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Episode 7




























Nanara p.o.v




“That’s so cruel of you!!!


“How can you suddenly start beating her with a wire???


“Alisha, stop it!!!



“she’s a woman and she needs to be respected. Even if she’s one of our maids, there should be limitations to everything because everybody needs and have the right to be heard!!


Seesha blurts out and hijacked the wire from Alisha.


“who cares???


Alisha blurts out, mhesha shrugged her shoulders high up.


“too harsh!!


I mumbled under my breath.


Just then,Nare starggered backwards and fainted with little blood dripping down her nose and mouth…


I become more scared as my twin sister fainted.


She wasn’t breathing anymore,


Her eyeballs were shot dead down while her lips stood firm and gum together.




I shouted her name and rushed to where she fainted.


Mhesha and Alisha were not feeling bad at all.


instead, they continue sipping in their wine.


Natasha laugh out loud and picked her landline.


As she did,I watched her in horror.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




“Hey,step back if you don’t wanna share in your sister’s punishment”


Mhesha grunted,


Seesha frowned.


“I love this!!! Alisha clap her hands.


“Me too!! Mhesha smiled small.


“Tasha,make it fast!!


Alisha commanded.


“Make what fast??? seesha asked.


“just watch and see!! mhesha rolled her eyeballs and stylishly hung her headset around her neck.


“what are you gonna do to the poor girl??? Seesha asked while pointing to Nare’s unconscious body.



“is what we are gonna do affecting you?????


Alisha smirked.


Seesha went wild and signalled me to help Nanare to the maids quarter.


I did as she said before Alisha could think of anything stupid and evil………


I rushed to Nare’s side and help her up.Immediately we got to the exit door,Alisha and Tasha started laughing.


“aaah Alisha,you really tried!!


Natasha commended Alisha.


“tried for what???


“just small beating and she fainted. I even thought she was stronger than that” Alisha scorned.


“what about me???


Mhesha grinned,waiting for an answer.


“Yes,you’re really fit for a villian!


Alisha winked..


“Nope….I’m gonna act as the lover girl in Richie’s script,not a villian”.


Mhesha retorted.




“you’re not fit for a kind person not to even talk of a lover girl” seesha smirked.


“watch your mouth!!


mhesha replied angrily and stood up with her phones in her hands.


“Richie hasn’t even talk to you and you Are here daydreaming!!


“Better stop dreaming badly…..


“Richie is never gonna be yours because lions don’t actually roll with cats!!!


seesha seethed.


“whatever!!! Mhesha replied arrogantly because she knew it right from time that she can’t actually try shits with Richie…


“Why are you standing there and listening to our conversation???


Mhesha pointed her index finger at me.


“Sorry!! I replied her and walked to the maids quarter that was located at the back of the house.


Gangaa was still attending to Nare. it really pain me a lot to see my twin in pain.


Alisha is the cause of all this.


Mhesha is not that harsh,she’s just being pushed into doing evil by Alisha and Natasha.


Alisha is the one influencing Natasha and Mhesha.


I just wish all this will end.


“she’s breathing,don’t be scared!!


Gangaa mumbled.


“I know!! I replied her and went ahead to sit beside Nanare on the bed that we both share.


“she might open her eyes in the next 30minutes! Gangaa said and left our room.


*thank you! I replied her and lock the door and windows immediately she went out.


The room is not as fansy as the idols own but it was better than ours in the village by at least 89%.


I heaved a sigh of relieve and went ahead to join Nare on the bed.


All her hair was just scattered all over the bed as she slept.


I packed them into two pig tails and covered her well with the duvet.


Soon,I turn my face to her,she was still sleeping…….




“I wish it wasn’t like this!!!


“its been 49days now!!


“I thought it will get better but instead,it worsened..


“granny will be worried sick about us in the village and might probably be undergoing an emotional trauma!!


“my wish now is that all this should stop!!


“if it do,I will be really happy!!!


I blurts out into Nare’s face,she rolled her body sideways and back hugged me on the bed.


“me too, I wish it will end!!


she replied….


Then,we drifted into a deep slumber.


(next day)….



“Nare,you’re on duty today!!


Elenore said,facing Nare.


“I know!! Nare replied.


“what’s my work today??? She asked.


“Your work today is just to follow Mhesha wherever she go”.


Gangaa replied.




“is mhesha leglesss!!!! I blurts out…


“I pity you…”


“if mhesha should here you,you’re gonna be in soup! Gangaa smiled.




“soup under my foot!! I cautioned and face my twin.


“since am not on duty today and you’re not feeling too well,can I help you??? I asked.


“yes,but will Mhesha agree!!


she asked.


“yes,she will accept” Gangaa winked, I felt relieved.


At least,my twin won’t get bullied again.


We rush our food there in the kitchen before joining the idols in the cars.


“They are going to the gymnasium”


Elenore said into my ears.


“okay!! I replied even when I don’t know what they do there.


I glance at Nare,she just kept a straight face on the road.


