piss me out…Even your father(


seven miles) didn’t try a break our rules and he’s not as rude and proud as this……


“he didn’t mingle with the poor’s…..


“he only associated himself with verrrrry rich people and that’s why you see him……”


Xavier started speaking history.


“you’re shouting!!


“Remember this is my mansion” I rolled my eyeballs,he stopped talking..


He dare not continue.


“if you dont know now,I think I should tell you now…


“those foolish rules do and don’t this have been broken in a long time…”


I said and I can actually sense the anger burning up in KD’s face.


“and you’re gonna break them again!!


KD asked, I shunned him by not replying.


Xavier got really angry to its peak and ordered his detectives to search my house for any intruder.


Xavier is a frustrated man right from time.Let me just say he’s a money making vendor who wants me to


get along with his only daughter in Korea….but hell no,I don’t like her…


she’s too ugly……


“Detectives,search the mansion!!!


Xavier commanded.


immediately he commanded,KD face lit up with smiles.


it felt as if some sudden Ice were spilled on my skin,making me to shiver.


“what if they find Nare????


The detectives started searching….


they search,search,search and search….


They brought out all the Maid’s that works for me…


surprisingly,they didn’t see Nare!!!!


“How come???


“is Nanare a pin or what???


I was as scared as hell….


I thought they will find her.


“sir, nobody is in again!! the detectives reported to Xavier.


KD mood changed.



“there’s one more inner room deep inside the mansion,that’s where she is” KD said,anger surpassed me.


“how on earth did he know that Nare is there???


“Detectives,go up there and search!


Xavier ordered again…


I felt like a knife was pierced deep into my heart….


it felt like a cancer eating deep down the depth of my heart.


I left angrily and rushed to the back of my mansion as more detectives plunge into my mansion in horror.


“what if they find her??


“she will be scared as hell!!!


I brought out my phone and call Elsa, she wasn’t picking.


My face was glued to my phone as I don’t know what to do!!


I raised my head after finally giving up….


but instead,I saw the Nanare that they were looking for…


“how did she outsmart them??


“is she smarter than I thought??


Questions filled my temporal lobes as I stared at her…..


“sir Rich!!!!


she called slowly and tuck her hairs beside her ears….


I was lost staring at her again.


“ohh Rich, you’re lost!!!


my mindset told me.


“what should I do??? she asked.


“come here!!


“come to me!! I find myself saying ..


“okay,I will come” she mumbled back and came to stand by my side with our shoulders touching each other.




“well played!!!


“this is good???????


“you think you’re smart and can always get all the beautiful things in life????


KD clapped and showed up in our presence.


I can’t even tell how he did it…..


“how on earth did he figure out that I am here at the back of the mansion?”




Nare froze and left my hands….


she started shifting back.


She wrapped her long hands around her body like a scared cat.


She stared at KD with her shining eyes and lips partly opened.


“sir Xavier,she’s here!! KD shouted..


Nare jerked back and took to her heel in a smart tight turn.


“where’s she???


the detective and Xavier asked,while coming to the back of the mansion too.


“where’s she???”


Xavier asked,looking really frustrated.


“she’s there??? KD pointed to exactly where Nare’s stood….


“where??? Xavier asked,looking more confused and frustrated.


“can’t you see her there?? KD grinned.


“we turned to where he pointed at but Nare is not there any more…..


I smiled…


Knowing fully well that KD is gonna make a fool of himself.


“where’s she???


“are you playing pranks on me??”


Xavier blurts out to KD.



KD look as confused as hell.He must


he must be wondering where Nare hide nor pass.


“Are you making a fool of me???”


Xavier seethed and grab KD collar.


“well,I told you already that no one is here” I lied…


Xavier left KD and then ordered his detectives out of my mansion.


Now,it was only KD and I alone…


“Mr,make use of the exit”!


i said and then winked.


“Richie,you’re lying!!


“you’re trynna train a commoner”


“is it that you’re in love with her or what???


KD blabbed.


“None of your business! I shut him out….


“KD out of my mansion! I ordered.


“I will leave but I know that she’s here and that one day,Sir Xavier is gonna know about it all”


KD retorted….


“what if he knows”??


I said and smiled.


“you know the consequences” he replied.


“I don’t give a damn”!


I shut him out.


He never left,he still stood staring at me and I wonder why he’s doing that.


“I will leave,but I will still make sure that Sir Xavier find out” he said and then smirked.


Nare showed her pretty face.


“she actually hide behind those cars parked beside the mansion.


“Sir……I. .. ”


she wanted to say something but she stopped because of the glares she’s getting from KD.



“so this is her???” KD said and then tilt his jaws…


Nare couldn’t speak anymore.


..”what do you mean by this is her??”


“are you going crazy already??


“there’s nothing between us!!


“it was Alberto’s plan and not mine”


I said,and clenched my fist at kd’s non chalant act.


I got really angry and I knew it that no one can stop me whenever am angry.


“are you too insane??”


KD replied him…


I drew his cluth and made him face me so that i can slap the madness out of his crainy skull.


“so this is what you do all your life??


KD said,trying to haunt me with his words.


I slapped him…..


Nare held her cheek like she was the one that I actually slapped.


“Sir rich!!!!!!!!


“as you’re slapping him,am getting hurt also!!


“just stop!!!


Nare started looking around in fear.


KD sprouted up again….


“I know it will be like this!!”


he said and walk towards the door.


“sorry!!! Nare said to KD…


and that’s what KD hate to hear.


“KD doesn’t hear sorry!!!


“sorry!!! Nare said again,not knowing that she is actually bring out the demon in him.


“sorry!!!! she said foolishly again…


So you told her what I hate”


KD starmmered.


….well,it seems Nare is going to cause some fight between KD and I….










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Note,there’s a clear difference between Beauty and Nare………


just stay calm and watch out….






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