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EMILY: Episode 9


SETTING( Emily is seated in the sofa in her living room watching her favourite TV drama series. Her phone rings…)


EMILY: Hello….



OBED: What’s up, are you back from your parents’?


EMILY: Yeah, i,m back


OBED: You don’t sound very happy. Anything the matter?


EMILY: My mum and dad made me really angry, i’m just trying to shake it off


OBED: Stop trying, that’s my job. I will be with you in a few minutes. Yeah?


EMILY: Alright.


OBED: What would you like me to get you on my way?


EMILY: Some snacks and my favourite pineapple juice


OBED: Be specific, please madam?


EMILY: Okay, can i have some meat pies and samosa. Don’t forget my juice!


OBED: see you soon…


EMILY: bye! oh! Jane has been ringing. Let me ring her back! (starts ringing Jane)



JANE: Who kept you on the phone for so long!


EMILY: We weren’t on the phone for that long? It was Obed.


JANE: Oh! how is he?


EMILY: he is okay


JANE: Okay, i am on my way to drop our nanny and Naomi at my mum’s. I’ll pop in to see you on my way


EMILY: That will be great!


SETTING( Emily is resting her head on Obed laps while laying straight on her three seater sofa, eating the snacks he bought her. Obed is stroking her messy hair..)


OBED: You mentioned your parents made you angry. How?


EMILY: Yeah! my mum is always eager to know when i am bringing a man home!


OBED: Oh! trust me, it is worse when you are an only child. My mum literally terrorises me every time i visit them. She can never call me on the phone without asking when i am bringing them a wife. Makes me feel so old!


EMILY: So annoying!


OBED: Let’s face it, they are right. So when are you taking me to them?


EMILY: phew! when you are ready.


OBED: Shall we go now?


EMILY: Hehehe! you are crazy!


OBED: But seriously, i want to meet your parents if you let me


EMILY: Next week?


OBED: Next week is no date. Give me a date and time


EMILY: Friday.. lets say around twelve noon


OBED: Booked! Did i tell you about the dinner?


EMILY: That’s actually true! How was it!


OBED: There was no dinner


EMILY: Are you kidding me!


OBED: Nah! your boss booked a room to spend the night with me. I got there, gave her a call and she came down dressed very provocatively!



i thought well, that’s none of my business. Then she told me everyone else was upstairs on the fourth floor; so we went up. Got there and she took me into a room and asked me to sleep with her


EMILY: Noooooooo!!!! hahahahaha! that happened!!!


OBED: I’m telling ya!


EMILY: Oh! my God! what did you do?


OBED: I have seen things like these quite a lot in my life. So it wasn’t so much of a novel situation for me. I kinder know how not to start a drama


EMILY: So what are you feeling like right now? Like the hottest bachelor in town?


OBED: You know i am the guy ya mama warned you against


EMILY: Oh! pleaseeeeee! then what?


OBED: I went inside with her and sat down….


EMILY: You put yourself in such compromising situation why?


OBED: Because i know that if anyone who really knows me sees me there, they would still believe i would never do such a thing.


For instance, if my mum saw me in a bedroom with a married woman, she would swear by anything that i wasn’t messing around with her.


And this is the level of trust i want you to have for me. Do you think that is something you can do?



EMILY: You need to earn it first



OBED: Trust me baby, i will. So yeah, in the end i realised she is in a terrible marriage. Her husband hadn’t made love to her in four years! can you believe it?


EMILY: Poor woman! and she turns up to work looking all happy and glamorous!


OBED: Sweetheart, looks can be misleading you know!



EMILY: I knowwwwwww! i actually feel sorry for her right now



OBED: Yeah, but that does not justify her actions. i guess desperation led her to that. But she met the wrong guy.


I talked to her and we ended up having dinner downstairs and a couple of drinks. It was on our way going to the car park to get our cars that we met Jane and her husband. Apparently, they also came there for dinner. We took some photos too. I sent her whatsapp message to send me those photos but she hasn’t yet


EMILY: Oh! you know what a busy mum she is. I don’t think i can actually endure what Mrs Kunle is enduring


OBED: Really! in her shoes, what would you do?


EMILY: File a divorce are you kidding me! Listen, i don’t mind if i am single or just in a relationship.


But once i am married to you, better step up or watch me leave.


OBED: I get where you are coming from, but walking away isn’t always the best option. I think it should be the last resort.


There must be something that caused the man to lose interest in her. Once that is fixed, every other thing is possible


( Doorbell rings)


EMILY: I think that must be Jane ringing the doorbell. She told me she was going to pop in! I’ll be back!




(Jane comes in, says ‘hi’ to Obed, sits on the rug and started sharing Emily’s snacks with her)



JANE: You never told me Obed was here! i wouldn’t have disturbed your private moments!


EMILY: But you are one of us



OBED: Nope! three is a crowd


JANE: Hhehehehe! are you trying to call me a stranger here?


OBED: of course you are!


EMILY: While you guys argue, i’m going to quickly have my shower


OBED: Enjoy it


(Emily went into the bathroom leaving only Obed and Jane alone in the living room)


JANE: Do you know i went looking for you at your house! What makes you think you can cheat on her and still come here acting mr nice and romantic! what exactly is wrong with you men!


OBED: hehehehe Now that’s funny but not so funny. What are you talking about?


JANE: Don’t you play that game with me! of course you know exactly what i am talking about!!



OBED: I don’t.



JANE: What were you doing with Mrs Kunle at the restaurant by that time of the evening???



OBED: Awwwwwwww! that!


JANE: Don’t awww me! explain that or i tell her everything



OBED: But she already knows. However, i will explain. You know my heart is a bit broken


JANE: I don’t care! someone else broke your heart and you want to break hers in return??


OBED: Nah! my heart is broken by the fact that you don’t trust me. Or the fact that you believe i can actually have anything to do with another woman when i have just fallen irredeemably in love with Emily


JANE: that still doesn’t answer my question!


OBED: So i went there in the hope that i was going to a send forth dinner


organised for me by the company…..


to be continued


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