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Dylan’s p.o.v



I was deeply hurt because my conscience was drained.It was really drained that my heart kept falling down and down just like the storm will turn the sail. Richie was holding Nare.


It really hurts as if a cancer ate down the depth of my heart.




I shouted his name with big bangs recreating in my frontal lobes.


“why are you shouting my name like that??? he replied and pull off his red bandana.I kept quiet and still couldn’t say anything.


“there’s punishment for banging into the door and there’s a bigger punishment for invading my privacy” he retorted with excess superiority.


We kept quiet and watch him fit his feet into his fancy red slippers with gold chain on his left ankle.


“just stop staring at me and get the f**k outta my way” he motioned all of us and opened the sliver coated door widely.


We stepped out and went to sit where the meeting ought to take place.


Seconds rolled into minutes and minutes into hours,Richie is still not coming out.


“what’s taking him so long???


KD seethed angrily.


“sorry,he will soon join you,he’s actually attending to some things” Elsa replied KD.


“is there anything important than us?? I asked with anger sucking the hell out of me.


“sorry,he will soon come”


one of Richie’s guard bowed.


“maybe he’s still with Nare”


my mind drifted into dirty stuffs.


After what seemed like eternity,he showed up and was racing down the stairs with his both hands on the shinning metallic rod.


“Alberto,sorry for taking your time!!


he breathed in and sat on the pouch beside me.


No matter what the circumstance may be,Richie will never turn his back against me….


he cherish our friendship more than anything.


“Dylan, sorry I took most of your time” he apologize.


I nod at him with guilt tearing me apart. I’m so scared of loosing my friend because of a girl.


….but I love all of Nanare……


“Dylan,its obvious you’re thinking too much” Richie snapped. He’s always the first person to notice my sad mood.


“I’m fine” I replied in a haste so that he won’t figure anything out.


“Richie look here,


There’s this man,Skylar Daniels by name,he has been in jail for the past 11years now just because he murdered a 19year old girl.


The culprit(Skylar daniels) didn’t mention the name of the person that sent him to murder the girl ever since he was in jail.


He kept the name of the villains strictly to himself and didn’t mention it to anybody” Alberto started speaking.


“so what do you want me to do???


I asked.


“hmmmmm,it was Dylan who made a plea for the man to be reconsidered and that’s we came here.


KD signed,


Scot and Dylan had also sign,


I’m only here today to get your own signature”.


Alberto said and made an eye contact with Richie.


“Did you also sign foolishly for Skylar Daniels to be released????


Richie asked Alberto with visible furry in his eyeballs.


Alberto kept quiet and stared back at the neat file.


“I hate it when I talk to you and you’re keeping quiet” Richie retorted, Alberto drop the statement of reconsideration file.


“I didn’t sign it.It was KD,Scot and Dylan that signed” Alberto replied him with due respect.


“what right does Dylan have to write a statement of reconsideration????


“is he the next president???



“if he’s not then what gut does he have???.


Richie speak with pure superiority.


“how can you possibly want me to release the messenger of an unknown villain???


“I can’t sign it!!!!


Richie said and hijack the file from Alberto,he tear it into pieces.


“what are you doing????


KD gasped at the torn file.


“what does it looks like am doing???


“I just tore the paper because I hate nonsense. I can’t posibbly allow anybody to use my superiority to get whatever he wants!!”


“Skylar Daniels killed Tamara aliyah because someone sent him,he was caught.Don’t you think he ought to die for killing someone???


“and besides,I need to know the so called person that sent Skylar and am giving that assignment to you!! Richie snapped his fingers at me before shooting a killing glare.


“meeting closed!!!”


Richie announced.


“at first,I thought it was something reasonable you wanted to talk about, I never knew it was total gibberish!!!


Richie uttered with a bold voice.


with that,he stood up from our gathering and raced up the stairs.


“whenever you have something meaningful to tell,am always around” he speaks and was finally out of sight.


Angrily,I stood up and took my car keys.I walked out of his mansion and walked to the parking lots.


I still raised my head and check how his mansion looks like.


the mansion was a gift from Seven Miles.


I made my eyes scan everywhere,the I saw her.


She was cladded in a white sleeping night with a white glove and pink sleeping net.


she was standing beside the window and was staring into the dark sky.


She drop her head down and took off her gloves,she removed the pink net to and made all of her long


hair to fall on her hip bone…..



“she’s really pretty!!


I don’t even know when I said that aloud.


she heard,our eyes met.


she look away in a swift and pick up her stuffs,then she shut the cobalt lined window and left me alone in the dark.


(next day) 7:00am




******Nare p.o.v*****


“Nare I already chose your outfits, they are on the bed.If you’re done with the shower,change into your cloth,then call me” I heard Elsa saying.


“okay mum” I replied since I feel like she’s worthy to be called a mum.


“be careful in the jacuzzi” she retorted.


“okay mammi” I blurt out and lock the washroom door very well.I pull the curtains down so that no one will see me while bathing.


I glance at the door,it was glass and was colour white.


“what if Richie comes???


I said thoughtfully and took off my purple towel,I used the towel to cover the glass door,it wasn’t even reaching anywhere because the towel was so short.


“Richie might come in” I said in an unsatisfied tune and took away the towel.


I wrapped it around me and open the glass door.


“I better lock the slivery door so that he won’t gain entry” I smiled and walked to the door.


I wanted to close it, but Richie was already coming in.


I was not smart enough,he came in and met me like that in that short towel.


I even thought he will turn back but hell no,he wasn’t going anywhere.


