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®aɖɛsօʟa aɖɛօʍօաօʟɛ














ռօա ɛռʝօʏ……














****Nare Nare******


“ohh my goodness!!”


“what do i tell Richie?????


“I don’t want to cause fight between two best friends”


“it will be better if i keep quiet”…..


“start talking!!! richies voice came out in a whisper that sounds somehow commanding…


“Nothing….it was me that injured me” i speak in a lame man language.


He made a disappointed look and took my painful wrist….


I slip my hands away….


He looked disappointed again and even more cute with his new dyed white hair….


“what’s that for??? he sneered and took the wrist forcefully.


“it hurts!! i muttered and took it away…


“It was me that injured me”


“does that make a complete sense to you??? he asked…


“No….sorry sir” i brought my head low and started playing with my fingers.I dare not look into those


eyeballs of his.


“get up,its time for practice” he said and stood away from my bed with his hands tucked into his pocket.


I did not get to hear what he said clearly so i still sat on my bed.


“are you not interested in the practise??? he arched his brows.


“am interested” i replied and got off my bed.I was only wearing my underwears and my night gown that stopped halfly on my laps,coupled up with the long nighty jacket that covered my back.It was much longer than the short one.


“am ready” i said again.


He made a quick glare and asked me to follow him.I followed him to the studio in the mansion….it was


dark a little bit,only the tiny gem stones that were plastered on the wall shone small light…..


“stop staring and do what am doing” he jerked me back to reality and wore me one of his headset.


He set up the projector and handed me a clean paper.


“thats your part” i minced words correctly.


“okay” i replied.


“can you read what is there??? he asked.


“i will try”i replied.


“listen to my tune….and back it up.I want a clean job” he clicked his tongue and started singing…..


…he is really cute when singing with eyes closed…..


“Better than the richies of this world”


“Better than the voice of my friends”


“better than the biggest dream of my heart”


“baby i love you from the start”


he sang the first part in a very sweet voice that made me lost…..


i made a fool of myself by staring at him.


“Nare,its your turn!!! he snapped,i jerked back.


“sorry,i forgot” i pleaded.


“must you always be sorry” he replied..


“sorry” i said again and started singing my own part.


“i think we are great”


“we would be so good together”


“you are the perfect mate”


“i think we could be together”


i sang my part and opened my eyes, i trailed his eyes and met him staring at my lips….


“is my voice bad??? i asked in awe.


“close your eyes and sing it again” he blinked his lashes at my lips.


“okay” i said in my normal angelic voice and closed my eyes.I sang the song again.


“i think we are great”


“we would be so good together”


“you are the perfect mate”


“i think we could be together”


i opened my eyes and met my hair bond removed by richie.


“but when you left me,the world stop”


“my eyes felt like flooding”


“i dont want us to hide away” he sang the third part…i pick up immediately and sang the last part…


“i’m so in love with you”


“all of me wanna stay with all of you”


“untill we are old ”


“i love you till my lungs gives out!!


“i promise till death part us” i sang the last part…


Sir richie was still staring at my lips…it was more intense.


“the last part is for us to kiss” Richie said.


“but there is no kissing in the script…” i retorted and started checking the paper he gave me again.



“it does not matter” he replied and pulled me to sit on his laps…my wrist was not even paining me anymore.


“Kiss now” he said…


“no….” i said….


“kiss” he tap my forehead and kissed my neck….


That idiotic spirit overtook me….


“he is so rich to touch me nor kiss,me!!!


I screamed and fainted in his arms..














(ɑӀӀ օƒ ʍҽ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




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