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*******Nare Nare*********


I woke up to the dawn of the soft breeze from my window,it was just 6am.Aunt shantel said I will be resuming 6:30am and not 7am and I wonder who does that.


I drifted back to sleep again with my eyes fixed on my phone.I checked the bedside clock again,it was now 6:05am.


“gross!! I rolled my eyeballs and sprint out of my bed.As I stood up with my lashes flapped together, something as cold as an ice drop on my chest.


“what could it be???


I touched my chest and saw what it was,it was a necklace.I took it off and examine it,it had thread which was coated with tiny gems that shines red light while the pendant was inscribed in Richie’s name.




“Richie on my neck!!!


I gasped and took off the necklace.I drop it on the bed and met a note under my bed.


“make sure the necklace doesn’t go off your neck” I read what was there.


“am not wearing anything!


“my neck is complaining of wearing expensive things.Even my wrists are tired of costlier bangles” I pouted,and removed all my bangles too.


I went into the shower and had my bath.I took time in washing my hair… After that,I entered dryer and made sure that it was dryer properly.


I creamed in the washroom and wore my underwears there.


I stepped out and met clothes already on my bed.


i smiled.



“Elsa must have kept them there!!


I inspected what she kept there and hugged it……


I love the clothes. ..


Black shirt with red and white stripes..After purple,white is my next best color.


The shirt was really pretty….on the left side great pocket, some wordings were written there.




“I’m the woman of wealth” i read it with a smile on my lips….


I’m in love with this clothe already…


“my name means woman of wealth and this clothe had the meaning of Nanare”


I smiled and word the shirt.It really suite my skin color.The skirt was short but the white socks was pretty long while the sneakers was black with the sole whitish…


I like it too…but it will cost huge money.


I wanted to pack my hair but am running out of time so I left it flowing like that.


i glance at my reading table,my books were not there.


“but I read them last night” I lamented and check my trolley,it was still not there.


“who took it??? I frown.


“maybe Nara took them!! I frown the more and left my room for her own.


She was awake too but was busy drawing and painting on the walls in her room.


She made her diagrams leggits and environmental friendly.


“you took my books??? I frown.


“twinnie,you look more beautiful whenever you frown” she teased.


I slam my forehead.


“looking for something??? she asked but was still painting.


“my books” I said.


“unserious human being that is looking for book early in the morning” she teased….


“well I’m happy I will be resuming an artist school today.You know I love drawing and painting” Nara winked.


I slam my forehead.



“so you don’t have my book” I cut her off guarded.


“not with me” she replied.


I sigh and walk out of her room.


“who the hell took my book???


I lamented.


“its here in a new bag” ma’am Elsa waved at me from the other end of the hallway.


“ma’am you got me worried” I said and walked to her.I collected it and checked if my books were complete.


I raised my head up and met Elsa smiling absent mindedly.


“come!! she yanked my hands and took me to the kitchen.It was bigger, wider and longer than I thought.


The dinning was opposite it.


I just stare in awe because I couldn’t even touch the wall not to even talk of anything.


“come” Elsa beckoned


“okay” I replied and entered


“ma’am hope anything won’t spoil” I said like the village girl that I was.


I entered,she hugged me inside the kitchen…I was shocked.


“let me hug you,I hugged Nara too this morning” she said and made the hug took longer.


“permit me” she said and used her thumb to apply talik( red powdered substance used on Indians forehead) she rubbed it in a dot on my forehead.


She was smiling like my grandma.


“did you do it for Nara too?? I asked.


“yes” she replied.


“she allowed you?? I asked.


“yes…..she even called me mom” Elsa replied,I was surprised.


Nara of all people.


“do you like it?? Elsa pointed to the bangle she wear on my wrist.



“yes,its simple and beautiful” I smiled,she kissed my cheeks….


just then,Richie passed by and met us like that.We disengaged and bowed our head.


“what’s happening here???


“the time is already 6:50” Richie said.


“sorry,I was helping her to adjust her ear ring” Elsa covered up but Richie was smarter than I thought.


“I see” He smirks and held my wrists, he actually took me away from Elsa. I turned back and waved Elsa bye bye.


she smiled and blew me a kiss.


“sir rich, good morning” I greeted…when we stop walking.


he didn’t answer.instead he walk to my back and pack my hair away from my face…..


“I know you will take it off.You’re so sturbbon” he uttered and wear me that same necklace I took off.


“sorry” I said.


“don’t be sorry” I replied


“thank you” I said…..he kissed my ears…..


“Be safe!!! he said….


I wanted to shout that he was kissing my ears but he stopped so i couldn’t shout anymore….


I ran out till I got to the parking lots. I got into the car that was waiting for me and touched where he kissed…


“Neil,did anything happen to my ear?? I asked Richie’s driver.


“no,its still fresh” he replied.I breathed in and out then I opened my back pack.


“that’s why i like Elsa!!!


“she packed many chocolates,cakes, ice creams,fruit juice,milk and rice pudding for me! “I like that woman already.


Soon,we got to where I usually have my lectures.Our car drove in while I step down with my bags.


I went inside alone.


Richie’s guards usually stay outside.


I got in and met only shantel.


“good morning” I greeted.



“Same. Roshni isn’t around so I will take you lectures” Shan tel said.


A part of me became sad.


“okay” I replied and sat down on the already decorated chair and placed my bag on the table.


I don’t just know why my mind keep saying “Nare you’ll be trapped!!!


“bring out your books,I want to test your ability” Shantel said harshly.


she has started it again.


“okay” I replied softly and brought them out.


“write out five sentences with 8words in each” she gave instructions in a mean way….


“okay!! I replied and started doing what she requested.


******Shantel p.o.v******


“no wonder they want to get her!!!


“she’s too beautiful for a human being,am sure she’s will be more beautiful than a goddess itself”


“that her natural lips got them drooling…. and her hair is very long and full…..


“her skin is just so spotless and crystal clear.


My eyes scanned how she handed her pen before they finally landed on her neck…..long and fresh.


“omg!!!!!! I gasped.


“it was that same necklace that had Richie’s name. Richie was given that necklace by Maradonna Gilbert when he released his first record label…..


That necklace really worth a lot…


it will even buy up to 6good mansions.


I started checking the main reason while Mhesha wants her eliminated.


Her sideview was waooow…..


her dimples are deeper than Richie’s own..her lashes,long and full.


“Nare stand up!! I ordered.She frown and stood up.


“okay sit down” I said….I only wanted to see the size of her buttocks that was why I asked her to stand





She doesn’t lack them,she had them…her waist tiny,hips wide,buttocks big.


“are you not through??? I asked.


“no,am in number 3” she replied.


“okay” I replied harshly and took my phones.


kd came on line.


“is she there already??? kd sent with killer stickers.


“yes” I replied with jealousy stickers.


“don’t make her suspicious, will be there in a swift” kd sent.


“okay…..but why not pranking her to follow me out?? I sent..


“good!! kd sent.


I went offline.


“Nare,Roshni said I should take you out after class” I said in a friendly tune.


She didn’t say anything…..she just stared at me like she knew my bad intentions.


“okay” she replied and continue her work.












(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




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