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stɨʟʟ օռ ʀɨċɦɨɛ’s ք.օ.ʋ




…how do I get myself to kiss her….


does that nkt sound awkward and childish???.


Also, I promised Alberto that there won’t be any intimacy and I told her from the start that there won’t be any relationship.



This is not me…….


I mustn’t fall in love with any commoner.That was what i was told before I joined the diamonds group, so as to keep myself and,my identity safe.


I don’t really want much people to know that I am the miles next heir. if they should know,am pretty sure that my parents enemy will rise up again with full force.So i better wait till I will be announced as the next president.


After that,i can now tell the world that I am truly the miles only son.


“what should I do so that you will not call mhesha??? Nare brought me back to reality.


I stared back at her lips,not knowing what to tell her in particular.


“Mr Rich, are you sleeping already”


she tapped my shoulders lightly because I was already lost in the universe of her dark eyeballs.


“Mrs Rich…..” I said to her absent mindedly.


“what can I do for you??? she asked.


“How old are you??? I asked and changed the question she asked.


“I’m one and nine.Will be two and zero next year….”


“can I go now???


she arched her brows and pointed her index finger to the way.


“No,just follow me!! i ordered,she shrugged and walk by my side…..


“Can you sing?? I asked..


“No.If I sing,your ears might block because my voice is terrible” she replied.


“so your voice is terrible?? I asked.


“verrry terrible that it can burn the whole of this mansion….


I took her to my private studio and wore her my headset…she smiled at my hands on her hair….


I took of my bracelets and wrist chains,I wore them on her wrists…..


“I won’t take off my rings!!!


“Those rings are from my dad and I can’t give it out.I can only give out my bracelets and chains…those ones are from my mom!!


I replied,she smiled faintly…..


“i like the red one” she said…


I can’t give that one out too but since she said she likes it,I took it off and wore it for her.


“I like it already” she smiled and hugged me unexpectedly…..


“Richie kiss!!!


“Richie kiss!!!” my mind beckoned.


She pulled away from the hug,I didn’t get to kiss her….


“sing it!!! I said and was still surprised at how am suddenly getting interested in her.


“I’m warning you….


“you might have headache because you won’t understand what am singing not to even talk of hearing


the language”


she speaks fast.


“just sing it” I said,she slam her forehead and started singing it….


She sang in pure Hindi language…


She also swayed her hips and danced like my mom usually do.


she’s really good at it and her voice is very tender and pleasant.


“I’m through” she bowed her head..


“okay” I nod my head after seeing what I needed.


“If you sing with me on stage,you will get up to 30million rupees” I said,she gasped.


“30million rupees!!.


“who will give me?? she asked in surprised.


“I’m not poor” I replied,she went numb..


“sorry,I totally forgot that am not rich” she replied…..


Her statement really got me…


“Hey,I didn’t say you’re poor….”


I blurts out,she rolled her eyeballs.


“there’s punishment for rolling your eyeballs at me” I said….



“i didn’t roll my eyeballs,it was my eyeballs that was rolling by itself” she replied…and walk passed me…


She’s really going back into her room.


“Nare wait!! I summoned,she stopped.I walk close to her and loose her tied up hair….then pulled her


into a tight hug….


I knew it that she was really surprised….


“I’m sorry Nare,i can’t help it again!!


“all of me loves all of your red lips that they’ve never loved before……..


“it was actually Alberto’s plan all this while… Alberto wants me to know what real love really means…so he actually dare me to try falling in love with a commoner…and I should make sure that none of my team mates find out.


“At first,the idea sounded foolish and childish to me but on close observation and after relating it with


my script,I find out that we can actually make it real…..


“Let’s make it real….


“more real for a movie…..!!!


I whispered into her soft ear and kissed the tip of her red lips…..


She was really scared….


she shut her eyeballs and held my cloth…..


She held it more tight….


Her heart started beating faster……


“Richie,Dylan is looking at us!!!


she said in a soft scream and made me left her alone….


I looked back,it was Dylan.


His eyes were bloodshot.


“what do you want????


I asked with superiority.


“Nothing,I just came to say hello” he replied and smiled.


I knew it that it was a fake smile..


A sad smile indeed.



“You broke the diamond rule by training a commoner.You even have to gut to kiss her” Dylan started speaking rubbish.


“How does that concerns you???


“You can report me to Xavier if you want….” I replied.


His mood changed…..


“Richie what do you think you are!!!.


“You know the rules and you’re breaking it………What do you think the citizens will do if they hear


nonsense about you kissing that poor thing!


“She’s so poor and I learnt that she was sold into slavery!!!


Dylan blurts out…


“I won’t spare you when next you call her poor…..


“and I don’t care if you go ahead and tell the media what I do”


“its your headache and not mine!!!


“I’m in no mood to banter words with you” I replied….


“Are you betraying our friendship by wanting to allow her come in between us????


“Are you telling me indirectly that we are not friends anymore???


“You suddenly forgot how we started???


“You forgot that we are now friends for 6years now!!!


“Richie didn’t you promise not to fall in love again????.


“I can’t really watch my best friend crying of heart break again…..


“You’re too emotional and you’re too good for that low lifeless bane… she’s not your sperk……


“but its fine if you want to go after her but I will tell you that the devil you know is better than the angel you just met!…


“what if she’s worst than Valerie???


“You need to know that all girls are the same!!


“if i were you, i will just send her out of my house this moment!!Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




Dylan said…..


“okay, I will send her out tomorrow…. so that I will not loose my friend” I replied.


Dylan smiled…..



“I trust you” he replied and left for the door.


He went out of my mansion and drove out.


I turned back and met Nare….


“So you will send me out?? she asked….


“yes” I replied….


She made a sad look….


It really touched me……….


“Your friend Dylan,


“Do you really trust him??? she asked.Hi


“I don’t trust anybody. I only trust myself. If you keep trusting people, your conscience will continue


getting drained…..


“okay,let me start going since you said you will send me out” Nare said and left for the door…


it wasn’t opening because I already locked it..


“I can’t send you out,I will only be careful of Dylan”


I said……I saw the look on her face.


“hope am not gonna destroy your friendship??? she asked as I walk close to her.


“Don’t say anything,just kiss me” I said and held her waist tightly to myself….


“My teeth is dirty” she replied.


“I don’t mind” I replied and ate deeply into her lower lips…














(aʟʟ օʄ ʍɛ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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