We got to the Gymnasium……


We’ve not even entered when Mhesha started showing her true colors.


“that’s too bad of her!!


Elenore said into my ears.


“I know!! I replied her and held Nare’s hand tightly.


“Nare,I need juice!!


Mhesha stated,making me to leave Nare’s hand.



“okay Mhesha!! Nare replied and started wandering about in the huge gymnasium.


Mhesha was really wicked.


She knew right from time that no one sells juice in the gymnasium and yet she insisted on taking juice.


I watched as Nare walk down the white stairs,hoping to find what mhesha wanted and I.doubt it if she’s gonna get it.


Nare Nare


I don’t think they sell juice here!!!


“this place doesn’t look like where juices are being sold.


“or,maybe I should go back to tell Mhesha that there’s no juice???




“she’s gonna shout and Tasha is gonna make me an object of ridicule”.


I reasoned and continue wandering around the huge place,hoping to find juice for Mhesha.


After I had walked for like 30minutes and there was no juice,I decided to go back and tell Mhesha that there was no juice.


“what if she kills you???


my inner mind haunted me when I step on the first stairs.




“I better not go!! I concluded and sat on the last stairs with my face buried deeply into my palms.


“what if Mhesha start looking for you?? I said to myself and stood up again.


I turned back with an intention of climbing the stairs so I can go and see Mhesha but instead,it was Richie who was standing at my back with his arms crossed.


“Sir Rich!!


I called his name with fear and shock written all over my face.


I smiled and revealed his deep dimples.


“why is he smiling??


“Did he win a lottery??? I asked myself.


“Thinking about something???


he speak slowly,maybe because I’m uneducated.



“No,its nothing!!! I shake my head and shifted back.


“What’s that mark on your nose???


he asked,I froze on my spot.


“No,its nothing,that’s how they give birth to me!! I lied,he smiled again.


“why are you sitting here alone???


“Are you sold into slavery???


“Are you a maid,a slave or what??


he asked.


I drop my head down,not knowing what to say.


“Do you have a name,parents, a house, why are you uneducated???


Richie started asking questions..


“I don’t know!!


I replied, he smiled….


I was getting uncomfortable and what I needed that moment is to run away. I really need to run away before he will put me into another trouble.


“Sir,I don’t know!!!


I replied and ran passed him to where Mhesha was in the gymnasium,


it turned out that Mhesha was not there.


I glance around and summoned one of the securities.


“sorry,did you see Mhesha the idol with yellow hair?? I asked.


“Yes,she left with her other idols and maids 10minutes ago!!


The security replied.


I started finding myself in a parallax drawing to the end of time….


“Another trouble loading for me!!!


I fundle my hair thoroughly.


“sir,are you sure???


I asked the security.


“yes,but you can still check!! he replied me.


“okay,I replied and started checking each section,I didn’t even see anybody.


I got to the last section,I entered and slam the door not knowing that it already had an automatic lock.


I didn’t even noticed it that Richie was in that section.


I entered,he stopped what he was doing and bounce walked to the door.


“why did you slam it like that???


“Don’t you know that it has,been placed on an automatic lock???


“it can’t be opened unless someone open it directly from the exterior through the outside!! Richie started speaking in a fast way that I didn’t even get to here what he was saying clearly.


“okay! I replied and started struggling with the knob.


“okay for what???


“I said the door can’t be opened like that?? Richie said and took my hands from the knob.


“okay!! ……


I replied because I still didn’t get to hear what he was saying and so I started struggling with the lock.


“Are you deaf???


he asked out of frustration.


“maybe not!! I replied and left the door since it was not opening.


“what can we do??


I asked.


He did his mouth in a proud way and made it look as if I was some piece of trash.


it was even worst than Alisha’s own.


“Sir what do we do??


“is your phone here with you so that you can phone someone to help us out???


I asked,he did the most worst thing by not answering.


I felt devasted….


“Alisha will be really mad this time around!!


I mumbled, inwardly.


Rich didn’t even bother about the door,instead he went ahead and sat on a low pub..


“sir Rich,the door! I said….


“was I the one that lock it!! he replied,harshly.


Maybe am just seeing the bad side of him.


I don’t even know what to do,I started trying all I felt will work but nothing is working out.


The door was still locked.


Several hours passed,


no one was coming to open the door.


“what a tragedy??


I turned sideways and didn’t see Richie again.


He was standing at my back for some unknown reasons best known to him.


“I better not ask him anything or else,he’s gonna reply harshly.


“I made the door locked so I don’t think I need to talk again.


“So what’s you name??


he tap my shoulders.


I shake in fear.


“No name!! I replied…..


He stared awkwardly at me most especially my red lips.


“since you don’t wanna talk,I know what to do?? I said and brought out his phone.


“I will talk!!


I replied and stopped him from doing whatever he wants to do.


He stopped and started staring at my face.


“should I stare back or I run away??


I asked myself why trynna avoid his gaze……


“what if mhesha catch me???




This is really trouble for me.












Adesola Adeomowole






(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!)





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