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episode 21










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“what’s in that paper??? mhesha grinned and collected the paper,from Alisha…


“same picture of the girl will met at exclusive shopping mall.She’s the same person Richie wants to use for enchanted” Natasha said.


Mhesha faced me and drag me by my cloth.


“who draw this??? she asked and clucth my clothes tightly.. .


“so you knew everything about Nanare!!!! she glared and slap me hard across my face.


“no ooo.I don’t know anything about it.I just drew it for drawing sake” I replied.


“it’s a lie ooo.She knows many things about it.” Gangaa uttered and started,telling mhesha everything I have been telling her about me and Nare.


“is she with Richie already???.


mhesha asked and pushed me to the tiled floor.


“yes,I think so!! Gangaa replied.


Mhesha went numb and pick her fancy phone.


“give me your inhaler” she ordered and took my inhaler.


“Gangaa,take it to the refuse bin!!!


mhesha commanded.


“mhesha please,I might,die without my inhaler” I said,she slapped my mouth and made my lips to bleed bloods.


“guards,take her to the torturing room.Don’t beat her,just lock her up. I’m gonna free whenever I see Nare!


mhesha gave orders.The guards dragged me to the small enclosure and lock me up there..


That place they lock me in was very small and dark.The place smells of insecticides.


“perhaps if I come in my next life,I will trust no one! I mumbled and covered my nose.


“hey,keep it very well….


“don’t let mhesha see it….keep it well” sir Badrah passed by and pushed my inhaler through the small


opening on the metallic door.


“thanks” I mumbled and kept the money in my innermost pockets.


“you’re too sturbon!!!


“your sturboness will make you and you twin sister die……Remember,I bought you from slavery and I


can do whatever I want to you!!!!


mhesha uttered and poured cold water on me though the tiny holes on the metallic burglary.


…..whatever you want to do to Nare,just do it to me.I will endure it and accept fate” I replied……


she glared at me and then went away.




(Richie’s mansion)


***Nanare Nanare*****


“what’s with that look on your face??


“can you be a little bit fast???


mom Elsa said and opened my wardrope.


She brought out a neatly stone lined red Saree with many bangles.


then she made me sit on the bed and started decorating my hands….


she did my feet too before fitting an anklet on it.


“Nare smile!


“Don’t look sad….” mom Elsa said while fixing bangles into my hands.



“Nare,bangles really fits you and that’s why Richie made it compulsory that I must always wear them for you”mom Elsa smiled and kissed my cheeks.


“Nare smile!


“your smiles brings goodlucks and they tell who you really are”


“can you smile now??? mom Elsa asked.


“I fell like am not complete!! I suddenly shut my eyes.


“what do you mean???


mom Elsa arch her brows.


“I’m a twin…..!!!


“I feel like my twin is not alright!….


“she’s hurt….


“is there anything I can do to save her???? I asked mom Elsa.


“why don’t you tell Richie,he might be of help” Elsa suggested.


“can’t I save her by myself?? I asked.


“it might be dangerous! Elsa replied.


“I think I will go get her before its too twin is asthmatic and am scared something terrible might happen” I covered my back with the Saree lining and walked hastily to the main door.


I got there,I couldn’t even behold the strong faces of the guards in the living room.


“good morning ma! they bowed when they noticed my presence.


Pedro was among too….


“good morning sirs!!! I replied with a breaking voice and walk to the,door.


five guards stood my way…


“ma,we can’t open the door!!!


“sir said it might be dangerous” one of the guards said.


“I need to get someone Now” I replied. they answered no.


“I am going to school,leave my way! I lied.


“ma,today is Saturday,there’s no school today!! the smart guard replied with a smirk..


“I have special classes! I lied again.


“ma,but this is your time table!


he caught me off guarded by showing me my time table on his phone.


“I suggest you call Richie.only him can tell us to open the door” Pedro said admist the guards.


“okay! I replied and phoned Richie….


he picked on the first ring…




I said into the phone,he wasn’t speaking..


“hello Richie!! I said again.


“hello baby,don’t panic. I’m on my way to get Nara….I’m going to mhesha house with my guards…..


will bring Nara for you.


“just stay inside,will be back soon!.


Richie said…


“what if mhesha hurt you?? I said stupidly.


“is she mad???


“I’m I her play thing that she will hurt me!!!! Richie replied.Its obvious he’s really angry.


“hello!!! I said….his line went off….


“hello!!!! I said again.


…..I hope mhesha doesn’t hurt Richie…….


a text message entered my phone after a while….


it was from Richie.


I opened the message.





“if I should bring your twin sister for you,then you will have to be doing whatever I ask you to do”…….


“Deal or no deal”


he sent again.



“Deal” I replied…..


because I really need Nara.














(aʟʟ օʄ ʍɛ!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




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