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EMILY: Episode 8






EMILY: Hello, mum! I like your hair!




MRS PETER: Thank you, I had it done yesterday in the market..




EMILY: You look pretty!! What food is in the house?




MRS. PETERS: We have soup and boiled sweet potatoes. You can make some stew and eat with it




EMILY: I don’t have enough time to cook




MRS. PETERS : But you have enough time to eat? Then eat what’s available and handy




EMILY: What soup is it?


Mrs. PETERS: Egusi




EMILY: Not bad. Mum, have you any idea why dad summoned me?




MRS PETERS: You will hear it soon.




EMILY: Where is he, by the way?




MRS PETERS: He is in the bathroom. He will be out soon. How is Jane’s new baby doing?




EMILY: Very well! She is absolutely a delight!




MRS PETERS: Oh! that’s good to know. Same will be said of you soon.


EMILY: Hmmmm! When the time is right..




MRS PETERS: The time is right now. Anyway, your father will tell you more




EMILY: I hope this is not another marriage meeting, mum!…




MR PETERS: Hello darling!




EMILY: (hugs him) Hi daddy! You look fresh! Look at your skin like that of a newborn!


Are you sure you live in this Lagos with us!



MR PETERS: All thanks to your mother. She is taking very good care of me. She ensures I eat lots of vegetables and fruits.


We have totally cut out sugar from our diet. We hardly eat any fast food and it is paying off!




MRS PETERS: And we go for our early morning walk every day!




MR PETERS: That’s right!




EMILY: Wow! Shame on me then! I can’t even walk down the stairs!




MR PETERS: My daughter, marriage is beautiful. When I don’t feel like going, your mother motivates me.


The holy book was so right when it said, two is better than one




EMILY: ( ) I learnt you sent for me, dad?




MR PETERS: Yes, I did. How is work going?




EMILY: Good good!


MR PETERS: Do You remember Mr Okeke, a friend of mine who resides in America with his family?


The one that spent over two weeks with us here when you were still in High school..


EMILY: Yes, i remember him. What about him?



MR PETERS: i sent him the photo you sent me on whatsapp last week. somehow, his son saw it on his mobile and has since then refused to do anything unless he gets your number!


EMILY: why would you even send someone else a photo I sent you!


MR PETERS: oh we exchange pictures of family members. I know how mental you can go if your information is passed to someone without your consent, so i decided to ask you before .


EMILY: did you give him my number?


MR PETERS: Not yet..


EMILY: perfect! do not give anyone my number please!


MRS PETERS: why is that!


EMILY: Mummy, it is called choice!


MRS PETERS: you need to start peddling down on those choices of yours, because truth be told, you are no longer a kid!


EMILY: i am still not interested!


MRS PETERS: So for how long are you going to mourn Chima?


EMILY: Mum, this has nothing to do with Chima. please leave him out of this!


MRS PETERS: And to think that you weren’t even married to him! a boy that only visited us once before he met his untimely death, is a man you are still mourning!


EMILY: Mum, i’m not gonna sit here and listen to you or anyone else for that matter, talk about Chima in that manner.


Have some respect for the dead and let the poor guy rest in peace! i am going out of here!



MR PETERS: you dare not walk out on us like that, young lady! don’t forget your manners so easily!


what is your problem!!!! don’t think you are too big, alright? You are still a kid! an ignorant one at that!



EMILY: ( ) what do you want from me!!!!



MRS PETERS: why are you turning down every young man that asks for your hand in marriage! This is a young man from a reputable family.


They have been our family friends way before you were born. We are very sure they will look after you and your union will further strengthen the bond between us!


EMILY: But i am seeing someone else!


MRS PETERS: then bring him home!!!!


EMILY: i will!!


MRS PETERS: when then???


EMILY: next week, mum!


MRS PETERS: well, i need a specific date so i can be ready for them


MR PETERS: So you do not want our relationship with the Okekes to get stronger? Emily, this young man is a pilot, 35 years of age, very very handsome and respectful! what else are you looking for!


MRS PETERS: Oh! you need to see how he calls me mummy when we speak on the phone. So polite and well mannered!


EMILY:I don’t care, mum. That’s between you and him!


l sit back and watch the person you bring here next week. He had better be from our tribe!




EMILY: What does it matter, dad???


MR PETERS: It matters everything because we don’t want to have an interpreter with us each time we are having a conversation with our in-law!


EMILY: The last time i checked, you and mum spent the better part of your young lives in America and speak perfect English!


MR PETERS: We will not speak English with our in-law. Better know what you are getting yourself into!


EMILY: can i please go now, dad? i have an appointment with my hairdresser


MR PETERS: You may. We will be expecting you next week!


SETTING (Jane and her husband, Matthew had just finished having dinner in one of the posh restaurants in town. Matthew opened and held the car door for Jane, but just before she sat down, she spotted Obed and Mrs Kunle, walking side by side to the car park?…)


JANE: Huh! is that not Obed!!


MATTHEW: This is the hardest part of going out with you. It’s either you see someone you know, or someone who knows you sees you! we need to hurry up and go home, remember we left Naomi with her nanny and she needs to go home.


JANE: Sweetheart wait, can you move a bit let me take a photo of this! (starts


taking multiple shots )


this lying piece of shit made me believe he is an angel! let me see how he denies this!)


MATTHEW: Who is he??


JANE: No wonder she kept calling him the day we went out! hieeeee! actually, i am going to make them see me so they won’t be able to deny this one!


MATTHEW: I asked a question…



JANE: Sweetheart men are crooks ohhh!


running after them) Obed!!! Obed!

hieeeee. I’ll be right back (starts



OBED: (turns around) hey! what’s up! what are you doing here!


JANE: mrs Kunle, you look great!


OBED: Exactly what i told her when i saw her


MRS KUNLE: Really! thanks. What are you doing here by this time of the evening without your baby?


JANE: My husband brought me here for dinner


MRS KUNLE: Awww! how beautiful!


OBED: do you know if Emily is back from her parents’? i have been ringing her to no avail


JANE: i,m not so sure, but i will give her a call as soon as i get home. Come on!


let’s take a selfie together. Moments like this are hard to come by!


OBED: Sure! why not!




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