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ɛքɨsօɖɛ 11














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****ҡɖ քօʋ*******


I brought my bridges and never look back at Richie Miles. I hated him with everything even if I had always refer to him as my best friend but not ever again because,he stole everything that ought to be mine because,of some flimsy reasons.


More hurts,


more screams,


more shouts keep hovering on my mind,thinking of what to do next but it still couldn’t find one.


“sorry” the commoner gum her blood shot lips together,my eyes became more bloodshot.


I hated to hear sorry.


“sorry!” she said again like she’s hurt too.


“Richie so you told her what I hate to hear” I snirkee at Richie whose expression is already blank less.


“is there any problem???


the confused commoner asked. I glared at her,she keep quiet.


“but is there anything wrong with sorry?? she asked with a more puzzled expression.


“a little million blood is attached to it, so its better you keep shut. I’m speaking with Richie and not you” I shut her out.


“but nothing is wrong with sorry”


“its a casual word” she blurts out and flick her long hair backwards.


“sir Rich, are you sure he’s okay??”


she faced Richie and pointed her index finger at me.


“Don’t you think I deserve a thank you for telling you sorry.If not for me, Sir rich would have slapped the total madness out of your crainy skull!!”


she blurts out,making my anger more visible…


“Nare,don’t say anything,he’s gonna hurt you!!!


“just go in, go and meet Elsa” Richie ordered her so that she can stop talking to me.


“okay!! she replied with a slight bow and started walking to the front of the mansion with a start.


As she walks,my eyes trail her and what I felt that moment was strangling her and her mouth.


“when you’re done,leave my house!


Richie said in a mocking tone and took the same direction she took..


Again,I took my time in noting everything about the huge mansion, it was built on Miles name.


My anger softened as I glance at everything around..


soon, my anger came back.

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I left the mansion angrily and splint into my car. I started driving till I got to our main residence.



I parked carefully at the parking lots and stepped down with my car keys dangling in my left hand.


With a high spirit,I walked to the general living room and met Dylan and Scot.


Scot was face chatting with some random bitches while Dylan had his face sealed to his laptop. beside him is a wine of glass while his headset was lying on the coauch he sat on.


Dylan is the only one closer to Richie.They behave just like brothers.


And Scot,he’s a funny lad who can actually make fun of anything. one thing about him again is that he likes girls and food.


He’s really lousy for a human….


Dylan is the really quiet one and he keeps secret too.He just look as calm as Richie.One can even mistake them for twins because they behave the same way.Yet,they ain’t blood.


“KD what’s the matter???


Scot asked while dropping his call.




i rolled my eyeballs and ran up the stairs to my room.


“are you sure???


Scot asked and raced after me till we got into my inner villa.


“so,any news??? he asked,I ignored him.


“oops,let me guess”


“mhesha rejected you again??? he asked.


“Scot get out!!” I speak while trying not to be harsh.


“okay now I get!!


“you and Richie quarrel again??


he asked.


I frowned because he got the answer.


“yes! I replied and ran my fingers into my hair in frustration.


“but I thought you guys are back again!”


“I think it’s high time you dropped this your sausy and pompous attitude….work like a team would do”


“let everyone of us contribute to the development of one another without quarelling nor envying each other!!”.


Scot exclaimed.



“work together as in???


“Richie already broke the rule” I said angrily because the sorry that commoner said to me was still hunting me.


“which rule???


Scot asked and shrugged.


“rule of not bringing commoners to join us in our respective business. You know we dibr choose them as partners” I seethed.


“well,I don’t see anything wring with what Richie did”


Scot shrugged,I became more angry.


“maybe because you’re blind!


“I’m telling you that Richie is tryna train a poor girl and you’re saying it’s not wrong.Its like you’re crazy!! I shut him out.


“KD,its not wrong!!


“if the girl suite what Richie need for his script then nothing is wrong with it. And besides,he’s currently working on a deal that can bring him more fames and zillion of rupees…


“that alone will make his name appear in the golden book of dehli because no one had ever made such money… am happy for him and I pray he achieve it” Scot mumbled.



“what about you???


I asked,feeling uneasy.


“mine is different…I don’t want money and popularity.They are not actually my things. All I want is peace of mind. I’m happy with what I got and to top it all,Richie is in our group




“so what else do I want???


Scot asked and jump ony bed with his phone in his hands.


Again,he started face chatting with jenny..


Jenny is the only daughter of a top politician.


“Idiot,you’ve started again!!!


“I don’t know if Jenny use charm in you” I fumed and hijack his phone.


I cut the chatting stuffs.


“awww,I don’t like it at all!


“why are you interfering in my private thing???


he retorted and took his phone.




“your private thing is inside your boxers” I replied,he smiled


“let Jenny catch you!!


“I bet,she will break your bones.”


he smiled the more.


“idiot,erase the hatred you have fid Richie!! he blurts out.


“its very easy to make fames and popularity if you’re smart.


“see,Dylan is gradually progressing… you know Richie have 99.9M+ followers on insta,Dylan just made it to 70M and you’re still in 20M…..


“guy,you need to buckle up….


“Richie and Dylan are still your boss!


Scot said and started laughing.


“its okay!! I shut him out.


“buddy,I understand!! he made a mocking smile and walk outta my room before I could even think of taking any action.


“KD,can I come in please???


Dylan knock at my door.


Everything about him is just like Richie.


“why will you come in???.


“don’t you have your own personal living room and resting room???


I asked with hatred.


the same hatred I have for Richie.


“can I still come in???


he asked in a bold voice.


“nope!! I replied with tiny hatred.


“okay,please I forgot what Richie sent to me in your room and besides,I’m looking for a while bangle…..


“that bangke belongs to someone special to me…. I must not lost it…


“they are all in your room so may I still come in??


Dylan pleaded.


“Dylan,just get out!!”


“come back later!” I mumbled with venom in my throat…




“I need my stuffs now and I don’t think I can wait anymore!


Dylan said and burst into my room.


“KD why do you like shutting people out??? he asked and stood at my entrance.


“none of your business!! I scorned him.


He shrugged and walked to my huge wardrobe.


He opened it and brought out a black bag that had tiny gem stones all around it.


He drop the bag on my bed and walked to my cabinet.


“did you by chance see a while long bangle?? he asked.


“how am I suppose to know that??


I still scorned him.


He stared at me with the same eyes Richie usually use.


“KD you’re a mess!” He clicked his tongue and pick up what he was looking for.


the bangle was snow white!!!


it looked like the one that the commoner was wearing….


on tgd bangle, six letters were written there.


they first letter was big and bold.


it was letter N……


I glanced at it on his hands….




I didn’t get to see the last letter very well.


“why are you staring at it???


its mine” he mumbled and pick it up with the black bag.


“can I see it???


I asked…..



“why??? I retorted.


“just to see it,nothing much!!!


I replied.


“no,I don’t trust you” he replied.


“I’m I going to eat it!! I grinned..


“okay…..! he replied and gave me the sparkling white bangle.


what I was interested in was what was written on it.




I was about checking the last letter, he hijacked it.


“time up!! he announced with superiority….


I didn’t get to see the last letter




…,I think someone is surely gonna cause a fight between Richie, Dylan and I……










watch out




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