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*****ɖʏʟaռ’s քօʋ*****


“what’s all this??? I questioned aloud while standing beside the hallway door.


The beautiful commoner trembled and slowly open her shining black slainted eyes,making sure that her lashes flap together.


She wasn’t standing up from Richie, she was just acting dumb by lying on him.


“won’t you stand up again??? I asked,she held his slivery linned jacket tightly and pretended not to hear what I said.


I kept quiet and watch the two of them with the way they stare at each other.


“sorry” Rich mumbled.


“soooorry too,it was my fault” she replied in a whisper,she then stood up and adjusted her head warmer,


Richie stood up also and flick his hands into his hairs.


“sorry” she bowed and started dusting Richie’s expensive jacket.


“its okay”! Richie stopped her by holding her tiny hands.


She glanced at me,then back to Richie.


“Go to your room,your tutor will soon arrive” Richie said.


“okay” she bowed again and walk to the hallway door.Exactly where I am standing,she bowed again before passing by my side to the exterior.


With that,I glance at her snow white bangle to be sure of my facts before jumping into conclusion.


on the bangle, NANARE was inscribed boldly. I continue staring at her till she was out of sight.


“Can she be the one???


“it will be better if she’s not the same Nanare I secretly fell in love with when i went on a tour in Delhi…..



“gaaaaaad…..why all these???


“must it always be Richie and I???


“Richie and i are best of friends and I don’t wish something nor anybody will come in between us”.


“I’m even foolish!!!” I slam my forehead and remembered how i sent one of my guards to stylishly steal


one of her bangles for me few years ago….


“this is really awkward!!!


“I’m her secret admirer…. and now,my best friend is slowly falling in love with her!!!”




“will this end???


I slam my forehead and met Richie giving me a “are you okay” look.


“I’m okay!” I returned his looks.


We walked to the parking lots together but Nare’s image was seriously hitting and destroying my memory.


“Dylan are you sure you don’t need to see a doctor??? Richie asked.


That was when I realized that I was closing my eyes and walking at the same time.


“I don’t need a practitioner,am perfectly fine!! I replied and walked briskly into my car.


“am sure you will soon need one???


Richie protested before walking to his own car.


We drove out of the mansion at the same time and get to school in the same interval.


I step out of my car, waiting for Richie but he was taking like forever to get out.


After what seemed like eternity,he step out with his phones and notepads.


We walked together to our personal class.


“I’m still not certain you’re fine!”


he said to my hearing.


“I am!” I affirmed him.


We entered our separate class,the classroom was just for Scot,Kd,Richie and I so as to avoid distractions.


I once heard that a girl fainted on seeing Richie….


“how soon and awkward???



And again, girls are always here and there all over him because he’s their main bag and he also enjoys showing superiority over them and that alone made him popular among girls.


“awwww,I will still steal this jacket”!


Scot exclaimed as we got into our private classroom.


Richie smiled and sat on his own personally made seat that was decorated with a presidential logo, he plugged in his headset and was on phone..


KD sent him some cold glares.


it was really obvious that the two hate each other.


The lecturer came in…..


we quickly compose ourselves because we are so much scared of the ruthless Sir Andrew.


Richie never dropped his phones, he continue pressing them and was even singing on a sweet low tone when Sir Andrew was lecturing on the electronic smart board.


Sir Andrew got furious to the tangent and faced Richie.


“what was my last statement???


he asked frankly.


Richie ignored him and paid more attentions to his phones.


“Richie Miles, I’m speaking to you!!”


sir Andrew raised his voices.


“Andrew is there any problem???


Richie asked and rolled his eyeballs.


Scot giggled from where he sat on.


“what is my last statement???


he asked again, this time more frankly.


“what’s wrong with this one???


Scot uttered to sir Andrew.


“the answer is 5x²” Richie replied smartly.


“that’s not what I said, I said the answer is 5x! Andrew blurts out.


“if the answer is 5x then you’re stupid!! Scot exclaimed to sir Andrew.


“Andrew,you will get sanctions and queries for teaching gibberish” Richie spoke frankly and grabbed his phones.



“plus you will get sacked!”


Scot added to Richie’s speech.


“sorry,it was a mistake,I promise it won’t repeat itself” Andrew pleaded but he was really unlucky because Richie had already place a call.


With that,he walked out of the goddam classroom.


“Dylan please help me beg Richie, I don’t want to loose my job,I want IT back badly”! sir Andrew faced me with little tears dropping out of his eyes.


.Scot laughed..


“its even better like this because I had always wanted you to get sacked, I mean am so much tired of your old ugly face”! Scot mocked sir Andrew.


“Dylan,please help me out!!


sir Andrew faced me and started making a pleadingly look.


I ignored his pleas and took my phones and notepad, I got out of the private classroom,sir Andrew was still following me.


He even followed me to mg car….


He was seriously creating a scene for students to watch.


“sir Andrew stop following me,I’m not the one that got you into trouble” I speak back in a whisper because phones were already hanging around me.





“what’s happening???


“appa is anything wrong???


“can we sort it out???


“why did your smiles suddenly disappeared????


I started hearing mummuring around.


Alas, I managed to get into my car.


Angrily,I later my hands on the steering and inflicted my angers on the accelerator pedal,I drove out of the school,I don’t even know where am driving too but I just kept driving.


I stopped in front of Richie’s enchanted mansion and drive in straight away.


I parked my cars in the parking lots, just then my phone beeped.


it was KD.




“why is he calling me??? I mumbled aloud and cut his calls.


I step out of my car and took off my designer jacket.


“is Richie around???


I signalled one of his guards.


.”no sir,he’s not around!” he replied with a bow.


“he went where??? I asked.


“maybe to attend to some business partners” his guards replied.


“hmmm okay” I bite my lower lip and took my phones to call him.


Just then,another car drove in.


I thought it was him So I brought down my phones,not wanting to dial his number again.


I fixed my gaze on the car,waiting for whosoever was in it to get down.


perhaps,it might be Richie.


I keep on watching..


Two ladies step out on each side of the car,they were dressed coperately in a white long sleeve shirt,a very short black skirt and a black pop socks.


In there hands were books, pen, pencils, iPad and phones.


They opened the car door widely, then she stepped out.


its looks like she’s coming from school because she had on a fansy purple bag on her back.


I stared at the Nanare that I secretly felt for.


“aunty Roshni,thank you!!


she smiled at the one that was holding her books and iPad.


“you’re welcome” she replied and bow to Nare.


“okay ma’am” Nare’s muttered and collected her stuffs from her.


“aunty Roshni,Namaste!!


she waved and collected her car key from her driver….



The two aunties left, she smiled and turned to leave,her gaze met mine.


She look away slowly and held unto her books tightly.


I move forward to where she was…


She bowed like a loyal servant.


“good evening” she said with lips apart, I was lost, she started feeling uncomfortable….


“good evening!! she shouted and ran inside,making sure that she close the door properly before
















(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)





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