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****Roshni p.o.v*****


The taxi that I boarded stopped right on front of the residence that richie rented for Shantel and I.


“don’t worry,I will pack it myself”


I said to the taxi man and packed my lagages by myself.i paid him money and walked into our residence.


i met Shantel sitting on her favorite couch,she was busy counting money.


I stared at her in awe as she counts her money.


“ohh you’re back”


“didn’t see you there!! she uttered with a pout.


“where did you get the money??? I asked,staring suspiciously at the rupee note she was counting.


“am not poor!!! she rolled her eyeballs, I kept quiet and sat on the chair opposite her.



“how was lecture with Nare??? I asked,she hissed.


“how do you want it to look like???


“i taught her the way you usually do” Shantel grinned evilly.


“you did something bad to her” I said, she frown.


“dont start it again.The fact that I do not like her not mean thar I will hurt her” Shantel smirked.




“you’re sounding as if you did something bad ….” I said but she still remain the same bitch.


“hey,I didn’t do anything!! she shut me out.


I kept quiet and watch her count her money.


Just then,my phone beeped. It was a message from Richie.


“I want you and Shantel outside the gates” i rear Richie’s message and made sure that Shantel hear it.


“Shantel,you’re at it again!!!


i said and stand up.


“I didn’t do anything” Shantel replied and followed me out. We stepped out of our residence and met Richie outside.


He was sitting in the hood of his car, he wasn’t dressing too much.Just an expensive red sweater and a black jean trouser that fitted his height perfectly.


His ring was just one while his ear ring was little.


“good evening sir!!! we greeted and bowed.


he didn’t reply. I knew instantly that something was amiss.Richie doesn’t ignore people greetings and he’s not a proud jerk. He can only be commanding.


“raise your brainless heads!!!


he commanded harshly….


something is really wrong.


“Roshni where did you keep Nare???


Richie asked me because it was me he trust the most.


The hurts and action was really showing in his voice.


“sir,I didn’t take her….” I replied and turned sideways and look at Shantel.


“why are you looking at me???


Shantel glared.


Richie smiled like he knew the exact person that took Nare.


“my guards said Nare hang around with you” Richie cut Shantel off.


“yes sir!!!


“after she hang arround with me,roshni took her out!!!! Shantel lied, I shouted.


Shantel wants to break tge smooth relationship between Richie and i.


“sir Richie trust me….i didn’t!!


“i travelled and am just returning today,it was even Shantel that taught her today”


“its not me!!


“trust me!!! I said….


Richie wasn’t saying anything.


how i wish he will trust me!!!!


****Richie Miles****


The more I look at roshni and Shantel,the more I feel hurt.I’m just trynna act cool…..


my hot tempered side is really not good.


“Roshni can I still trust you??? i asked and made a deadly eye contact with her.


“Richie have been working with you for 5months now…you should at least trust me” roshni said and was crying.


“I like Nare and I can’t hurt her!!! Roshni said.


i faced Shantel and saw that she was wearing my necklace….


exactly the one I wore for Nare earlier in the morning.


That necklace really worth more!!!


“Shantel, you’re wearing my necklace????


“you stole it from Nare!!!


I shouted at her and grabbed her neck, making her to gasp for air.





Shantel starmmered,her held her neck the more…


I left her and pushed her away….


she’s really lucky I don’t beat girls.


“where did you keep her??? I pulled her hairs and removed my necklace…


“sir Richie,it hurts!!!! Shantel yelled, making me to hold her hair the more.


I’m really going more crazy……


i really felt like crying……..


But I really can’t….. Presidents don’t cry…I can’t cry because I will soon be one..


“Sir Richie its so scary!!! Roshni said.


“what if anything happens to Nare???


“I’m not really sure she can defend herself!!! Roshni said.


I left Shantel and pick my phones,not knowing what to do.


“it was kd!!!


“it was him that told me to set Nare up!!!! Shantel confessed….


I went more wild.


Kd is my worst nightmare…..


he’s my die hard competitor….


kd who doesn’t want me to be the next president…


i turned back to look at Shantel,she had her head down.


“why did you do it????


i asked….


“sorrry” she replied.


“you’re gonna tell that to yourself by the time I come back.Your sorry has really put you into trouble….


“don’t even try to run away because my guards are all over you!!!!


“get ready to see the worst!!!


i speak to her with supperiority multiplied by deep hatred.


i got into my car and started driving to Kd’s main spot of torturing people.


****Kd p.o.v****


I swayed a big ball bearing ring on her straight long legs,she fell down with her long and full hair pulling


her backwards……


“am I the only one seeing that she’s more beautiful than a goddess????


“stop it!!!!


i tap my d**k that is already standing erect.


“Nare is so pretty with a face of a f**king goddess!!!!


“kd,focus!!! i tapped my head and got to the very spot that she was trapped.


Her hair was really scattered all over her back while her eyeballs get more dark…..


“my d**k stood erect again!!!


“shit!!!! I snapped and controlled it.


She stood up quickly and shifted back.


“kd don’t come close to me,I will hurt you!!! she uttered in an angel voice and shifted back but I won’t.


She has gotten perfect shapes and face of a f**king goddess coupled up with red berry lips,I can’t give up on her.


“kd,stop coming closer,I will hurt you!!!! she voiced out, I ignored and moved close to her….


I stretch my hand to grab her, she dodged it in a perfect way…..


“is she good in fighting?????




I wondered and watch her swayed away with her long hair hitting the floor of my face…..


“kd,move away from me…..I’m more dangerous….am scared i will kill you that’s why I’ve been running


away from you!!!!


“Respect yourself,am more dangerous than the devil itself!!! Nare shrieked…..


I was really stubborn. I moved closer to her and drag her long hair in a painful manner……


Hair is a woman weak point…..


“kd,watch it!!!


“am a dangerous snake that pretends to be dumb” she shouted and gave me a flying kick that made blood drip down my nose……



i was still stubborn. i stood up again and pointed my gun at her.


She will at least be scared of it…..


“kd,am warning you!!!!


“don’t bring out the real nare!!!! she uttered….


I pointed my guns at her and pulled the trigger…..


she dodged it and kicked the gun away from me.


The gun flew and drop down in her presence……


“didn’t know that she’s this smart???












(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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