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******ռaʀɛ ռaʀɛ****


“aaah,I like today,it was really fun and interesting,I wish everyday will continue to be like today.At least,I learnt how to hold pen and pencil and how to write numbers very well with correct identification. “Aunt Roshni is really nice.She’s not like aunt Shantel who likes shouting.


I think am even liking Roshni more than shantel.


Plus I can’t even wait to see Nara by my side. I really need to teach her how to hold pencil and how to do some other things”.


I speak to myself and drop my books, iPad and phone on the center table.



“are you hungry?? ma’am Elsa asked.


“no” I replied her and took off my bag.


“eat anything” she said and brought out ice cream and cookies.


“i don’t think I know how to eat it” I replied.


“then you will have to start from today” she replied and drop the cookies and ice cream in my presence.


“I can’t try,I don’t like it” I retorted.


“you should try if you don’t want me to loose my job” she said.


“but nobody will know if I don’t eat it” I replied.


“well,cameras are all over here” she retorted..


“aaah,okay” I replied,she left.


I took off my bag and hug it tightly, it was more beautiful than mhesha’s own and am very sure that it will be more cost too. I stop hugging it and opened the zipper slowly, I brought out my take home note pad and did my assignment in a swift because it looks so easy.


After that, I turn on the plasma because I’ve seen Mhesha doing that in her house.


I changed the channel to cartoon because Roshni said that cartoon will improve my way of speaking.


I started watching the cartoon, it sounded boring and childish to me because it was showing small creatures that are speaking in a fast way that I can’t even hear what they are speaking.


The most surprising fact is that they kept on doing unimaginable things, things that are not real.


I still concentrated on it,


it was becoming interesting little by bit and am getting to hear whatever they speak little by little.


it wasn’t that faster again.


Suddenly, I started laughing,it was becoming more interesting.


I laugh really hard that I don’t even know when sir rich best friend came in.


“waoooow,you’re beautiful!!


I blew a kiss to the plasma and stereo.


I continue laughing hard and ignored the stares that I was getting from Richie’s best friend.


“I think this doll will be my favorite” I winked and listen attentively to whatever she’s saying…


she started singing….


her voice was really interesting.


I listened to her song and was surprised that I can actually cram what she sang.


she sang it again,I joined the cartoon in singing too.





“let it go!


“let it go!


“can’t hold it back anymore”


“let it go”


*let it go”


“turn away and slam the door”


“I don’t care what they’re gonna say”


“let the storm range on”


“the cold never bothered me anyway”


I sang with her….


my voice was really good….I find out that I can actually back the song and at the same time lead it….


The cartoon ended.


I smiled and started packing my stuffs into my back.


Aunty roshni told me that I should never stop learning!


I parked my books into the beautiful bag and turn to the direction of the stairs,Sir Richie best friend was really staring hard at me.


I became really uncomfortable…


Hastily,I climbed the stairs.


“your name is Nanare right???


he asked.


“yes yes!! I replied two times.


He did what I hated the most by scorning me..


he scorned me arrogantly and made a tear drop down my cheek.



“scorning in mg village means worthless and useless!!!!


“so you’re the Nanare” he scorned again.


I couldn’t just hold it,i burst into tears and made my scream alert 10 guards.


“ma’am,what has happened?? they ask at the same time.


“what’s happening???


Elsa also joined them.


“sir Dylan,what happened???


Elsa asked.


Dylan shunned her arrogantly and walk to the door..


“tell Richie I came” he seethed arrogantly.


I wipe my tears and ran into my room,I closed the door and sat on the floor.


….i just wish this will end,I need to see my sister……


i said and buried my head in my laps.


“Nare open the door!!!


Elsa knocked at my door.


“okay” I managed to say and then open the door widely for her.


“what did he do???


she asked in a motherly way.


“nothing” I lied.


she smiled and pulled me in a hug.


“I saw what he did,so don’t cry”


“He’s always like that. Richie’s friends are like that,so arrogant and mean to the core.


“sorry” she sympathized.


“okay ma” I wipe my tears,she smiled and walk to the door.


“ma,stay,don’t go” I uttered.


