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******Nare’s p.o.v*****


“are you not through???


Shantel asked with her eyes fixed on Richie’s necklace that I was wearing.


“I’m in number 4 now” I replied,she rolled her eyeballs.I don’t just like her..


“better be fast,idiot!! she hissed and smirked.


“okay” i replied,pretending that I didn’t see all what she’s doing to me.


“submit!!!! she shouted and gave me a slight knock on my head.


“take it easy,Shantel….. I’m not perfect” i glared at her.


“are you talking to me??? she fumed in anger.She’s very lucky that Richie’s guards are standing outside and not inside.


“i didn’t talk anything!! i replied her in a whisper.


“so we are now mates….


“I’m talking to you,you are flapping your lashes at me!!! Shantel flared up and started saying hurtful words to me,knowing fully well that little things make me cry.


“will I blame your stupidity???


“i can’t possibly blame you!!!


“you that you’ve never tasted what it means to be rich!!!!!


Shantel started abusing me….


I cried silent tears.


“uncultured swine!


“poor village girl!!


“poor church rat!!


“slimy worthless gold digging bitch!


“shameless dog!!!!


“dirty girl!


“you don’t know anything,you’re a dullard!!!!!!!



Shantel continue abusing me,I cried…


insults are my weak point…I hate it more than anything in this world.


“you’re brainless!!!


she scorned and drag my long hair.


“a total disgrace to womanhood!!!


“You’re trying to lure Richie so that you can cart away with his luxuries!!


Shantel said and pulled lots of my hair.


i lost my mindset totally.


I couldn’t think straight again.


She seized my phone and did something that I don’t know to it….


She slapped me two times and took away my ear rings,bangles and Richie’s necklace.


All of these are happening just because Roshni is not around.


“Village bitch,bring your bag pack!! she scorned me and made me powerless.


“okay!! I replied in tears and gave her my bag.


She brought out all what Elsa pack as breakfast and lunch for me and started eating them.


she ate my chocolates,my cakes,my cookies,my sweets,she finished my rice pudding and started chewing my gums and candy.


“waaaooow,this cookie is imported!!


she smiled and opened the last cookie in my bag.


After that,she took my ice cream pack and drank it all at once….


She belched….. in a rude manner and threw my empty bag pack to me.


“stand up!!! she ordered.


I did what she said because i hate insults.


“raise one hand up and continue solving your maths like that” she commanded,my jaw drop down.


“Shantel it will be paining me…please let me just stand” I pleaded,she paid less concern.


I did what she said.


can’t still believe that I stand and raise my hand for good 4hours.


Shantel is really wicked….



*****Shantel p.o.v***



The jealousy was still burning in me as I watch her serve the hard punishment while doing her work at the same time.


That work alone is going to take her 6hours and she just soent 4hours.


The maths i gave her was really hard for her brain. I doubt it if she will score 1 out of 20.


“2hours passed,she was still there like that,making it a complete 6hours.


“am through! she said in a weak voice and passed her book to me.


“aunt Shantel,its closing hour already” I heard her saying.


“so????? I made a disgusting look…


She started staring deeper into my eyes like she’s trynna know what’s on my mind but I was more smart.I look away.


“Shantel,my leg is paining me and my hand will soon cut” she blurts out.


“sit down!!! i commanded.


she drop her head down and slump into the soft chair with her head buried into it.


she started crying, her left hand was lying on her flat tommy.


“she’s even more cute when sad!!


“Shantel what did I ever do to you that you give me this so called punishment???


“my hand is really paining me…my legs can’t even walk again” she cried.


“you ate my lunch and took away my ear ring and bangles, alongside with Richie’s necklace!! she pouted, I was not even concerned.


“stand up,we are going to where roshni said I should bring you to.Make sure you smile if we get outside” I winked,she followed me outside foolishly.


I signalled one of Richie’s guards and lied to them that Nare said she wants to hang around with me.


They permit me to go.


We got into one of the cars there. i already switch off Nare’s phone before keeping it into her bag. I was with my phone and was driving at the same time.


Soon,we got to the particular place kd said we should meet.It was in front of a school.


That school is meant for wealthy boys only.


After enchanted,it is the next most expensive school.


only boys attend the’s a taboo for girls. Girls that attend there end up broken or killed because the boys that attend the school are nasty,cold and stone hearted who hate seeing girls.


“Nare get down, Richie said he’s coming to pick you” I lied…


“okay” she replied and step down.


i drove away,leaving her in front of the black hearted school.


I drive back to our residence and mer Richie guards still standing there,i lied that Richie sent someone to pick Nare,they nodded and left.


i got inside all in smile.


The plans are really perfect….


Saw her already, she’s wearing shirt,short skirt with white long socks and black sneakers” Kd texted.


“yep! I replied.


******Kd p.o.v*****


“look what we have here!!!


“I’m also gonna use this idiot to get back at Richie” I smirks when I spotted Nare staring all around like she’s lost.


“Really beautiful!! I smiled….


my phone beeped. I brought it out to see who it was…


it was Dylan.he sent a message.


“meeting at Sangy pratrapsigh(a top Indian executive) mansion at 6pm”.


Dylan texted…


I read his message and tuck my phone into my pockets.


I raised my head and didn’t see Nare where I saw her standing before..


“what the f**k?????


I clenched my fist and started looking around….


I saw her again….


She was leaning beside something.



“I better get her into my car!! I muttered and walked hastily to where she was.She hasn’t seen me yet.


All of a sudden,she stood up too and started running too like she knew something was after her.


She run weakly with her long hair flowing backwards.


the long hair was making it difficult for her to run faster.


****Nare Nare*****


I stood up from where I sat and started running….


I don’t even know where am going but I keep on running…on the smooth road…..


The place was very beautiful but was lonely at the same time too.


I stopped running….no one was running after me….


I turned back and spotted a car driving speedily…on the road.


I moved to one side so that the car won’t harm me.I started running again. The car was still far from me a little bit but i was really uncomfortable.


i opened my bag and find my phone, it wasn’t on,it was off.


I switch it on because Roshni taught me how to use it.It switch on, I saw 60missed calls.


35missed calls from Elsa,


25from Richie….


I called Elsa first..


she pick up immediately…


“hello where are you??? she asked.


I turned back and didn’t see any car, it was Kd that I saw.


“hello where,are you??? Elsa asked.

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“mom!! I said into the phone and started running again..


my nerves failed me… was my feet that hit a stone…. it made me to jump up,my long hair pulled me


back…..making my phone to fly away.


I shut my eyes as my lips smuggled the floor..


it was actually Kd that swinged a ball bearing ring that pinned my left foot to the floor.



he’s more wicked….


Alisha is even better than him.












(why did you do it??)




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