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Episode 5














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Seesha p.o.v


Gloominess drips,


I tip toed to Mhesha room very early in the morning and knock at her door,she wasn’t answering.


Maybe she’s busy preparing for Richie’s show tomorrow”


I shrugged my shoulders high up and peep through the door hole.


As I did that,I froze on my spot because Mhesha was not sleeping.


She was holding Richie Diamonds picture very close to her br**st.


I wipe my face again to be sure of my fact,it was really true.


“Has mhesha fallen deeply in love or what????


I wondered,really terrified.


Still on my spot,I kept on watching every moves she was making since she has not noticed that I am peeping through her door.


After a long time,


Mhesha dropped the picture on her bed and adjusted her towel jacket,she stood up with her phone on her right hand and Richie Diamond’s picture on her left hand.


With the two in her hands,she walk up to the window and. connected her phone mouth piece to the projector in her room.




Mhesha is really dangerous just like her mother!.


i still remember when she told me about her mother dark past.


“is there any difference between Emily Daniels and Mhesha Daniels??


(I never can tell).


Right now in the present time,


Emily Daniels is now a known villian across the globe.


History made me know that she once tried killing the former president of Mumbai(seven Miles) and Miss Universe(Beauty Dana).


in the course of doing that,she was caught and was sent into jail for 4years but she came out again.


Emily Daniels came out strong and was waxing stronger.



Suddenly,Emily Daniels became rich again but not as Beauty Dana.


Then,Emily Daniels started teaching her only daughter to trend on her same dangerous way not knowing that even if we can fool some of the people,we cannot always fool all of the people at all of the time.


“I just pity Mhesha Daniels on this!.


“Hello mom,what do you say???


I watched as how mhesha handled her phone.


“hello sweety pie!!


Emily’s voice came up in the projector.


I shake a little bit on my spot just because Emily’s voice is more harsh and dangerous.


“what did you say you want to tell me the last time you called on phone??


Mhesha asked,I swallowed my saliva.


“Nothing much!!


“I just want to let you know that the miles second descendant is now in India!!!


Emily blurts out through the projector.


Right on where I stood eavesdropping, I covered my mouth so that Mhesha won’t get to know..


“Seven miles and beauty Dana descendant????


“Mom,what do you mean???


“are you trynna tell me that Richie Diamonds is Seven and Beauty’s son????


Mhesha asked.


“Sure baby!!


“he’s their only son and he only came to Indian for a specific purpose and that’s only because of his script titled ENCHANTED .


“Richie Diamonds is here in. India on disguise!


“that’s why you hear people saying he’s the next heir to the throne of India.


“its not really because of his money but because he’s Seven Miles!


Emily Daniels said over the phone.


Again,I covered my mouth with shock written all over my face.


“Good for him but why is he disguising????.


“he has made lots of money already!


Mhesha shrugged arrogantly.


“can you compare his wealth to our wealth???


Emily asked her daughter..


Mhesha couldn’t answer and so she kept quiet.


“one thing again,he doesn’t like girls!


“he’s a complete introvert.Definitely, you can trick him down!


Emily retorted,I still covered my mouth with my palms.


“I tried that already and I don’t really thinks he likes me”


Mhesha replied her mom proudly.


“Well,that’s left for you!


“all I know is that I’ve done my own parts!


Emily smirks and hung up.


Mhesha drop her phone too and gently drop Richie’s beautiful picture on her leaflets.


She removed her towel jacket and was stack naked.


I closed my eyes first,I opened it later and found out that she had picked an outfits.


Red crop top,


matching red bumbershorts,


black heels,black hair band and expensive set of jewelry.


Immediately, I left her door and went to the other girls room, they are all prepared.


“aaaaah,I better prepare too!


I rushed and ran into my own room too.


I wore myself a long kimono jacket and a matching set of white singlet and very short white bumbershort with white sneakers.


I did my makeup perfectly before joining the rest of the girls in our general living room.


Alisha dress more like a call girl while Natasha wore a braless short gown.


she’s really hot.


After Mhesha,Natasha is the next most beautiful.


“Mhesha catwalked out,it was a waaooow!


Everyone of us admired her skin.


“Are we taking maids along to Richie’s show???


Alisha grumbled.

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“why not???


Mhesha replied,rather too harsh.


“I told them the hard rules already!!


Mhesha blinked her lashes persistently.


“wait ooo,which type of clothes are they wearing??


Natasha asked,I frown.


“oversized clothes!!


“what do you expect??.


Natasha laugh out loud.


“yeah,that’s cool! Alisha smiled.


“Bad! I replied.


“then,you can give them your clothes to wear” Alisha hissed.


I kept quiet and pick my bag and my car key, we got to the parking lots,the maids were standing there.


My eyes roamed the six of them,looking for Nanare.


Like I could imagine,


She was standing very close to her twin sister.


