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ռօա ɛռʝօʏ.









ɨts ʋɛʀʏ sɦօʀt,ʍaռaɢɛ ɨt.










Alberto p.o.v




“so you’ve forgotten what you said from the start!! I clapped.


Richie tried standing off the poor girl but he kept falling down and down till his lips touched her forehead.


i brought out my phone and took pictures of them like that.


Richie stood up immediately and help Nare up.


“Alberto, don’t try sending those pictures to my mom” Richie said. i smiled.


“oooh,I already did” I replied And raised my phone up in the air.


“and its even good she’s wearing your mom necklace.How could you be so reckless han??? I hunts.


Nare widened her cute slainted eyes.


“sir,you have to delete it!


“its a mistake,it won’t happen again!


Nare fondled.


“sorry,I already sent it” i rolled my eyeballs.


Richie’s phone started ringing.


no doubt its Beauty Miles(Richie’s mom)


“Alberto why did you send it??? Richie smiled.


Nare frown.


“idiot,you’re happy he sent it! She knock Richie.


“hey,am not happy!! Richie knock her head back.


“huuunnn you’re happy and that’s why you’re smiling!! Nare replied him and knock his head really hard.


“should I not smile again!! Richie replied.



“you’re smiling!!! Nare blurts out…


Richie smiled at her chest.


The rich bad boy was busy staring at the poor girl chest.


They were just so close….


I smiled and took their pictures again.


“you’re smiling at my chest!!! Nare gritted her teeth and knock Rich forehead again.


They started displaying love madness by beating each other.


Surprisingly,Nare was winning.She’s a skilled beater who can fight with anything.


Richie is no match for her.


“oouch,it hurts!!!


“stop!!! Rich yelled.


I was just videoing everything for beauty Miles. She needs to see her son in love.


“you’re hitting me too much!! Richie voiced out,Nare continue hitting him.


“I’m punishing you for looking at my thing” she said.




“your thing is really small, I can’t look at it……” Richie replied.


I smiled and watch them.




“Nare, stop am having headache!! Richie lamented. He is so poor in handling girls.


i click send on my phone and sent the crazy video to Beauty Miles.


“Alberto, don’t you dare send that shit to my mom! he said.


“yes,boss! I replied.


“let’s continue practice” he faced Nare.


they did the practice till it was perfect.


i excused myself and went to stand at the door.I actually want to see what they are gonna do after practice.


“hey,your necklace is falling off” Richie said.It was a lie.No necklace is falling off.


Richie is just a pervet.He only wanted to see her backside.


“okay,I will do it if I get to my room” she replied,like she knew what’s on his mind.



“i can do it” Richie said.


“no!! Nare replied but Richie was already standing at her back. He removed her Saree cover and click his lips at her perfect body shape..


She’s just like a model.


“Saree cover,is not affecting anything so why are you removing it! she lamented.


“you will have to untie your hair too! Richie said and let down her long hair on her hip bone.


He’s really a bad boy.


“Alberto, stay away from the door, you might go blind! Richie said.


I stayed away from the door but was still peeping through the door hole.


“what’s happening???


“you ain’t fixing my necklace! Nare exclaimed.


Richie pulled her to sit in the floor with a smile across his lips.


“no necklace is falling off!


“let’s play!! Richie took his lips in. he looks damn hot.




I have assignment to do” Nare replied.


I like her already.She’s serious with books.


“come back!!


“sit down! Richie ordered.


she frown and sat down beside him.


“straight your legs!! Richie command


“no!! Nare remained obstinate.


Richie smiled and placed his head on her laps,making her to open her mouth in shock.


“start touching my hair” he ordered.






“are you not the next president???


“its impossible! Nare said.


“do it” Richie ordered.


She kept quiet and deep her straight fingers into his hairs.


Unknown p.o.v


“I’m back to get Nare!!!!


“where’s she???? i shouted with darkness hovering in and out of my voice.


“sorry,she got lost” Amber replied.




“you know how much I wanted my son to marry her!!!


“don’t even start playing dangerous games that you won’t finish!!!


“you know how much my son loved her!!! I echoed with pitch of hatred in my voice.


“its not love,its lust!!


“my grandchild is not a dog to be whistled at,she’s a woman and she deserves respect!!! Amber shouted back at me,I slapped her.


She held her check with her wrinkled hand,she should be in her late 90’s..


“you slapped me!!!


“this is not the first time you’re doing it….You only want my grandchild in your family because of her


beauty and extraordinary power !!


“how do you even know she’s a goddess??? Amber cracked her voice.


“where’s she??? I asked with deadly venoms running throughout my veins..


“you know why I wanted her to marry my son and you’re still asking!!!


“can you ever be serious????.


I speak..




“she can’t be for your son!!!!.


“i will advise you to stop looking for her…. if you try evil deeds to her, trust me you will get it 40times. ..


be warned








I love y’all so so much….


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