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ɛքɨsօɖɛ 12
























*******ʀɨċɦɨɛ’s քօʋ*********


I woke up in the dark of the night and turn on my bedside lamp and made the yellow light to shine on my face.


It was Dylan’s call that woke me up.


I rubbed my temple and placed his call on loud speaker before connecting it to the projector with a remote control.


“Brother,are you still preparing or you’re sleeping” his voice came up.


I smiled at the word brother.We ain’t blood,we are just friends.Friends for 6good years.


“Brother are you sleeping or what??


“We have just 1month left for enchanted sound track,then the movie we follow. So I just wanna ask if you’ve seen someone for the back up” his voice echoed into the projector.


I just smiled at his concern.


“Richie can you ever be serious!!


“I know nah!


“my mind told me that you’re not preparing” he retorted with a smirk.


“who told you am not preparing??


I asked.


“I’ve you find the back up person and the lover poor girl” he asked back.


“Nope,I don’t need a back up person,I can back myself up….”


i replied him.




“Richie will it not be too stressful.. you know it needs to be a clean job… I don’t want you stressed up that’s why” Dylan said into the projector.


“stressed up as in???


“it won’t be stressful,i can handle myself and my concert without the assistance of anybody” I replied him.


“Richie,there you go again!!


“Well,Valarie is coming back from Souel”…..


“so what’s my business???


“I’m I her father??? I asked with a frank tone.


Dylan smiled.


“I thought I was the only one that hate that girl…..


“But Richie, she’s your thing! Dylan said through the phone.


“Hey,she’s not my thing” i fired back.


“ahhh but Xavier said she’s your future wife” Dylan mocked.


“Dylan if not because we are close, I know what your punishment should be” I cautioned,he laughed.


“sorrry boss!! he smiled.


“don’t sorry me,you’re still gonna get punished” I replied.


“Anyway,I will come and see you tomorrow so that we are gonna go to school together” he giggled and hung up.


I drop my phone and switch off the projector.


I brought my laptop and check my mails, I’ve missed a lot of messages from Alberto.


I opened my mail and read all the messages.





“still finding out about the twins”



“Mhesha is still harsh but not like that to Nara because Seesha won’t allow mhesha to maltreat her


because Nara is asthmatic……


“Natasha and Alisha are still mean too and they are desperately looking for Nanare…..


“Seriously,they are looking for her so try to ensure that she doesn’t step out anyhow…


“You won’t even believe it that Mhesha have crushes on you”


I read Alberto’s message and covered my laptop. I grab my notepad and pen.


on a fresh page,I started writing the sound track of Enchanted.


The sound track have just four parts.


“Better than the Richie’s of this world


“Better than the sound of my friends voices….


“Better than the biggest dream of my heart..


“baby I love you from the start”


Back up(second part)


“I think you’re great”


“we would be so good together”


“you’re the perfect mate”


“I think we could be together”


3rd part…


“but when you left me,the world stop


“my eyes felt like flooding”


“I don’t want to hide us away”…


4th part(back up)


“I’m so in love with you”


“all of me wanna stay with you”


“until we’re very and old”


“love you till my lungs gives out”


“I promise till death we part.


After writing,I stood up and glance at it over and over again.


then I started singing…


I sing,sang and sung till it was morning…..


I sang the 1st and 3rd part perfectly buy the 2nd and 4th part was damn stressful…..


it was the back up part so I will need to stress out my lungs.



I cleared my stuffs and bounce walked into the washroom, I got into the jacuzzi and had my bath, I came out in my royal robe and started dressing up for school.


Dylan will soon be here.


I inserted my rings and took my suit coat on my shoulder while my headset was hung around my neck.


“Richie why are you so cute!


Dylan voice said behind me.


“be whining yourself! I replied him.


“seriously,am not whining you…. your last picture on insta had 70M views” he exaggerated.


“yeah….I’m cute because my mum is a goddess and my father is a cute gentle man” I winked, he smiled.


“where’s Elsa???


I asked one of my escort that was holding my phone and bag.




he starmnered and stared at Dylan.


“where’s Elsa???


“Did she not make breakfast???


I snapped.


“no sir,she didn’t make breakfast, she ordered it” My escort replied.


“where’s she??? I pointed out clearly, Dylan smiled.


“you’ve started your superiority again” Dylan blurts…


“sorry sir,she’s in madam room”


my escort replied, Dylan raised his brows..


“who’s madam??? Dylan asked.


“Didn’t I tell you guys that I don’t want to see any of you going to her room??? I made a superior look.


“sorry sir!! my escourt bowed.


“your sorry will put you guys into trouble this early morning” I retorted and walked to the second


building in the mansion…..



Dylan and my escourts followed me.


“who is the madam?


Dylan asked but he got shunned by my quietness.


“Brother are you keeping any secrets.?? he asked.


“no sir!! my escort replied him.


I got to Nanare’s door and opened it without knocking, I met Elsa and her there.


Elsa stood looking at her while Nare kept quiet.


“Ma’am, do you have a mother???


Elsa asked.


“what is mother??? Nare asked innocently.


“my dear,mother is someone that gave birth to you” Elsa replied.


“okay,you mean mammi?..


“in my village,we don’t call mum,we call mammi….but sadly my mammi died immediately I was born. it


was granny amber that took care of Me and my sister” Nare replied.




“and she’s beautiful” Dylan smiled wildly and kept his face on Nare’s red lips.


“who’s beautiful???


I asked with little jealousy.


“her” Dylan replied and stared at her white bangle.


“what’s her name?..


Dylan faced Elsa.


“she doesn’t have a name” I cautioned sharply.


Dylan smiled….


I frown and told him to stop looking at her…


Elsa and my escorts left,Dylan wasn’t leaving and I wanted him to leave badly but I can’t tell him because we are friends.


“come to me! I signalled Nare,making sure that I don’t call her name.


“sir,okay! she replied and came to stand beside me.


Jealousy won’t allow me rest, I held her hands tightly and took her to the large hallway,leaving Dylan alone in Nare’s room.


“sir what did you say???


Nare asked.


“I should go too???


she asked….


I kept quiet,not knowing what to say.


She get her hands out my hands and turned to leave,her nerves failed her, she trembled and fell…..


She even clutched my jacket and made me fall on her….


“what’s happening here???


Dylan opened the hallway door and met Nare on me.


“sir,its nothing!!


“its an accident” Nare said and pushed her hairs behind her blue hair warmer, she got off me but her legs was still not stable….


She fall back again.


This time,it was her br**st that was close to my lips….


Dylan just stood motionlessly.













(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!)




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