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sɛasօռ1 episode 35












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Gloominess drips with the sky turning gray and I have still not left for home.Jenny insisted that I copy all her notepad even when she have the full lectures on her iPad.


“hey,your cardigan!!!


“I need it or do you want me to freeze to death!! she nagged.


“I’m cold also” was my reply.


She inhale air and sent me dagger looks.


“give it to me now or I spray this on you” she raised up the container of a gas spray.


“Jennie,I can’t!!


“cold weather is really bad for my health” I replied while copying her note.


“give it now!!! she threatened with her finger on the lid of the spray.


“fine,I will give it out!! I frown and took off my cardigan.She hijacked it and started chewing gums like she hasn’t eaten for ages.


“don’t you dare leave without having my notepad copied she mutter and left.


I increase the speed at which I was writing …I still can’t believe I wrote for 5hours.


Finally,I was done with everything.My hands still hurts but I managed..She came inside again and started chewing gums loudly.


“I’m done” I speak,she took her note.


“Namaste(goodbye)” she grinned and left.


At long last,am free…..


“free from the monster” I muttered and started packing my bags with my painting brush.After that,I tried standing up but it felt damn heavy.


“what the f**k???


I gritted my teeth as I placed my hand underneath my skirt…


it has glued to the seat.


Jenny must have poured gun there.


“what’s all this??? I lamented and tried standing up but it wasn’t working out.


I detached my skirt from the seat…. it was removing at first but it tear later.


My skirt tore….the gum was really thick.




“what do I do????


I slam my forehead and tuck out my shirt,thinking it will cover my torn skirt but it wasn’t.


“your phone can be of help” reality stuck me.I brought my phone out, it was 0%….it went off and died


dead down.


I took my bag and wore it,it wasn’t covering it.


I adjusted the belt of the bag,it’s just still the same.


My body became weary why my eyes darker.Its getting late and am still in school.


Richie won’t even notice because he hardly stays home on Fridays and Saturdays…


my phone went blank already…


and now my skirt!!!


I lamented and tried not to cry.



Solemnly, I sat down back. Not on the gumed seat but on another person’s seat.I buried my head on the desk and hugged my warm yellow bag to prevent me from getting cold.


Millions of thoughts on how to step out of the school to my car raced around my mind but I find none.


I raced my head and turn sideways, it was that same guy that usually have the highest mark….


He’s that same guy that dress differently in casual wears and he attend lecture once in a week since he’s a public figure.


He was on phone.


(in call)


“hello Rich miles”


“have sent it,check your mail” I overheard him saying.


“gross… he close to Richie??? I wondered and stared at the expensive cardigan he hung around his




…if only I can get the cardigan,I will just tie it around my waist and be free.I’m very sure it will cover my badly torn skirt.


“okay wait!! he speaks in a clear ascent and stood up…he drop his cardigan on his red diamond stoned back and went out.


His cardigan was lying on his special desk,just beside his ring.




“Nara don’t loose your chance!!


“take the cardigan, tie it around your waist and leave before he comes back” my inner mind haunted me.


“what if he catch me???


“I don’t like speaking with people!!


“shut up,I can’t do it!! I said to myself.


I look at the expensive sweater again…


“I don’t think I can!!


“it’s not mine!! I tap my forehead.


“I pity you” my mind hants.


I opened my eyes widely and grab it quickly, I tied it around my waist and quickly pick up my bag while my inhaler was dangling in my left hand.



I ran to the entrance door…..


“omg,he’s coming!!!!…


my eyes pop out….I pack myself one side and took off my bag.


I placed it on my laps and sealed my back on one side of the door so he wouldn’t notice.


Good enough,he was on call and was looking down.


..I need to use my brain!!


I said and closed my eyes when I spotted him coming to the door…it was really wide for two people to pass.


I stood on one side and covered my skirt with my bag to prevent him from seeing his cardigan on me.


He passed by my side, I ran out with my hair swaying till I got to my car.


I got in and inserted my key with shaking hands.


I drive out of the school slowly because am still a learner.




Kd Kd


“seriously,i can’t do it!!! i refused Emily Daniels….


She’s a reknown villian that wants Richie dead just because of his wealth and she’s foolishly begging me to help…


“really!!! she shone her teeth.


“yeah,I can’t kill Richie” I replied.


“then,you’re a coward” she replied.


“I’m not.Its just that you won’t understand!! I replied.


“what’s there that I won’t understand??


“you can’t bring down that brat!! she nagged.


“I can bring him down but I can’t just kill him nor hurt him….


“Emily Daniels you won’t understand!!






“don’t you want good things too!!