Even when she’s wearing oversized clothes,she looks more beautiful.


Anything she wear always fits her really well.


Either oversized or not,


she’s beautiful.


Her long black hair was just down while her pure red lips were stick gumed together.


She’s really beautiful.


Mhesha fumed as she saw her.


“Hey,have I not told you not to leave that your foolish hair down!!!


“pack it now before I count three!!


mhesha fumed.


“sorry!!! Nanara (her twin) replied Mhesha in a very rude manner that made Mhesha wanna go crazy.


“sorry!! Nanare said in a very soft way do that Mhesha will stop going crazy too.



“sorry for yourself!.


Mhesha flick her new got manicured hands and walk proudly to her car.


I glance back at Nanare,Nara had already help her pack her hair into a tight pony tail.


The two of them join the other maids in the last car.


(4hours passed)


We got to ENCHANTED hall phase4,that’s where Richie wants to shoot a short song.


We got into the enchanted hall and met many people too.


I even saw KD.


KD is Mhesha secret admirer.


He likes Mhesha but sadly,Mhesha doesn’t like him back.


We got into the hall,


Everything there was just very beautiful and furnished expensively.


Anyone who will enter there will have known already that his wealth is not just ordinary.


I guess he’s even richer than his parents.


From where I sat in the hall,


I glance at Mhesha,she has started it again.


She’s trynna show everybody that she’s Emily Daniels daughter…..


she doesn’t even know that she’s gonna make matter worst for herself by doing that.


The next thing I saw was that she ordered all the maids out of the hall and started taking them to nowhere in particular.


Nare Nare


“Stay here, no movement at all okay!


Mhesha said and asked me to stay in a particular place.




I replied since I don’t want to cause any problem with her.


She smiled and left me alone in that place that have little light.


“But wait,where is Nara???


I asked,tenderly.


“She’s on my head!!


“no,in my nose!


She smirks.


my face turn pale,I don’t want anything to happen to my twin sister.


“Mhesha please I beg of you,don’t do anything to Nanara, please!


I managed to speak.


Mhesha stopped walking and turned back,she started staring deeply into my pure red lips and I wonder why she’s doing that.


“What if I do???


Mhesha said,I find out that a tear actually drop down my eyes.


“Mhesha please,Nara is asthmatic!


I wept,she smiled the more.


“Seriously,what will you do of the most precious thing in your life is taken away???


Mhesha asked,I find myself crying the more.


Mhesha left,I stopped crying and stayed exactly where she asked me to stay.


I had my face sealed on the wall.


Nothing must happen to Nanara,


She’s my twin,


nothing must happen ooo!!


I closed my eyes briefly.


Now, everywhere became quiet…


“Maybe Rich is around’.


I solicited and stood exactly where Mhesha asked me to stay.


I moved forward from where mhesha asked me to stay,I made my face look right,nobody was there.


I made it turn left,


Nobody was there.


“aaahh where did Mhesha keep Nara??


I clasped my hands together and walked back to where Mhesha told me to stay…



“aaaah,I lost road!


I squeaze my face.


I took a very long walk but it seems am getting more lost.


I walked even deeper,


I was getting more more lost..


I stopped walking and stood alone, wanting to think where I passed till I cut across here but I didn’t get it.


“Nare,this is trouble!


I told myself.


“what is trouble?..


Someone said behind me.


I froze and turn back,it was Rich!


“what’s trouble???


He asked again while moving closer to me.




I shake my head negatively as his eyes roamed my face.


I shifted back till I got to the second to the last stairs.


He followed me,I shifted back till I got to the door,he still follow me.




I replied with a shaking voice,wanting to open the door.


The door didn’t open and I have no option than to pass beside him.


but can I???


he’s rich,I am poor.


He was still staring!!


I closed my eyes and opened it wildly,he was staring, within a swift,he was standing in my presence with his hands caging me to the wall.


I couldn’t hold it,


I couldn’t even touch a hair on his body.






“uncle Rich,I want to pass!!


I starmmered,instead he remove that foolish hair bond that Mhesha asked Nara to tie my hair with.


“I want to pass!!!


I said…..




he asked in a voice that made me almost faint.


“I just….!




I raised my hands, wanting to push him off but can I actually do it???


“what if Mhesha come looking for me?.??


“Don’t pass!!


he said.


For a start,he started closing the hallway door….


“sir don’t do that!!


I speak and followed him so that he can stop but he’s not stopping.


“sir,I said stop!


I shouted and place my hands on the knob……


He placed his hands on it too and outsmarted me in locking the door.


“sir open it!


I ordered.


“nah!!! he retorted and flung the keys in his hands,exactly the one that bear his rings.


“gaaaad,what will Mhesha do if she didn’t see me there!!!





“Sir Rich,the door” I said with a straight face and wanted to hijack the key from him but I was a fool.



A very big fool because I end up jumping into his arms.




















(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)





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