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Nanare pov


“ooohh my god!!


“ohhhh no!!!


“it looks scary!!


“i don’t really know what mhesha is going to do to me!.


I covered my face with my palms in other to avoid piercing gazes from those spoilt rich brats that are in Mhesha class.


Mhesha still stood in front of the smart boards and grinned in a manner that shows real wickedness.


“Hey,are you not my new slave???


she mumbled under her breath in a manner that no one heard what she spoke.



“yes,I am”


I replied her and took my palms off my face.


“good for you!!


she smiled and faced the class.


only females that are rich like her were in the classroom. I guess it’s a special place designed for them.


“don’t think about anything,I’m not gonna take much time, just follow me!!


She curved out another smile and drag my hands.


she took me out of the class to a more spacious place.


I think that place is a hall because it looks so long and wide.


The front were decorated with expensive gem stones that worth millions of money.


She got to the stage in the hall and press something I couldn’t just figure out on a flat screen.


immediately she did that,little light shine on that screen.


Mhesha smiled again and opened the maker and colouring pens in her hands.


I wonder what she’s gonna use that for.


“I think its another time for bullying ….


“Why is mhesha always doing like this???


“is it because her mom owns all this investment??


“is it because of twinkle’s death??


“its really unfair???


I heard glimpse of tiny rumors as Mhesha raised the maker to my face.


“Alisha,what was our last topic in chemistry??


Mhesha asked.


“ooh,that one???


“I think its Fleming’s right hand law!


Alisha answered.




mhesha replied and started writing and drawing unimaginable things on my face.


Surprisingly,the phones came to my face,it was capturing all what Mhesha was writing on my face.




I really wish my handwriting is as beautiful as Mhesha’s own!!


I heard outburst from the people that were capturing all what Mhesha wrote on my face.


“verrrrrry beautiful!!


Alisha smiled.




“I need juice because I want to initiate my new slave into Daniels Royalities High School!!! Mhesha blurts out.


“are you sure its juice you want or powdered milk??


Natasha catwalked into the hall in a very skimpy skirt and long jacket.


On her fsdt were anklets,dangling.




Mhesha rolled her eyeballs.


“I can handle it!!


Alisha step forward with a bucket of juice in her hands.


She didn’t think twice, she raised the bucket of juice and pour everything on my body….


“everybody start!!


mhesha said into the microphone in a sweet voice..


instantly,I felt different things being poured on my body.


“powdered milk”




“sausage roll”




“red oil”


“grinded pepper!




I couldn’t even open my eyes!!


I became partially blind that my lips started shaking.


“its okay!!


Mhesha said into the microphone and step down the stage slowly..


“Mhesha Daniels,what’s all this???


A stern voice said directly to Mhesha.


I manage to open my eyes to see who it was but my eyes won’t just allow me.


“How can the daughter of Emily Daniels help a poor wrenk woman like you??


Mhesha replied in an aggressive manner.



“why did you bully your maid like this???


The same stern voice asked.




“she’s my slave!!


“I repeat,she’s my slave and not my maid.


“I bought her for 9.8billion,and so,it will be right if you should walk away without poking your nose into this matter!!!


“or else I phone Bliss or Emily Daniels which is my mom to fire you!




Mhesha raised her brow,


the educator kept quiet.


“Nanare,over here!


she commanded as she got to the hallway door.


all gazes turn to my direction.


I managed to open my eyes halfky before walking up to her.


“I wish bullying will find to an end in Daniels Royalities High school!


the educator mumbled and watched as Mhesha dragged me out of the hall.


She continue dragging my hands,


then she stopped at the most high stairs.


There,I met my twin,


She was standing.


immediately she saw me,she stood up and stared at the way Mhesha was holding my hands.


Mhesha left it and brought out her phone.


“Don’t move away from this place!!


“if you do,its none of my business because you’re so dull enough that you don’t even know what it is the right thing to do!!!


Mhesha spoke very fast that neither Nara and I heard what she said.


“what did you say???


Nara asked.


Mhesha pouted and flick her hair backwards with style.


“are you deaf???


“I said Richie Diamonds is coming today,so stay here and don’t move anywhere..???


Mhesha spoke more faster,making it very difficult for Nara and I.


“Who’s Richie????


Nanara asked.


Mhesha slam her forehead and faced me.


“I know you’re smarter than your twin!!


“Do as I say??


mhesha retorted.


I closed my eyes tightly and went to sit with mg back,backing the door to the Sixth floor.


Mhesha smiled and left.


Nanara came to sit beside me.


“what did she do to you??


Nara asked.


“she pour peper on my body and its really hurting me!!


I replied her.




Nara gasped and took off my red jacket first.


Then,she took off my already stained white top and then pace around,looking for water.


She went to the nearby sink and twisted it,water wasn’t coming out at all.


“Nanare, let me get water outside!


she protested.


“no,don’t go!


I replied and managed to open my eyelid.


I open my eyes,it was pepperish!


I close it back,


Nanara moved closer to me and blew air into it.



it was a little bit better!!



“how was it??


she asked.




I replied her.


“thank god!


she smiled and covered me with my jacket.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




I stood up,


she stand up also and was looking around for the bond to my hair.


“wait here,I’m coming!!


Nanara objected and open the door.


in a swift,she ran out of where Mhesha kept us,leaving me alone.


minutes turned into an hour,


Nanara wasn’t coming back.


I step out also and walk few centimeters maybe I will see her but she wasn’t coming at all.




I called her name,I got no response.


I covered myself with the jacket well and continue walking deeper.


I turned back only to see how far I had walked but I saw another thing entirely.


it looks like someone is coming.


I turned back and walk back!!


Mhesha must not find out!!


luckily for me,I got back to where Mhesha kept us,thinking Nara will be there,she wasn’t.


I faced front and saw him coming.


That same person picture that Mhesha is always holding to her chest,


That same person picture that I’ve caught Mhesha kissing and bragging upon.


I better run away .



I tried opening the door,


it wasn’t opening at all…..




I think I should run away?.


I mimicked and took to my heels but I was so foolish to have run into him.





how was it.??






(all of me!!!!!!!)




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