“why must it be always Richie???


Emily nagged.She’s really pushing me to kill Rich…


“stop!!!! I shut her out.


“yes,I hate him!!


“yes,I don’t like him!!!


“yes,have tried killing him!!


“yes,he knew am a Lucifer!!!


“but I can’t still kill him…. I only hated him because I can’t get to his standard..


“I hated him because my mother loves him more than she loves me!!


“but I can’t still hurt nor kill him.I can only hate him” I replied….


Emily Daniels smiled…


that same smile that Mhesha usually smile.


“then why did you sleep with my daughter when you know you can’t kill him??? she asked with furry..


I click my tongue.


“i slept with her because she wants it …sleeping with girls gives me inspirations and besides, she enjoyed it too” I winked.. Emily went crazy..


She hasn’t learnt her lessons….


she tried killing Richie’s mother and father and now its Richie.


….she can’t be successful.. .


“so you can’t do it??? she asked again.


“yeah,I can’t kill Richie…..


“one still I will never stop is having s£x with random bitches like your daughter!!! I remarked and stood off the VIP table she rented in a hotel.


“Namaste!! I said and wore my mask.


I can’t kill Richie… but I hate him…




Richie Miles


“the permits are here”


“you can sign”


“I really want to buy that record label” Sharma(a top politician) said.


I stared at Alberto who brought his mouth to my ear.


“I think he meant business!!


“let’s sign the contract,its really a big money” Alberto said.


“I’m in” I arch my brows at sharma.


“trust me on this” he smiled and pull out a slivery brief case that contained rupee notes.


I took it from him and shook hands with him before going out with Alberto.


He walk to his car while I walk to mine with my escorts trailing beside me.


Pat bowed and opened the door before rushing to the driver seat…


1hours passed,


we got home.He step down and open the car door while using his right hand to grab the briefcase of money with a slight bow.


“welcome!! my guards greeted.


I smiled and stared at Dylan’s car surprisingly.


“what’s Dylan’s car doing here???


i asked.


“he said he wants to wait for you” they replied.


Their answers got me and made me walk to the main door quickly.Pat ran behind me with my money.


“sir is anything wrong?? he asked.


I nodded yes and raced up the sliver laided stairs while placing my hand on its shining rod.


I checked my private place were I usually keep my treasures,it was intact.After that,I checked Here’s room, it was damn scattered.I checked Nara’s own,she was not even there at all.


“was holding her down???


“her artist school closes by 2pm and this is 6pm!!!!


“where’s Nare??? I stared at my guards who made an expressionless face.


I took my lips into my mouth and rushed to the study…it was already locked from the inside.


All I was just hearing were silent weeping sounds.


“are you really a human orba Lucifer in human form?? I heard Nare voice from the inside.


“you can call it whatever you want!!


“all I know is that I gotta have my way with you cause i met you first” I heard Dylan’s voice too.


I was dumbfounded…..


My heart fell into a deep trance ocean that was filled with droplet of bloods.


I clench my fist and signalled my guards to get the door broken.


The door got broken,Dylan clenched his first too and stared at me.


“Richie!!!! he called my name when he saw how my mood changed.


my guards untied Nare…


“Richie!!! he called my name again.


I ignored him..


“get out of my mansion” I speak with the superiority that I was born with.


“Richie its not what you think! he startled. I was forced to punch his nose,making blood to fly outta his mouth.


“Calm….down!!! he said and made him go wilder.I hit him with deep hatred….


“sir,he will die if you continue hitting him” my guards said.I sent them a “you’re fired” glare…..


“hey you get up!! i snapped at Nare.


She sprint up with fear….


“follow me!! I commanded..


She was so scared that she shifted back….


I walked forward and dragged her out of the study….


I drag her all around the mansion till I got to her room.


“sir it hurts!!! she whimpered.


“hurts where? I asked.


she slip her hands away and held it like a baby.


“I want to go back to Mhesha!!!


“Mhesha is better,Dylan is worst!!


“He tried raping me!!!


“he wants to take my pride!!


she started crying.


Little things do hurt her.


“Mhesha is better” she said and walk by my side….


“come back! I drag her back by that same hand….


“it hurts” she whimpered and pouted.


I bat my lashes…I don’t really know how to deal with girls but now I need one for my script.


“sorry!!! i said and touched her hair,she was still crying with her head bowed..


“look up” I said. ….


she raised her head and reveal the red lips and long lashes I love to see.


“come closer” I said.She bowed and did.


I flick her hair backwards and kissed her while holding her waist….


She didn’t scream….


she just stood in my arms like the village girl that she was.














(I know you can’t love me)




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