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sɛasօռ1 EPISODE 31


























I layed my hands on the stearing and was getting ready to drive.My phone beeped,it was a message from Alberto. I pick it up and connected it to my ear pud speaker.


“Richie where are you??


“what are you doing in that disgusting place????


“You really need to get out of there and come right away to Sangy mansion,we have a contract” Alberto blabbed.


“speak slowly” I rolled my eyeballs.


“common get your ass away from that disgusting place!!!


“you have 30 more minutes or else you’re gonna loose the huge contract to Dylan!!


Alberto rants.


“I know” I replied and hung up.


I turned back slowly in my car and still met Nare there…..


she can’t even move because she had been surrounded by people who have been dying to see me….


she really caused a lot of disaster.


Miss what do you know about Richie miles????


“are you staying together???


“are you his girlfriend???


“are you given to him as a gift???


“what are you to him???


“slave,maid or what?????


“do you know you’re exhibiting your exuberance in the public by shouting his name????


The medias flocked around her with tons of microphones around her just because she mentioned my name. they were even taking pictures of her.


“say something!!!! the presses beckon her to speak.


she opened her mouth to sat something.


“I’m his…..I’m his…..”


“I don’t know!!! she said with palms covering her face.


“I’m his new……” she started talking again. I step out of my car quickly. She better not sat something




I breathed in an out and bounced walk there. I had not even gotten there,She did another worst thing by


hugging me tight in their presence….


she’s really showing the character of a real and original village girl….


This is a real mess!!!!!


She hugged me tight that her fingers were almost piercing my skin.


I tried to pull her away,she was stupidly hugging me the more like she’s just seeing me.


its like she’s scared of crowd…I had no choice than to carry her outta there.The presses there not follow me nor ask me any foolish questions like the did to her.


I drop her in the car and turned to sit at the driver seat….I got in,the presses continue taking pictures of


me till my car was outta sight.


“you will get punished for the embarrassment you caused there”


“do you know how much it will cost me to wipe off those mess you displayed because its more or less like stupidity!!!!


I said,she bowed her head and said sorry.


“you even make me loose a huge contract to Dylan!!!


“Nare see what you’re doing to me!!!


“there’s punishment for you!!!


I said,she gasped…


I looked at her,she made a sorry look, I ignored and focused on my driving.


still wondering why she acts silly sometimes.


*****Nare Nare*****


“sorry,it was a mistake!!


“I was so emotional!! I said with a breaking voice,he didn’t reply.


He looked sideways and bat his lashes.He looks exactly like a new born baby when doing that.


“will your sorry bring back the contract??? he asked and stopped the car. I bowed,not knowing what to say.



he stepped down and entered the minimart opposite where he packed. that place looks really expensive.


“Nare what are you thinking about??


“Nare what is happening to you???


I slam my forehead and look out of the window….


He stepped out of the mall with a pink shopping bag in his hands…


I saw the girls that stood opposite him,the raise their phones up and took many pictures of him….


I wonder why they are doing that…I feel somehow but I just zip up.


Finally,he came back sitting beside me in the car,he poured all what he bought on the little space between us…


he bought many things…


my favorite ice cream,cake,candy, cookies and fruit juice. he bought chocolates too but am so much interested in the ice cream. I like ice cream too.


He continue driving without saying anything,I was so tempted to take the ice cream but I dare not….


“Miss Nare,stop staring at my ice cream” he cautioned..


“I wasn’t” I lied,he smiled and took out the plastic water he bought.


“all those things are mine,I only bought this sealed plastic water for you” he said and placed the plastic water on my laps.


I was sad….


I’m really hungry.Shantel ate all my snacks.


“thank you” I manage to say but my eyes were still on the ice cream.


****Richie miles***


“you’re still looking at it!!! I cautioned, she pouted in a pretty way.


“I’m not. I’m trynna open the plastic water” she rolled her eyeballs that glitters exactly as diamond and opened the plastic.


She’s hungry…..


Shantel confessed that she ate her breakfast and lunch,that’s why I decided to buy this things but am gonna give it to her in a hard way…



She pressed the tip of the plastic on her red lips and looked at the ice cream again…


she took her eyes off and drank the water like that….


“Richie,am sorry!!!


she said.


“you’re calling me Richie, am I your mate??? I questioned…. she took her red lips in…and made me go


more crazy.


“sir Richie, am…..!!!! she started with her eyes on the ice cream….


“say it very well!!! I sounded more commanding….


“I said sorry” she pouted and clutch the plastic water in her hand.


“should I take it??? she asked but my eyes were on her lips…


“thank you!!! she smiled and took all what I bought on her laps….


She started off with the chicken and chips first and drank all the fruit juice at once..


she opened the plastic water and pressed it on her red lips…our eyes met when she did that.


i was more tempted to kiss her….


I better not try it because she might shout.


She’s really terrible in shouting….I took my eyes off.


“can I tell you something??? she asked and brought her face closer to mine….


“don’t worry you will get a bigger…..” she continue saying…


“a bigger contract! she completed and wanted to sit back but ended up pushing her nose into my neck, giving me an opportunity to kiss her forehead.


“Nare,soooo clumsy!!!!!










(I know you can’t love me)




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