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Nanare pov


beads were jingling on my ankles,


Beads on my wrists,


Beads round my waist,


Beads round my pretty long neck,but alas,the fear was still instilled in me.


“nare I don’t think I can survive again!!!


“its really scary!!!!


“how long are we gonna be in the captives of this slave traders???


“Nanare, its really scary!!

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Nanara (my twin sister) started crying as she rested her head on my shoulders.


“Nara,I don’t know too…


“my only wish is that we should get back to our local village in dehli but it seemed that we are misfortuned already..


Now,my prayer is that we shouldn’t get separated from here!!


I speak back to my twin.


“No one is more scared than I do!!


she mumbled.


“me too!! I replied her and cluth her inhaler tightly in my pocket.


“is there any difference between here and our local village??


Nara asked.


“yes,its obvious” I replied and took a quick glance at the other girls that we were locked up with.


“I think we are in Mumbai….


Nanara startled.


“this is the worst act of human!!


“how can we get kidnapped by man!!


“for money or what??


Nanara lamented.


Just then,one of the slacd traders came to stand at the entrance of the glass door with a very fat man.


I wonder what the two are actually up to.


“make your choice,each of them worth 9.8billion”


the slave trader said .


all the girls shifted back and hide their faces so that they won’t be victim of any.


Nanara and I close our eyes and hurried our head into our legs so that we won’t be chosen by the ugly fat man.


“I want her!!! the fat man grinned with his index fingers pointed forward.



Everyone of us open our eyes..



The fat man’s hand was pointed to me!!!


Nanare why you???


“gosssshhh,this is not what I wish for!! I lamented while Nara held me back tightly.


“why do you choose her??? the slacd trader asked.


“nothing….its just that I love her natural red lips and I won’t hesitate making her my s£x toy!! the fat


man retorted,I felt big bang recreating in my memory.




“don’t take her away,she’s my twin and she’s all I got!!


Nara protested and drag her hands into my own.


“are they twins??


the fat man asked.


“are you blind,can’t you see the resemblance??? one of the captured girls fired back.


“then,I will buy you instead!!


the fat man pointed to another girl.


Alas,I felt relieved.


I wasn’t going to get separated from Nara.


I opened my eyes only to see another set of 4young ladies,they were all masked with expensive tafetta that had slivery stones round it.


“are we still going to remain like this??


“twinnie,I hope we won’t get separated!!


Nara minced,still holding my hands.








“you! one of the ladies with cream hair pointed to four girls.


“is four enough!! the slave trader questioned.


“Nah,I need too more”


another lady with red artificial hair said in a very tiny voice and pointed to Nara and I.


We were dragged out like piece of trash but I still manage to hold Nara’s inhaler tightly.


“Mhesha,I don’t think you can cope with this trashes!!! the slave trader said and pull Nara and I hair in a very painful manner till we started crying.




the female idol with creamy hair asked.


“they are villagers from Delhi and they can’t even read and write. they only know how to speak little English!!


the slave trader explained.


“villagers ….” the same idol with red hair rolled her eyeballs.


“Alisha what do you think???


she voiced out in a fast way that I barely heard what she said.


“not bad!! the shortest of the idol replied.


“Seesha pay them and let’s get outta here…


“argggh . its so disgusting!!


Alisha voiced out.


We followed them outside to where their cars was.


“hey hey hey,stop…


“you’re dirty….


“don’t stain my car!!


Alisha mumbled disgustingly….


she’s too harsh!!!


I mumbled under my breath.


“Alish you’re too harsh on them!!


the shortest of the idol said.


“I’m not harsh….!!


Alisha replied and flick her purple hair arrogantly.


“Not again,Alisha!! the leader speak with authority and motioned the six of us to move to the last car.


….will life ever be fair to us???


I smirks and held Nanara hands..





Seeha Seesha


“mhesha, I think I’m liking one of the twins!!


I said,trying to begin a friendly conversation with her.




“what’s my business??


she cuts in rudely.


my jaws drop down…


all my efforts to change her and Alisha’s stony heart were all in vain.


Their attitude changed when Twinkle died.


Twinkle was the fifth girl in our crew.


After Mhesha,Twinkle is the most beautiful. but sadly,she died..


she died of cancer plus she was murdered by an unknown person.


Ever since then,Mhesha and Alisha changed.


Their attitude became worst and they were not like that when twinkle was alive…


“mhesha did you…..”


