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His skin is exactly like that of bronze, it felt really cold on my skin pores. He is just so eloquent and his demeanor speaks of power and superiority that engulfs around him..


“Nare who are you?? he asked and pull his lips off my lower lips that was so red in colour.


“I don’t know” I sturtled…


“you don’t know”


“do you care to ask when you have the chance to?? he asked with both of his palms on my soft cheek bone. he’s just pulling me to come close to him.


I was damn lost.


“I don’t know” I shake my head sideways.He left my cheeks in disappointment..


“tell me about yourself and your family” he said,making me to turn into a fool overnight.


My mouth partly opened,not knowing what to say.


Richie made a look that I couldn’t figure out.It looks like he now knows everything about me.


“speak” he snapped….


“gaaaaad,its really difficult to read whats on his mind.


“I don’t know anything!


“I only know that am a twin and that granny amber raised us while we were young.She doesn’t allow us out…


Most of times,she hides me and Nara away.


She almost break our heads the very day she spotted us playing outside our house in the village…


We don’t have any relations…


Mum and dad are dead….” I said.


Richie slump on my bed and used a pillow to block his ear.I wonder why he’s doing that.


“so that’s all what you know???


he asked.


“yes” was my reply.


“okay,why does your granny hide you away???.


“why doesn’t she allow you out?? he asked.



“She said its because the Prince…


one of the royals in my village wants to marry me the very day he saw me and she doesn’t wants me to


become the cute wicked prince that treats females badly wife….


“the price is so cute but a woman beater….


“Granny also said the Prince only wanted to marry me because of my power and because am a beauty goddess with little but unique power..but I don’t believe I am one! I retorted,he took off the pillow away from his ear.


“so you wanted to marry a prince??


he asked.


“No,it was the prince not me” I replied…


“what difference does it makes???


he flick his hair backwards and stood off my bed.


I kept quiet..


…is he jealous or what???….


“what’s his name?? he asked.I can actually sense the jealousy in his voice.


“hunn” I pouted,pretending not to hear what he asked.


“that’s not what I asked! he retorted.


i raised my head and look into his eyes….I brought it down immediately and started playing with my




“Alec Jaiho” I replied.


i raised my head,his face was still like that.So cute but filled with jealousy.


“why didn’t he marry you?? he asked.


“I was so small….just 18…he promise to come back” I said,he smiled and said something I didn’t hear.


“you said your grandma doesn’t allow you out,how did you get sold into slavery?? he asked.He’s just so smart in handling matters.


“it was Nara that caused it…


“she said we should play outside because granny wasn’t at home. We stepped outside and played


around till we lost track and forgot the way back home…


we got trapped in the hands of slave traders” I lit my eyes with tears clinging to my eye humor.



I controlled it when I noticed Nara at the door.


“sorry for coming late!


“I had to stay back for some extra classes” Nara said.I knew she’s lying. she got bullied again.


She closed the door and let for her room.


“wait!! i said and rushed to the locked door. it was damn difficult to do….Richie came and opened it with


his diamond stoned hands.


“get ready for practice in the next 1hour” he said and left.


I rushed to the shower and had a warm bath.I came out in towel and wore a white gown.


it was damn short and revealing.


I took it off and tried a red Saree…it was good but wss revealing too. I used the sareee cover in covering myself.


I stepped out of my room and checked Nara.She was sitting on her reading chair with lots of icecream, chocolates and sweets.My favorite sweets in particular.


“hey” I winked at her.


She threw me a sealed ice cream cup and two sweets.


I smiled.


“thanks” I mutters and left to the studio.


Richie wasn’t there…


I drank my ice cream halfly and kept the remaining one when I saw rich coming already.


“let’s start” he said.


I stood up and used his white headset while he held a wireless microphone.


We stood on the beautiful mini decorared stage….


“you’re not suppose to look into that paper,you ought to have know your lines off head” he said and collect the enchanted sound track off my hand.




“I can’t say it off hand” I replied.


“try” he said.


i frowned….i can’t even remember the lines.


He smiled like he’s up to something.


I could not read his mind,he’s smarter than me.



Richie Miles


i have heard some people saying about power, beauty goddess and all sort of stuffs like that but I don’t think they exist.


My mom was just a pure beauty goddess…but they are other goddess that are more powerful with


excess Beauty….


….do they exist????…


this goddess do things without stress,they have powers to read minds,they are crowned with stunning beauty,anything they day will come true.


Yes,they are humans that are created differently and that’s why they are referred to as–Lakshmi in Hindu language….


it means lord of beauty.


…..can Nare be one???…..


have tasted her in so many ways…


she said I will get a bigger contract.. and I did.It was 40times bigger than the one I lost to Dylan.


… she really one????


“what are you thinking about??? she snapped..


“try! I said and took my microphone.


I started singing my own part.


“better than the Richie’s of this works”


“better than the voice of my friends”


“better than……”


i started singing,she distracted..


“I can’t ooo!!


“I can’t sing it until i look into the paper” she refused.


I brought out my phone and made use of Google.


“facts about powerful goddess” I typed.


“goddess are really sturbbon, especially the most powerful once. They don’t hear words easily!! I read what my Google brought out.


“Nare,you must say the lines without looking paper! I said.She’s so stubborn.



I started singing again.


“better than the richies of this world”


“better than the voice of my friend,


“better than the biggest dream ofy heart”


“baby i love you from the start” I sang and faced her.


She closed her eyes immediately and flapped those long lashes together.


“I think you’re great


“we would be so good together


“you’re the perfect mate;


“I think we could be together”


she sang it in her sweatest voice.


She opened her eyes.I stare at her.


“how did you do it?? i asked.


“you said you don’t know it!! I said.


“i don’t know how I did it” she blinked her lashes.


“are you a goddess??? I asked.


her red lips started shaking.


“I can’t be” she replied and ran…


“awww!! she scream.


she’s missing her steps already.


I caught her by her waist…


“answer!! I said,she shakes and made her Saree cover removed….


Her body was just so perfect and hot.


She quickly placed her hands on her chest.




“stop looking at there!!! she chuckled.


“are you a goddess??? I asked.


“you’re still looking at there!! she said….


“I’m not looking at anything just answer” I commands…


“I don’t know!! she rolled her eyeballs and struggled out of my grip.


“speak!!! i asked….


“I don’t know!!! she replied,still struggling my hand out on her waist.




“goddesses won’t admit they are one,don’t bother asking them if you see them. Instead hold them


tight,shower them with love… they will in turn shower you with good fortunes. Hold tight unto them for


they are really stubborn” I remember what my mom told me…


i left her alone…


She moved away and made us fall on the floor in the stage with me lying on her……


“so,this is the practice????


Alberto came in and met us like that.


“no,its not what you think!! Nare said.


“Richie get off me!! she said..


I stood up but her goddam Saree pulled me back…making my lips to fall on her forehead.


“getting more interesting!!!


“you forgot what you said in the start!!












(i know you can’t love me)



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