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I was claded in red outfits all through.Red jeans,velvet crop top with a red mask to match up my rebellious character.I won’t rest till I get my slaves back and till I get Richie bowing at my feet.


“don’t disappoint!!


“I’m there already…room 0023, twinkle stars hotel” I mutters slowly into my wireless ear bud.


“I’m there already” kd replied…I heard a knock on the door.


I pressed the controller and made the smooth door slide automatically.


Kd step in and took off his mask,he pouted his lips and made a lopsided smile. He got dimples too but not as deep as Richie’s own.


*I’m here!!! he smiled and sat beside me on the king sized bed.


“I heard the shits you told my mom!!


“what’s the meaning of those trash?


“when you know you can’t kill Richie or make him loose his memory then why did you sleep with me????


I fumed with furry in my eyeballs.


He click his tongue and stood up with hands tucked into his pockets.


“remember you enjoyed it too!!


“you were screaming Richie’s name as if he’s the one s£xing you!


“bitch,we both enjoyed it.Or should will have another quickie” he clicked His tongue and was almost smacking my ass.


Anger surfaced me……


hurts filled my throat. I was used by kd.


“Kelvin Diamonds,how darw you??


I clenched my fists and slapped him really hard across his face.


I wanted to slap him back,he said my hands and pushed me back to the bed….


“there’s one thing I can never change!


“I can’t change where I come from or what have been through!!!!


“yeah,I hate Richie!!


“I hate him with all my heart because I have always wish to have all what he has….


“I wish I was just cute like he is…


Forget about looks…..


“my own mother loves Richie more than she loves me….


“if only my mother can show the same motherly love she shown to Richie,then I wouldn’t have been this sadist that I am!!!!


Kd retorted and tore my top…..


“I will continue s£xing you….!!!


“s£xing you till you have sense!!!


he said and cut my bra into two….


He made me powerless by squeezing my br**st that was really soft….


“I can’t hurt or kill Richie!!


“do you know I like him as much as I hate him??


“I can’t bear seeing him in pain even when I hate him!!!!


kd said and trusted his d**k into my wet pu**y…..



“bitch,you’re gonna bleed today!!!


he said, I pushed him off me and used the bed spread all over my body….


“leave now or I call the corps!!!


I threatened.


“good,call them and let them see you naked like this!! kd replied and still sat on the bed.


“guess I don’t have any choice!!


“am ready!! I said and made the duvet drop off my body…


I laid beside him and allow him do whatever he wants with me.


I actually turned into a bitch because of Nare!!!!


“that girl is so gonna be dead!!!!





next day…….


Nara Nara


I woke up to the sound of the gentle wind passing through the tiny hole on my window.


“9:00am!!! I gasped.


still can’t believe I slept that much because it’s a Saturday….


“gaaaaad,I still have class by 10am!


I stood off my bed and dragged my lazy body to the washroom…


I did my business and step out with towel wrapped around my body and hair.


I opened my wardrobe and tried looking for a low class clothes but I just can’t seem to find any.


everything inside the wardrobe look expensive and classy.


I sigh and took out a cream colored top with a Jean.. a black jean…


I choose black so as to reveal the expensive design.


I placed my outfits on the bed and quickly entered dryer.


my hair doesn’t need much stress.. its just 11inched long ..


its not as long as Nate’s own…


Over longness is worrying her hair.


I wore my cloth and pick my bag with my inhaler and Richie’s credit cards. I just wore a white sneaker and tied a cardigan around my waist with a black cap on my head


I checked Nate’s room,


she wasn’t there.


“where could she be???


I wondered and went downstairs…


I only met guards moving to and fro.


The saw me and bowed.


I smiled and bowed too…….


“Sir’s do you see Nare??? I asked.


They look at their selves.


I get the message already… seems we are now understanding each other.


I went to the studio…


it was on the 3rd floor….


I didn’t knock,I banged in….


“waaaaaatttt!!! I muttered slowly.


Nare and sir Richie actually slept on the mini stage in the studio.


I walked closer and touched the stage..


it was so cold!!


“damn frozen because it is tiled with gem stones and gem are usually cold.


I sigh and stared at their sleeping position….


Sir Richie was holding Nare’s waist, it was almost touching her buttocks.. and Nare had her head on his




I checked time,it was 9:10 and they are still sleeping.


“huunnie,wake up!!! I tapped Nare’s back…she was backless….Her Saree cover wasn’t there at all.


“wake up, sweetheart! I tap her shoulders.She batt her lashes and turn her head sideways on Richie’s chest..


I bite my lips and tap sir Richie instead….


his own was really worst,he hugged Nare in sleep….


what sort of sleep is this????


I slam my forehead and checked time.




“9:29!!! I gasped and left for my car.


I couldn’t even wait to eat the food I ordered.






I got to my car and drove to the school. I just wish Jennie won’t get on my nerves….


if not that am asthmatic, I know what I should have done to her.


I hopped up the stairs and sighted one of our tutor…


“hey,are you Nara Mia???


he asked.


“yes sir!! I bowed


he beemed with smile and handed me my assignment…. You broke my record,you had 100 in arts….”


the man continue saying,I sighted jenny at his back.


“well,your result is on the dashboard!


“still can’t believe you passed Scot with 30points! he said,I saw the frown on jenny face.


“Join the professionals art class!! he said…I smiled.


Jenny frowned, the man left.


“so you’re gonna be having lectures with people with high dignitaries!! she seethed, I walked past her,ignoring her rants.


I got to the professionals class….


People in there are rated superior over all other artist in the school.


.No one was inside there,I just help myself with a seat at the back….


“Jenny stepped in and step on my feet intentionally,she walk out again Such a psychopath.






“Mr Tam’s so someone passed me in the enchanted project” i heard Scot asking.


“yes,not only you… she passed the whole class.What she did was raw talent” Mr tams replied and


showed what Nare painted….


“it looks real!!


“this picture belongs to a goddess!!


“a goddess with magical powers!!


“I think she’s a twin!!


“it looks real,I heard to score her 100” Mr Tan’s replied.


“how do you know the picture belongs to a goddess??? Scot asked.


“goddess are extremely beautiful!!


“this painting is super beautiful…she painted her hair white… signifies true goddess” ..


“can’t you see??? Tam’s showed Scot.


“how do I get the person that draw it?? Scot asked.


“professionals class” Tam’s said.


Scot smiled and coming close to the door..


I ran swiftly to professional art class and met Nara….


I really need to send her out.


“Nara,go and buy me water!!!


I commanded and brought out a spray since she’s asthmatic.


“why??? she asked.


.”I’m tasty!!!


“if you don’t stand up now,I will spray it!!! I threatened.


She stood up immediately and went out.


I smiled to myself and sat on her seat.


Not quiet long,Scot came in….


“hello!! he snapped his fingers…


“hi!! I smiled and raised my head.


“what the f**k????


“You again!!!!!!!


“Jennie!!! he smashed his cute teeth together and walk out…


“so nobody is better than you!! he said….


“yeah ya ya!! I giggled,he walk out.


Nare came in few minutes later with bottled water.


I smiled and took it from her….. .






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