I was about saying,she cut me off rudely again.


“seesha,I’m having headache,don’t talk again!! she complained, I frown.


Just then,Natasha walked into our large living room in a skimpy pink bumber short and a black top.


“Guess what????


she grinned as she ran down the stairs.


Tasha is the most dangerous,she always get whatever she wants because her dad is a politician in Mumbai.


“I thought you have something to say!!


mhesha fumed….


“I have something to say and its all about Richie diamonds!.


“he’s coming to India!!


Tasha smiled and rush to turn on the projector.


She connected her laptop with it and did a quick picmix of Richie’s cute pictures on it.



“he’s welcome!! Alisha crossed her legs.



“why are you telling us about him??


Mhesha hissed.


“well,he’s coming to India to shoot the live stage play of ENCHANTED”


Tasha clapped.




“what’s all about enchanted??


Alisha grinned.


“I think you should get it now!!


Tasha showed one of Richie’s picture on the projector.


He was smiling and was holding something tightly to his cute chest.


Beside the picture,seven words were written in italics.


“all of me”


“is for my ENCHANTED”


Tasha smiled,


Mhesha started tripping for the picture.


“ENCHANTED is a short play written by Richie Diamonds..


He wrote the script when he was 18years old….


Surprisingly,the book got many reactions and made him really famous.


no one still believe that Richie can be so perfect in it because what he do mostly is to write songs…..


but he actually shock everyone by bringing out enchanted.


Enchanted is a three play cast.


The lover boy,


The poor girl,


a stranger who will act as the villian.


“Now get it!!!!


This is the main reason why Richie is coming to India.


he wants to shoot the real stage play here in India because 70% of beautiful girls are in India.


“waooooww,I think I am in love with the mini play…


Alisha smiled seductively.


“the pay for whosoever wants to act as the poor girl is 100billion. Apart from that,it is also a great opportunity to get to the cute guy…




“Richie wrote under his script that whosoever wants to act as the poor girl must have natural red lips!!


Tasha sigh and slump into a seat beside Mhesha.


“why red lips???


“it is really hard to see a female with natural red lips!


Mhesha burst out.


“Natasha why did he choose red lips??..


Alisha asked.


I never can tell!! Tasha shrugged and started writing on her notepad.


Mhesha was still drooling over Richie’s deep dimples.


“I feel like sleeping but I have exams tomorrow” Alisha drop her phone and pick the landline.


“badra,I need wine!!


“tell one of the twins to bring it!!


she retorted and hung up.


Few minutes later,


Nare appeared in front of the glass door with wine,glass and tray in her hands..


“Ma’am Alisha, its here” she bowed and drop the tray on a glassy stool.


“can you make me tea?? I gestured.


“yes!! she nod and turn to leave,


Mhesha called her back.


“get me juice now!! she ordered.


“okay” she replied and rush out, she came back immediately with juice pack and a glass cup in a tray.


she drop the tray on the stool and filled the glass with apple juice for Mhesha.


“my juice!!


“yes ma’am!! she bowed again and bring the glass to her front but instead,mhesha pushed the glass off her hands and made it shattered on the floor.


“aaaahhh, I’m sorry! she pouted and she was not the one that broke the glass,it was mhesha.


“what nonsence???


Tasha grab the pack and pour the juice on Nare’s head,making it to spill on her clothe.


“when next you want to give me anything, don’t forget to wash your hands??? Mhesha grumbled.




“I’m calling Bliss to punish you for wanting to infect me with germs!!


mhesha roared.


“I can handle it!!


Alisha grab her landline and phoned badra(our housekeeper)


“Badra,make sure nare stay outside the mansion for 10good nights!!!


Alisha smirks….


“okay ma’am!! badrah replied.


“next time you need to act as if you’re educated! Tasha sympathized.


Mhesha hissed and ran up the stairs to her room arrogantly.


“why are you standing already??


“its night so go outside the mansion, your punishment starts from today!!


Mhesha stopped halfway the stairs and gave orders to the poor girl.




the poor girl mumbled,like she didn’t hear what mhesha said.


“she said you should go and sleep!


“go and sleep!!


I demonstrated.


“go and sleep outside the mansion!!


I pointed outside through the window.


“okay!! she sniffed…


and walked hastily outside our living room.


She got outside the gate and sat on the floor.


I wish I can help her out but Mhesha’s order are authoritative….





how was it??????







(aʟʟ oғ mє!!!!!!!!!)




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