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stɨʟʟ օռ ռaʀɛ’s ք.օ.ʋ


“no,its just that am late” I blurt out and run out of the parking lots before she could even think of saying anything.


“ma’am, you will fall if you continue running” Pedro (Richie most trusted guard) said and was quick to have held my wrist.



“thank you sir” I replied, he bowed and rush to open the car door.I got into it without thinking twice while he joined the driver at the front seat.


The car moved out of Richie’s mansion to a more secured and quiet environment. Not even a single soul was seen passing around.


The car moved into a particular estate and then into a beautiful house.


The car door was opened,I step down with my bag and phones.


Now,I think the guards are increasing.The security is just so tight and I wonder why.


Pedro opened the main door and followed me behind into the expensive furnished room,we met aunty roshni and shantel.


“welcome my dear”


Roshni greeted while shantel smirk aggressively.


“good morning ma” I smiled at aunty roshni and did not even bother greeting shantel because she’s so wicked.


“you might get fired for staring at her that way” Pedro said and made shantel adjust herself.


“sorry… I’m so sorry…” shantel apologized.


I went ahead and sat beside aunty roshni who hurriedly took my bag and phones.


I swear,I really like her!!


she teaches me plenty things that she knows.


“firstly,let me see your take home assignment” she said,I collected my bag from her and brought out my notepad,she smiled and close it back.


“you’re adapting….


“but you need to know your words and how to use them properly” she said and turn on the electronic smart board that was plastered on the wall.


“okay ma” I replied.


“do you know the alphabetical sounds really well??? she asked..


“yes,you taught me already” I replied.


“then you should be able to spell and pronounce some words.Can you??


she arch her brows.


“no…yes… I don’t know” I replied, she smiled.


“relax” she assured me and started teaching me how to blend words, how to pronounce,how to write simple sentences and how to interpret sentence easily.


I was getting along but it looks like its becoming more difficult.


I started having headache but I dare not talk that am having headache, or else shantel will start her own problem.


“do you get it??? roshni asked.


“yes” i replied with a confused mind because we’ve spent up to 3hours on just one subject.


“maybe you should take your rest”


she said,I smiled and brought out my chocolates


“not now,don’t eat now!! shantel rolled her eyeballs. I gasped and drop the chocolates.


“I want you to say this words faster”


she smirks and turn on the smart board.


“peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,a peck of pickled pepper peter pipet picked.If peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,where is the peck of pickled pepper peter piper pickled!!!


shantel read the long sentences and asked me to read it faster.




her tasks are always hard.


I repeated what she said.


“say it faster” she commanded.


I said it again but was too slow because the wordings are somehow twisting my tongue.


“dullard say it faster!!!


she nagged.I kept quiet and didn’t say anything.


“what’s the meaning of dullard??


she asked me.


“someone that had no sense just like you are” i answered,roshni smiled and gave me a thumbs up.



Shantel swallowed her saliva and gave me a bad look.She dare not say anything.Not even when Richie’s guards are there.


I brought out my chocolates and started eating while roshni brought me milk.


“may I switch on the television??


she asked.


“yes,I replied.


she turn it on and started watching a particular movie while I continue eating.


“you want chicken and chips” she asked..


“yes” i replied,she stood up and went to get it.


“roshni look,Alison and dharma are about to kiss” shantel said with lots of excitement.




“backward it” roshni said.


shantel took the remote control and back ward it.I stop eating.It is an opportunity for me to see what missing means.


I widened my eyeballs when I saw what it really means.I frown and continue eating my food.I even thought it was something meaningful.


“dharma is such a good kiser”.


shantel smiled for the first time.


“disgusting” I said aloud and made shantel frown.


“spell disgusting!” she ordered.




I replied,she kept quiet.


Her life is really frustrated.


she thinks I will remain like the village girl that I was when i started.


She’s even worst than mhesha.


Again,I caught her staring at the bangle Richie gave me.I hide the hand inside my bag and gave her a “what happen?? look.


She shot me a glare,I shot my back three times.



Roshni turn off the TV and taught me for 4more hours,after that,she have me take home and pack some sweets into my bag.


“she’s my best friend already!.


i got into my car with Pedro beside me….


“after this place,don’t yiu think we should get some ice cream since its your favorite” he said,I replied yes.


We drove out and stopped in front of a cookie shop, He wore me a black mask that has sliver stones by the side and I wonder why he did that.


We got into the store and picked whatever we needed…


“Pedro was buying more than I thought…he’s really wasting money by buying things that are not useful.


“imagine buying a cake that worth 20000rupees.


“its okay” I whispered softly.


“no,sir richie told me to spend 100,000rupess” he said and continue buying anything buyable.


I stood in one corner and allow him pick anything that caught my fansy.


Slowly,I removed my mask and turned sideways in the store, I saw Mhesha and Alisha. Behind them was Nara(my twin)


Nara looked unkept like she’s being maltreated.


Mhesha looked in my direction,I turn back and quickly wear my mask.


I turn to look at them again,they didn’t see me.Even if they see me,I don’t even think they will recognize me.


“Nare!!!” I heard Nara saying.


I turned back,mhesha wasn’t there,it was only Nara.


“Nare is that you!!” she asked.


I turned my back.


“why do I have this feeling that it I’d you??? she said,I became touched and pull off my mask.





she gasped and made a “run away look”.


“run away mhesha is coming”


she mumbled….


but i just can’t leave my twin alone.


“Nare run!! she said because mhesha footsteps was now sounding the more..


“where’s the Nare that you’re shouting??? mhesha grinned and looked hastily in my direction.


I turned back…


…..but is it too late….












(aʟʟ օʄ ʍɛ!!!!!!!!!!!)



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