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★★Richie Miles★★★


With each passing seconds,she keeps amazing me..


“which type of childish and immature attitude is she displaying now????


“she’s just so stubborn…


“she’s even annoying for fainting.Its not like am gonna bite her nor harm her.


“why is she this dumb and scared???


“gross…..this is so stupid!!! I mouthed and placed her on the smooth soft couch in the studio.I don’t


even know if she’s faking fainting or not.


“how sure am I??? I retorted and brought my face closer to hers on the pub,she actually had her eyes closed while her long lashes flapped together…making her red lips to stick together firmly.


“I think she really fainted! I said again and brought my head closer to her chest….it was somehow




I closed my eyes and brought my head down on her chest just to check if she’s still breathing or not.


My head touched her chest,she opened her eyes and made me take away my head.


“sir what are you doing???


she burst out like the village girl that she is.


“am trynna help you” i replied with a smirk.


“its a lie,you’re not…


“sir Rich, you’re lying” she started blabbing on simple words.


“hey,I was not doing anything.Can’t you get it that am helping you” I replied,already getting pissed off.


“you’re not!!


“I met your head on my chest,it was almost touching my left br**st” she said…


I was shocked.


“I was not doing anything.Practice continues” I said,she frown.


“can’t we continue tomorrow??? she asked.


“no” I replied in a commanding manner.


“why??? she asked.


“Z” I retorted in a superior voice.


she gave up and started practicing with me.She was really getting the acting steps and I must admit that she’s a fast learner,despite the fact that she came from the village.


We practice till it was 9:30pm.


she started felling sleepy and finally fell asleep on that same long soft couch in the studio.


“tired already” I remarked and did the practice alone.


At least,I was able to finish 3 out of 10scripts.


I kept the scripts back in a safer place and raced up stairs to the kitchen,I met Elsa there.


She was cooking.


“still cooking” I said because it was 10pm….


“yes sir” she bowed.


“is it not too late? I asked.


“no,am cooking against tomorrow since Bare have to get to roshni place at exactly 6:30am” she replied with a bow.


“why 6:30am??? she normally leaves by 7am” I smirks at the middle aged woman that works for me.


“Roshni said she wants to enroll her into some extra curricular activities and also teach her more tips apart from education….she needs to start coming earlier than before” Elsa remarked.


“No problems. Make tea for me!


I ordered and sat on the high golden made stool that was facing the kitchen,waiting for Elsa to make my tea…


“she has been cooking my foods for the past 18years.Guess she was sold into slavery too”.


“here Richie! she bowed as she handed me my tea in a slivery tray.


“bless you” she said as I drink the tea.She’s found of saying that whenever she serves me food.


“thanks” I bat my lashes and gulp down the whole content.


“its tasty” I said,making Elsa to smile.


I drop the mug and went back to the studio in my mansion…. i met Nare on the floor….her hairs were


really scattered while some are tangled…


her nighty jacket slip off too.


i moved closer to her and tap her instead of carrying her.


Carrying her might make her start crying. Little things makes her cry.


“Nare,get up!!


“sleeping on the floor makes one sick” I said and tap her.


she didn’t stand up,she rolled on the floor instead..


“Nare stand up!! I tapped her again. she opened her sleepy eyes and stood up..she closed those sleepy eyes and started rubbing it.



“go to your room,practice is over” I uttered..


She didn’t move…she hugged me tightly and mistakenly made my lips kissed her forehead…..


She started sleeping while standing and was even holding me.


“she really have bad sleeping habits because the Nare that I know is really stingy with her body.She


won’t even make a mistake of pulling me all over her…..


The sleep is still in her eyes,that’s why she’s misbehaving.


I took her in a bridal style to her room….I laid her on the bed and covered her with her duvet…..


Her lips was still tempting…. so I stole a kiss before leaving.


I left her room for mine.


(same day: Soul connect hotel)




★★★Kd’s POV★★★★


I heard a knock on the door in the hotel that I lodge into,I knew it that it was mhesha.


She finally agreed to my conditions.


“enter!! I said and opened the door with the corresponding remote.


She cat walked inside and drop her fansy bag on the floor.She took off her kimono chiffon jacket and fling it away.After that,she unveil her mask. People must not know that she came here because she’s a public figure.


“I’m ready!!! she click her tongue and started taking off all her clothes till she was left in a matching bra and g-string panties.


“is this really mhesha?????


“just because of Richie,she’s giving her body to me!


I curved out a smile and went to her back,it was so whitish and clear.


I help in bounding her hair up and then unhook her bra while she took off her pant.


I carried her to the bed…..


she unbuckled my belts in that process while I made my way to her lips….


I kissed her lips and fondled her br**sts at the same time…..I fingered her dry p*ssy with my two




I made it more pleasurable till she become wet to the core.


I stopped and inserted my d*pick into her wet pu**y….I entered slowly at first then I started banging her


hardly….till she let out a loud moan..


She moaned loudly and started shouting Richie’s name as of it was Richie that was s£xing her…..


“Richie!!!!!! she shouted and urged me to f**k her the more….


she moaned Richie’s name loudly till we both release,on each others laps.


I stopped,.we both held our breathe.


Mhesha started licking our release.She’s really spoilt.


“how do I get him now???


she asked,still licking our release.


“by eliminating Nare!!! I replied and started kissing her back.


“how?? will it be possible??? Richie’s security is really tight” she replied.


“I have met with Shantel(one of Nare’s tutor) she promise to help” I retorted….


“that’s good! Mhesha said and fixed her anklets back info her feet. I just noticed that she has a tatoo on


her laps and br**st…..


she’s really a bad bitch.


“sealed” she said.


“done! i replied.








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