I went numb and turned back into the washroom while Richie took my phones. I don’t really know what he’s doing on it.


I got into the washroom and use the short towel to cover the glass door but my legs and laps were really showing.


I pull off one of the curtains and used it to cover the expensive door instead.



satisfied enough,I got into the jacuzzi and mixed my bath.


I took all of time and I was done within few minutes.


I used the towel around my body and open the glass door,Richie was still there.The most worst part is that my cloths are opposite him.


“gaddd ”


I frown and got back into the washroom. I took my cream and creamed my body there,I open the door,he was still there.


Our eyes met, he smiled and revealed his deep dimples,then he went back to his phones.


“my clothes!!!” I said,he smiled.


“Miss Nare,speak good English”.


he smirks with his eyes on my wet hair.


“sir Rich can you please bring my clothes??? I corrected my sentence.


“I didn’t even hear what you said!


he replied.


I frown at his nonchalant attitude.


“my cloths,that is it, it is opposite you” I reframed my sentence.


“come and get it yourself” he blurts out,my body grew cold while my hold on the short towel tightened.


“okay” i replied lowly and drag the towel down so that it will cover my laps but it seemed am making the matter worst.


I glance at where Richie sat beside my clothes….it was not really far from where he sat on my bed.


I walked slowly and got there,he drop his phones and diverted his whole attention to me,I was more than scared that I had to close my eyes.


“open your eyes!!


Richie tap my forehead.


“okay” I replied and reveal my dazling black eyeballs.


I grabbed my clothes,as I did that, my towel loosened.


“ohhhhh”my eyes widened……


Richie was smiling.


“my towel!!!! I screamed like the village girl that I was and poured the clothes on Richie..and held my


towel very well….


“if you’re ready,you get your clothes by yourself!! Richie said and kept the clothes in a place that my hands can’t possibly reach.


“then,I will call Elsa!!!!


I replied and got to the door……


I was so unlucky,he had locked the door and I can see the key dangling in his expensive black jeans trouser.


“sir,the key!!!.


I said,he smiled and check the time.


“Nare,you have 2more seconds!!


he ordered.


“2more seconds!! my eyes widened…


I hastily climb on a stool so that I can get my clothes.


i was so dumb,because I didn’t see it that the stool I took was unbalanced.


I grabbed my clothes and still tighten my hold on my towel….


the stool started shaking….


I knew it that am gonna fall but at least,my towel mustn’t loose.


“Nare!!!! he shouted my name…..


my towel slowly slip down….


he grabbed my hands and encircled me around him self so as to prevent my towel from slipping off….


“sorry” i held him saying.


“yes!! I sniffed and wanted to go but he was still holding me….


“sir,I want to go!!” I said,his eyes color change… and become light blue.


I was really scared….


I’ve never been so close to him like this.


“Nare kiss me!!! he said.


“what is kiss???


I asked,wishing i know what it was.


“I don’t know it”


“aunty roshni hasn’t taught me!!


i added to my speech.


“okay,you do it like this” he said and brushed his lips with mine.


I shifted back in fear and scream aloud…….


I saw the disappointed look on his face,he smirks and pick up his phone angrily.


“did I offend you by shouting???


I asked but got no answer.


“sir rich did I do anything???


I asked but he had gone.


“did I really do anything bad by screaming???


“what if he wanted to bite by lips??


“thank goodness I shouted but why is he angry???


I wandered in thoughts and quickly dress for school.My car has been waiting since.


“take your sweaters” mom Elsa said and knock at my door.


“okay ma’am” i replied and wore the sweater hurriedly.


“can i come in now?? she asked.


“yes” I replied,she opened the smart door and entered with another school blue bag.


it was more beautiful than the purple one but all the same,i like the purple own.Purple had always be my best colour.


She transfered all my notepads into the new blue bag and pack my phones into my bag.


“Richie said this is for you”


she said and brought out a necklace with a matching hand band.


my eyes pop out.


“wear it” she commanded.


“no,I have my bangles already and I don’t like chains” I replied.


“if you don’t wear it,I might get sacked” she retorted.


I sigh and collected it from her.


“I will wear it in the car” i said,she frown.


“okay” i mumbled and allow her wear it for me.


“you’re actually going to remove that white bangle,it looks poor and Richie doesn’t like it.You should see him complaining bitterly to me” Elsa said.


“I remove the white bangle and wanted to keep it but Elsa hijack it from me.


“I’m gonna throw this away” she smiled..


“no,if you throw it away then you’re making me betray my twin…” I said and hijacked it back.


Elsa made some looks that I really can’t figure out then she quickly pull me into a hug.


“you’re sure your mom is dead”


she asked.


“yes,she’s was granny amber that took care of us till we got captured into slavery” I said,she held me tight….


I noticed her tears dropping on my shoulders.


“why is she crying???


“so you were actually sold into slavery?? she asked,i was getting confused.


I kept quiet and couldn’t do anything.


somehow,I find myself crying.


“Nare what’s happening to you???


“you don’t always cry” reality struck me, I quickly wipe my tears and pull away from Elsa.


“ma’am,I will be late!!” I said,but was surprised she was crying the more.


“why the tears????


i asked..


“what’s your talents???


she asked and got all my attention.



“I…..i…..I….don’t…..have any talents. its only my twin sister Nara that has talents of paintings and


drawing.she once draw a picture of the finest and most expensive gem but me,I don’t have any!!!” i lied but Elsa was crying the more.


“Nare,you’re lying!!!


she objected and sniffed.


“no,its just that,I’m late” I replied and ran out to the parking lots before she could think of saying anything else.












(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




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