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ռaռaʀa ռaռaʀa


Hot perspirations drips as I stared back at the figure that was standing opposite me…..


The way she stand reminded me of Nanare but this particular lady smells of wealth.


The multi colored sweaters she had on looks really expensive because mhesha has like that type and she’s always bragging that she bought it $50,000. But this particular one this lady was putting on had gem stones tilted around its neck.I’m very sure it will be more cost.


Her sneakers alone made me waoooowed,not to even talk of her girly expensive phone.


“Pedro is that not enough” she whispered into the ears of a tall lanky man who is more old than her.


“No,sir Richie said you should spend up to $200,000” the man replied,I gasped.


“is she that close to Richie that he spends money on her anyhow???…


i was still stealing glances at her because a part of me said that she’s Nanare.


….but how sure am I????….


We are so poor to the poorest of the dead.Richie can’t possibly like my twin sister.I’m not even sure if she’s the one.


I kept calm and was still looking at her.


soon,she unveil her mask.As she did that,i almost had an heart attack.


She’s Nanare…..


she removed her mask totally and opened her mouth slightly and made her soft small red lips that had gum together to part lightly.


As if that was not enough, she flapped her long lashes together….


It was more long and full. ..


She saw me and quickly turn her back against me..


i was lost…


“Nare is that you??? i asked,she turn her face to me again.


Then,mhesha started coming close to where I stood.I gave Nare a “run away look” but she wasn’t moving.


Mhesha was getting close to where i stood and Nare was opposite me….


“where’s the Nare that you’re shouting???


Alisha said and scanned around.



Just then,Nare’s mask slip off.It looks as if ice was dropped on my skin pores.


“ohhh my god,Alisha will find out!!


I trembled in a very low voice because I hardly talk.


with a corner of my eyes,I look at Nare who was now standing very far from me.


She gave me a “I will come back for you ” look then she put on her mask.


.She’s so lucky Alisha and mhesha didn’t find out,they only saw her back side.


“guess there’s another new wealthy lady here” Alisha said and pointed at Nare’s backside,not knowing that she’s really Nanare.


“she has her own guards too”


mhesha replied Alisha like she’s jealous.


“I think she’s close to Richie too”.


“she’s using Richie’s car and Richie’s hand band” Alisha said and rolled her eyeballs in furry.


“what’s now my business???


mhesha asked.But deep down,she’s really hurt.She doesn’t like seeing someone that is richer than her and she doesn’t like hearing it that a girl is close to Richie. in short, mhesha is really terrible.



“she has pure red blooded lips too”


Alisha said.She hasn’t known that the girl in question is Nanare.


Money is really good.


I kept quiet and followed them all around but Nare won’t still stop looking at me.The mask she wore revealed only her eyeballs and lips. All other part of her face is covered.


“will come back for you???”


she made that look again.


“alright Nare” I said absent mindedly.


“who are you talking to and where’s the Nare that you’re shouting???


Mhesha asked and was almost slapping me.


“sorry mhesha,don’t blame my stupidity” I replied,she calm her nerve and made a nasty look.


“I won’t spare you when next you mention that foolish name near where I am” she retorted,i still kept quiet.


I look in the direction that Nare was actually standing but she wasn’t there anymore.


She had left!!!!


A tear drop down my eyes and mhesha dare not see it.


1hour passed.


The anger and jealousy was well plastered on mhesha face as our car drove into the mansion.


“I won’t mind being that girls friend when next I meet her” Alisha smiled, mhesha seethed.


we entered her mansion, she still kept quiet but was still acting bossy.


“drop the bags and leave!!


she shouted at me.


I bowed then drop the bag before walking hastily into my room.


I brought out the neat paper Gangaa bought for me and started drawing Nanare…


I drew her exactly how I met her today,I also included the mask….


the drawing was really beautiful plus I made it colorful.


I compared the new drawing to the old drawings….it was different.


The new Nanare is much more beautiful than the old Nanare.


“but how did she get to make huge money????


“is she that close to the next Mr president?????….


questions filled the posterior part of my brain as I compared the pictures.


A knock came on my door,I quickly hide the drawings but I was a little bit slow,Gangaa saw it already.


she smiled and pick it up….


“so so beautiful!!!


“so cute!!!!!




“i wish all of me were all of her!!!


Gangaa exclaimed and hug the drawing tightly.


“who’s she???


Gangaa asked,I was dumbfounded.


…..she doesn’t even recognize Nanare again……….


“tell me now,who’s she???


she pleaded.


“she is……” i stopped my sentence and glanced at how she held the picture..


“who does she looks like??


I asked back…


“I don’t know…that’s why am asking??? Gangaa said.


I almost fainted .


Richie Miles




“how do we do it????


“I don’t want anybody to know my real identity now!!!


“Don’t tell the media who my real parents are now”


“if you tell,it might be risky!!


“You know my mom had many enemies… and the worse part is that many of her enemies are still alive!!


“what do you think will happen if they find out that I am Seven miles heir????


I said to Alberto over the phone.


“I understand you!!!.


“but telling the media will add to your fame…your father is still the richest man till date…..


“your mom is still the miss universe”


“Guy,you will earn more fame and popularities plus your competitors will develop a high fear for you. .


“you understand that type of thing”.


Alberto convinced me but I was still not satisfied..


“am the boss here so I expect you to do whatever I want!!!!.


“Alberto if anybody should find out except for KD,Scot and Dylan, you will be fired!!!


“my identity must not be leaked!!


“do what I said!.


I retorted and hung up.



I drove into my mansion and step down with my guards.


“Go get a rest,we will continue tomorrow” I commanded,they smiled and left.


I got in,straight away into my room… I used the shower and had on a black round neck on a white shorts.


I used my phones, after that I spoke to some business partners then I phoned Roshni and ask about Nare’s improvement.


“she has really improved!!.


“she tried a lot in the first month but she needs many attention”.


Roshni said….


“okay” I hung up.


i closed my laptop and rushed to the second storey building….


that’s where Nare stay now.


I changed her room for safety purpose.


I got to her room and met her on her reading table.She was reading and at the same time writing….


“did she improve that much???


I said mindedly and watch her do her works with a serious mind.


I walked into her room and went to sit on her bed. .


I took her phone and was checking some things at the same time,I was looking at her.


Suddenly,she sprang up and came to my side on the bed.


“gaaaaad,she’s still wearing that transparent night gown but another colour.


“you can’t knock!!! she fumed and pull away my bandana.


“speak good English!! I said,she slam her forehead.


“can’t you knock?? she corrected her self and hit me with her pen.


“its my mansion” I replied,she kept quiet..


“sorry” she replied and went to sit on her reading chair again.


“you know you ought to be punished for what you just did because am having headache already…



“in fact am calling Mhesha to come and take you away! I said,She stood up in fear ..


“sorry, don’t call mhesha, I will do whatever you want” she blurts out, I smiled.my pranks are really working.


“Follow me!! I said,she shrugged and did what i said,she followed me but my eyes won’t stop looking at her lips.


“How do I get her to kiss me????…..


…does it not sound awkward and childish…….












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