“I can’t,I might get sacked” she replied and walk out in a haste,she slam the door.


I pull off my bag and got into the shower room,I had a quick shower and changed into a transparent white night gown and a inner pink tux.


I took the ice cream and cookies and started eating eat..


after that,I slept off and forgot about sir Richie’s best friend.


I hate Dylan already.


He’s just handsome but with no characters.


Richie is even handsome than him…


I closed my eyes and slept off.


*****Richie Miles*****


“Roshni,how is she coping??.


I asked the person that I employed to tutor Nanare.


“Yes sir,she’s doing well but she needs more attention” she replied.


“okay” I retorted and hung up.


I drop my phone and concentrated on the steering.


My phone beeped again,it was Alberto.


I pick it up and connected the speaker to my car.


“Richie the permits have been pushed through but you still have to be careful”!Alberto said.


“careful of what?? I asked.


“Natasha and alisha are desperately looking for nare abf mhesha is still on Nara’s track….but seesha is


still trying her best to save her.”


“so what do we do???


I asked.


“I don’t really know too but I will call you later if I’ve thought of a better idea” Alberto shrugged.


i puffed out air and drove into my mansion.


i step out with my phone and placed my eaebud very well.


“sir!! one of my guards bowed in my presence.


“what??? I asked.


“Sir Dylan came by” he said.


“what did he do??? I asked.


“nothing” he replied.


“so why are you telling me when he did nothing??? I asked, he bowed and left.


I walk into the mansion,it was as quiet as ever…




“did anything bad happen???


“what happened here today??


I faced my escorts as my eyes fell on Nare’s bangle on the center table.


“what happened here???


I asked again and then pick the bangles up.


“nothing sir!!! my guards trembled.


I knew it instantly that they are lying.


“What did Dylan do???


I asked,I saw the shocked expression on there faces.


They should have long know that I’m smart in predicting things.


“Did Dylan do anything to Nare???


i asked,they become more shocked to the bones.


“they kept quiet,that shows that Dylan must have hurt nare in some ways.


“sir,nothing” one of my guards said.


“why do you like lying??


I said with my eyes becoming blue, as blue as an ocean.


He kept quiet and bowed.


“call me Elsa!!


I ordered.


She appeared in a swift..


“what happened today?? i asked.


Elsa kept quiet.


More prove that Dylan did something.


“get out!!! i shouted at them and raced upstairs,Nare’s door was locked.


I knocked,she wasn’t opening the door.


I went back to my chambers and came back to open it with another key.


Nare was in bed.


I moved closer and removed the pink duvet away from her body….


“gosh, what’s all this???


I closed my eyes.


The sleeping gown was really transparent….


it was showing her cleavages,her hips and long legs.


I opened my eyes and went to lock the door,then I came back to sit on her bed.


I clicked my tongue at her….she’s really beautiful…


“Richie,no relationship!”


I remembered what I told her from the start.


She opened her eyes,i closed mine quickly.


“sir Rich!!!


she shouted my name and opened her eyes widely.


“why are you closing your eyes??


she asked innocently.


“hmmm,something got into my eyes” i lied.



“aah,sorry,its my fault” she replied and brought her face closer to my face,not knowing that she’s making matter worst.


“don’t worry! I stopped her by opening my eyes.


I covered her chest with the duvet.. because its really tempting.


“So what happened today??? I asked.


“nothing!! she replied with a blank expression.


“what did Dylan do to you??


I asked,she blink back little tears and shut her pretty eyes.


“nothing!! she said and part her lips slightly..


She opened her eyes….


“he did nothing” she sturtled, I knew it that she was lying..


“Did he kiss you??


I asked out of jealousy.




“what is kiss??? she asked with fear, making the duvet to slip away.


I smiled,she frown and stood up.


Exactly what I wanted.


“no,he didn’t do anything” she replied.


I smiled..


“why are you smiling?? she asked.


“no,you will not understand” I smiled again.


“okay,I want to pass” she frown and wanted to go back to sleep…


“Nare look here!! I distracted her and made her roll into me.


This time,I was smart enough to make her lips touch mine.












(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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