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sɛasօռ1 ɛքɨsօɖɛ32










ռօա ɛռʝօʏ












…ċօռtɨռʊɛs ʄʀօʍ ʀɨċɦɨɛ ք.օ.ʋ


“Nare sooooo clumsy!!!


i said and held the plastic water off her hand making sure it doesn’t spill on her body because she really slip heavily into my arms making sure that her nose pressed my neck..




“I’m really sorry sir” she break her word softly and wanted to move away from my body but my hands had already pin her waist down.


She look down and made a confused look…with mouth mouth opened.


“sir,remove your hand already!!!


“I want to sit like you’re doing” she signalled at my hands on her waist..


I just hope she won’t scream this time around” I muttered and slam my lips on her berry lips.


She didn’t shout…. instead she she held me more tight with a fast beating heart.She doesn’t even know


how to do it,she’s just a total stranger…


so naive to the core.


I had no choice than to eat deeply into her soft lower lips that taste exactly like the strawberry flavored ice cream she just took…


“Nare,open your mouth it doesn’t hurt”.


“just do what am doing and make sure your tongue roll with mine” I said and flick her long hair backwards….



She did what I said with a fast beating heart and kinda made it enjoyable and pleasurable…..



it really tasted good.I mean so soft and sweet that I forget that I am a public figure. I didn’t even remember that I am the next president.


all I wanted was her soft lips and it tasted exactly the way I wanted.


Still in the car,I started hearing shouts.Arant shouts like…


. so,its really true


she’s a commoner


she’s really bad at it…..


Beautiful with no brains….!!!!


those shouts were coming from those girls that were admiring me in the mall….


So annoying that I had to stop the kiss. I whyned up the window and grabbed the plastic water that Nare drank halfly and wanted to drink it..


she held my hands down.


Exactly the one that bears my rings…


“don’t drink it!!!


“I already drank it” she said and collected the plastic water.


“what difference does it make???


“didn’t I kiss you now???


I said and opened the transparent plastic.I drank all the water and swayed the plastic to the back seat.


“really sweet!!!


“the water is so sweet” I smiled, she frown and hit my head.


“I see,you’re a dullard!!


“water is tasteless!! she hit me with her hands…


“ooch,so painful” I chuckled…


“who’s your teacher???


“you’re so dull!! she said,I smiled.


We got home,she was the first person to step down…she didn’t forget to carry the shopping bag.She took it along and ran inside like she’s being chased by something.


I remembered the kiss and smiled even when I know there can’t be anything in between us.


Enchanted is still next 2months and am very sure she will want us to part ways after the two months.


I breathed in and out and took my phones…



I saw posts already. So silly post that Dylan got a huge contract instead of me…I read the silly comments under it and smiled…


The comments my fans made were really impressive..


Some said I dash it out to Dylan while some said I don’t do such contract that the money is too small.


A particular comment caught my attention…


“Seriously why worrying???


“we all know that Richie miles has 40times of that am out in his pockets not to even talk of the world that is already on his feet,getting ready for him to set his golden leg on”


I smiled and step out of my car..


its not by proudness…I must say Dylan is still learning from me.


*****Nare Nare*****


immediately Richie drove into the mansion,I dashed inside like I was being chased by something. I climb


the stairs hurriedly and got to my door post….


I opened it and got in,it was a big waooow.


everything there changed.


so many girly paintings on the walls. I’m very sure Nara did it.


A particular painting caught my attention,it was a real ruby gem painting. it looks so red on color,just the same color with my lips.


I pick up the neat art work and hugged it…it was extremely nice.


“Nara and I are like symphonies and fireworks exploding high and above in the sky.Without us,am very sure you’re gonna be a bad song!! I read what was there and drop the painting… Nara really tried in making the painting.


“I should be able to do something for her in return.Something like!!!


I tap my head but nothing was coming.


“bake a cake!!!


“No Nara doesn’t like cake!


“buy a cloth!


“No,she won’t wear it!!


“take her out!


“no,she’s an introvert!!


“tell her about the kiss with Richie!!


“No,she will say love doesn’t exist and will also say Richie doesn’t loves me!!


“I really don’t know what to do to her,her life is so boring!!! I retorted.


“she’s an asthmatic patient and she’s always saying she will soon die!


“arggh,Nara why are you like this!!!


I entered my washroom and had a cold water bath.I came out in towel only and changed into a white tip and a matching white short …I left my room and met her on her reading chair…


She was hell busy with a big book.


“you like what I did????


she smirks.


“I don’t like it,I love it” I replied,she smiled faintly.


“Nare do you have an idea what enchanted really means??? like what is it about??? Nara asked.


“I don’t get you??? I replied.


“ohhk will explain..


“we were given an assignment in my artist school.The educator wanted to test our brain so he gave us and assignment asking us to define enchanted with just one diagram”


“do you know it???? I don’t want to loose 100marks!!! Nara said.


I burst into laughter and slump on her bed.


“what’s funny??? she frown.


“seriously,I thought it was something reasonable that you want to say” I said,she frown the more.


“art is not a reasonable thing” I said,she frown at me…


“just tell me if you know it! she winked. She really know how to get me.


“how am I suppose to know???


“I don’t know anything about art.You should go and ask someone that knows it more” I replied. she sigh.


“the deadline for submission is tomorrow” she said.


“why not draw me for submission??


“draw my side view.Draw it as if am drinking water from a transparent plastic….make it neat and real” I




“what difference does it make???


“Nare can you be serious??? she arch both brows.


“I want to top my class…but there’s this guy that attends class with us, he’s really good in paintings too but he comes to class once in a week.Only on Fridays… he have his own special classroom.He’s rich you get.


He drew something different and am very sure he will score up to 99” Nara exclaimed.


“what did he draw??? I asked.


“he made a painting of a beautiful girl ..just the back side…its really pretty” Nara uttered.


she really likes competition.


“is the girl beautiful than me??? I asked.


“nope,we are more beautiful than her” she replied.


“why not make a painting of my side view??? I asked.


“won’t people say I copied??? she asked back.


“there is a different between back side and front view” I corrected.


“okay,thanks!!! she replied and started making a painting of me.


“Nare I must top my class ooo please” she muttered. I smiled…


*****Scot p.o.v******


I cleared my painting brush away and kept the painting of jenny in a More safe place for submission tomorrow.


then I took my keys and locked my studio really well.After that I got into my car and started driving to jenny’s house.I really need to see her.


3hours later, I got to her house and parked my Car in front of her gate,then I took off my mask and entered.


I went in and didn’t see anybody in the living room.Its really unlike jenny.


I left the living room and walked straight to the bedroom.I had not even knocked when I heard two


moaning sounds like two people were having s£x….


“f**k me!!!!


“really hard baby!!! I heard Jenny’s voice.


the other voice was sounding like one of my friends own….


“who could it be?????


I clenched my fists but was so soft hearted……I couldn’t do anything…


….who’s that my friend that betrayed our friendship?????














(i know you can’t love me)






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