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Alec Jaiho


We sat on each other’s side,staring at the expensive fireworks hanging out their tongues in furry.


Me to the queen,


the queen to me.


We didn’t utter words,we just kept on staring at the fireworks with the fear of unknown encyling our hearts.


The queen is my mother and she must do whatever I want because am the next heir.


“mom,I love Nare!!


“I want her desperately” I broke the silence.


“dear son,I wish I can help but I simply can’t. I can only encourage you to get her” she replied.


“mom,that’s not the issue.The matter is how to get her,its really difficult”


“how do we get her?? she asked.


I swallow the,lump in my throat and drank all my wine at once.


“I know where she is and where she stays” I retorts.




“really!!!!! she smiled.She likes Nare too and its only because of her beauty.


“don’t smile yet”


I cautioned,she stops smiling.


“why won’t I smile??? she ask.


“bringing her here will be so difficult!


“it will damn difficult!!


“she’s more smart plus she’s staying with a person that is more smart to the crust of the earth.


“the person she’s staying with is more influential and is also in love with her..


“you see how difficult it is!


I smirks,she went numb.


“Alec,common you’re a prince”


“you should be able to bring her back,no matter what!!!! she rants.


I look at her,not knowing how to tell her that Nare is staying with Richie Miles..


he’s not only a president…


“forget about president,its not the issue.The issue attached to it is the Miles attached to his name….


Miles are known to be superior.. than every other human in India just because Severn Miles was a good man.


I blinked my lashes at my mom.


she won’t still understand.


Nare was the most beautiful maiden in our village….so pretty like an angel.


“So you can’t” my mom said sadly.


“mom,I can’t…


“Nare doesn’t recognize me as Alec Jaiho,she hasn’t seen me as a prince, she does not recognize me..


I was just so stupid to have fallen deeply in love with her”


I muttters.


“you’re not stupid!


“instead,try to get her!


“she’s a female,you’re a male.Don’t you think you should be able….


“it won’t be difficult if you have the mind to have her” she said.




“I know it will turn out like this!


“I know am gonna loose but I’m still gonna try first”


I said.


“yeah,try” she encourage.


I grab my keys and other stuffs and walk out of the modern built palace with guards following me.


“go back and stop following me like am some honey” I scoffed arrogantly and got into into my car.




⭐Richie Miles⭐


“hey,you, you,you,you and you”


“cover the boarders very well.I don’t want to hear stories about intruders invading my mansions” “No one must enter….if I should come back and meet any f**king person here,you will be sorry!


“I’m not joking this time around,I mean it!


I shot my guards glares.


A serious one that shows superiority.


“sir,what if ma’am Nare says she wants to go out,should we allow her?


one of my guards asked.


“don’t allow her!!


“the twins mustn’t step out! I glared with understanding.


“but sir,she likes going out!


my guards replied,sturbonly.


I shot him a killer look that made him keep mute.


“it looks like you’ve gotten another job”..


“you really need to get fired.I don’t think you’re competent enough.Simple instructions you can’t follow” i smirks,he went on his kneels…


He’s makinge talk too much…


he started begging.


“stop begging…


“your begging will only make matter worst.


“here,withdraw 500,000rupee notes and get the f**k outta my mansion. No point begging,you’re fired already”


I scorned him and threw him my credit card.


“sir! he muttered and pick my credit card.


“please! he pleaded and made those eyes that I can’t resist.


I really hate it when people beg me. it makes me looks as if am a God.


“I’m not God, stop begging me!!


I rolled my eyeballs.


“sir please…


“I don’t wanna loose my job” he pleaded till I had no choice than to take him back.


“fine,give it back to me!


I retorts And stretch my hands forth.


He took fast steps and bowed before slipping my credit card into my hands.


“if care isn’t taken,you will still get fired! I seethed,he smiled.He know am not going to do that.


“sir,you’re one of a kind!


“I like the man in you…”


he widened his smile.


“jasmine,stop praising me,do what I said” I replied and got into my car. My driver rushed to the driver seat and drove out,making the gates to slam back automatically.


“like you’re engaged in so many things throughout this week,are you not stressed out? Pat started a conversation.


“I’m not stressed,its really fun meeting more people” I replied, he smiled and pulled the car to a halt in front of a huge tower.


Many cars were parked but a particular place was designed for me to pack…


so awkward!!!


Indian’s don’t like treating people equally…


I wore my mask while pat took my briefcase…


“your suit jacket” pat bowed.


“stop bowing! I hit his forehead and took the jacket from him, I wore it over my white tux and closed the car door.


we entered Trev expensive looking tower and sat on the royal space designed for us.


More people keep on entering till it remains only one seat..


The people that came in took off their mask but me,I won’t…


They took off their masks and started murmuring things.


Harsh things …


like they are jealous…


who’s he??


is he God or something???


and why is his skin like meteorite


I heard murmurs,I knew it that they want to see,my face but I won’t still show it.


“sorry,we are waiting for the last person” the coordinator announced.


Not long,


the goddam person came in.


He sat on the next seat beside me while Pat stood behind me.


with the way he walks,I can tell he’s Dylan.


He sat on the empty seat opposite me and stared at the coordinator..


he didn’t still remove his mask.


“let’s start with introduction” the coordinator said.




“go on!!


murmurs came up.


“this is Richie Miles of India.. The next heir” the coordinator introduced me,they all stood up and




I rolled my eyeballs…


I hate it when people bow for me…



Are they blind that they can’t see it hurts???



“I’m Miguel sighn”.


“Shaddi Bing”


“UV Darren”.


“Hayden Jayden”


they introduce their selves.


I faced the one sitting beside me…


“I’m Alec Jaiho…Prince of Amandor” he introduced and stretched his hand for a handshake.


I slip my hand into it….


it really felt soft like Dylan’s own…


“take off your mask,I want to see your face! I command.


“I’m a prince, I can’t take it off! he replied.


“I’m the next president and am commanding you” I retorts…


“I will remove it after meeting” he replied…his voice sounded like Dylan’s own.


“remove it now!! I commanded.


“after meeting” he replied.


“I will remove it forcefully if you wouldn’t mind!!! I smirks,while getting ready to remove it..


“No!!!! he blurts out..


I don’t take no as and answer….


“remove it now!! I commanded…


“what will you gain if I remove it??


he shunned.


I signalled Pat..


he understand my language and went to remove the goddam mask..










get ready for the most romantic episode






(i know you can’t love me)




© adesola adeomowole




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