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The gun moved away from my hand and fell in her presence.I was shocked.So shocked that I had many questions floating in my memory.


I stared at the gun,then back to her.. she gave me a soft look that makes her looks like a dumb person.



“I warned you enough but you wouldn’t listen.You made me wound your nose” she said in a shaking voice.


I felt ashamed….


A woman has never speak to me in that manner not to even talk of deafeting me in the way she is.


“I warned you!!! she said,I become more vexed.


she shifted back and kick the gun out ta my presence with her foot.


“why are you staring at me???


“I think I warned you before!!


she arched both brows… it makes her look more pretty like she’s using some charms.


“this is not the Nare that I know!


“the Nare that I know is really stupid, dumb,clumsy and daft.


“how come she changed overnight???


i wondered and stared at her.


“Kelvin diamonds, you’re moving closer to me.Shift back so you won’t get hurt” she said….


she actually addressed me by my full name.No one knows my full name except for Scot,Dylan and Richie.


“Foool,who told you the full meaning of my name?? I asked and sent her deadly glares.


“do you mean fool meaning or full meaning??? she pouted dumbly.


That dumbness is really driving me crazy… really makes me wanna have her on my bed.


“my d**k rise up again!!!


its just so embarrassing that I had to control it.


“well,i got the fool meaning of your name from Shantel phone.That means I actually know of your stupid plans.I saw your texts,I had to play along like a fool.You won’t even believe that I cried like an idiot” Nare said.


I just stare at her red lips as she speaks without her knowing.


Apart from the fact that I feel like having her on my bed,I feel like doing many things on her body. its just


so perfect….


She’s not the old Nare anymore,


she’s not the Nare that cannot read and write. She has known many things that are bigger for her age.


her fashion sense really improved a lot….


Roshni really tried in training her….


Now,it will be more difficult to get her.Extremely difficult that I don’t think playing pranks will work on her.


…..or should I try my luck????


Mhesha’s plan was for me to rape her till death.


I think I should try pranking her.


“Nare,I’m changed!!


“I won’t hurt you anymore” I made a soft look but deep down, i really wants her badly on my bed.


“let’s be friends” I arch my brows…


my eyes won’t leave her lips and br**sts.


“I have enough friends.Roshni said I should be satisfied with my friends” she started acting like Indian villagers again.


“just friends!!! I pranked.


“no friends” she replied.


she’s really stubborn and difficult than I thought.


“think about it” I shrugged like a good person and left her alone in that lonely place. A place where she knows nothing about.




“ooh no,what’s all this???


“i shouldn’t have wound his nose. I forgot that he is wealthy. but I just have to do it because he pushed me to do it…..


He wanted to raise my skirt up and I have no other choice than to give him a flying kick.Exactly the way Pedro taught me and Nara.


(I can still remember what Pedro taught Nara and I)



lesson 1: we are all equal. No one is poor no one is rich.



“No mercy”


“no pity”


“no affection”


“don’t have mercy on your opponent when fighting…….


I opened my eyes.


“those stupid fights,it was so difficult learning them. Even Richie doesn’t know that Pedro taught Nara and I how to fight.


He usually teaches us on fridays and Saturdays because those two days, Richie hardly stays at home..


I stopped walking and look at where I was,I don’t even know where I was. I just opened my back and brought my phones, I had 40missed calls from Richie.


He really drained my battery to 1%.


I called him back,he picked up.


“where are you??? he asked in a frustrated manner.


“I don’t know” I replied.


“you don’t know and your mouth is paining you to ask?? he asked.


he’s really angry.


“wait let me ask” I said, he placed the call on a hold and waited for me to ask.


“inside shritis market” I replied.


“get out of that silly place” he said.


“I can’t I really don’t know the way out. Everything is just so stuffy and crowdy” I replied,my phone went off.


“ma’am,how do I get out???


I asked an old woman in the market.


“go this way” she said,I bowed and muttered a thank you.


I walked in the direction she gave me but it seems am getting more lost.


“sir,how do I get out of here??? I asked another person.



“go like this” he gave me another direction.I said thank you and went away but I ended up back exactly the same spot I left.


I started moving around, just walking any route I see….


*****Richie’s p.o.v****


Shantel is really a bad luck for allowing me go through this silly stress.She murdered my schedule and made me lost 20m ruppes today.


I was even unlucky….I didn’t come around with my guards…


“never,am not gonna enter this disgusting market because am not ought to be seen there. if I should, then it means am also getting ready to be hospitalized.


The particular market is really disgusting with many dirty people…


“I’m pretty sure Nare must have been infected. I can’t even get out of my car, Nare will come and meet me here in my car” I muttered and waited in my car for up to like 1hour but Nare isn’t coming out.


I dialed her number,it was switched off.Now,I have no other choice than to go and look for her in the disgusting market.


I puffed out air…..


“what will people think???


“seeing their next president in a local market!!!


it would look so low and uncultured.


but i have to get Nare….


I checked my car for my mask, it was no where to be found.


All I saw was a pair of transparent glass.


I put it on……


“gosh…..even someone that is blind will recognize me as Miles Jnr.


I took off the glass and removed my sweater that looks really expensive. I was now left in a simple white


vest on my black jean trouser…..


“ahhh,I can’t try it, they will recognize me…the jean trouser looks expensive too…



I covered my hair with my sweater and opened my car door small. I sighted her….admits the crowd….



She saw me too and smiled…


I signalled her to come fast to my car….


she did the worst thing…..


“Richie Milesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she shouted my name…..


Her voice is really loud… she attracted many people. Exactly what am trynna prevent.




where did you see him???


. Tell me???? I really wanna see that god in human clothing????


I heard the shouts…..


i still can’t step out of my car. I better start driving away before the media will flock around here….


I’m trynna protect my name….


…..but what about Nare????…….












(I know u can’t love me)



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