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EMILY: Episode 11


SETTING( Emily and Jane are back from seeing Obed off to the airport. Emily is trying to put Naomi to sleep while Jane is helping the house help chop up the vegetable in preparation for cooking.


She looked from the kitchen and noticed Emily was crying then she walked to her….)


JANE: What’s the matter? why are you crying again?


EMILY: I can’t help it, I miss him a lot and i don’t know how much stronger i can be


JANE: it tends to get better with time. As soon as he lands, he would give you a call and then you guys can have a video call or something. By the way, are you saying those cute smiles and giggling my daughter is giving you, isn’t enough to take the gloom away?


EMILY: Oh! she is so cute! and she won’t stop laughing when i am trying to get her to sleep! sleep please, mama!



JANE: Don’t sleep, mama! give auntie something to do otherwise she will keep crying.


So your mum wants you to come home this afternoon?


EMILY: Yes. She said i should come and spend the weekend with them, so that i am not so lonely


JANE: That’s right, but something tells me the American guy might show up this weekend…


EMILY: That’s their business, i don’t know him and i don’t talk to strangers


JANE: Just be courteous and polite. If he tells you he wants a relationship with you, just tell him about Obed.


Men don;t like it when a lady expressly tells them she is in love with another man


EMILY: But that didn’t work with Obed, did it?



JANE: Obed is one hell of a stubborn hunter


EMILY: What if this one is a hunter as well?


JANE: Then i would suggest you stay safe and not go at all


EMILY: My dad will be really angry at me. I think you are right about that guy because my mum has been exceptionally nice these days; Asking me what i would like to eat, how she saw these really nice ankara prints and got me some


JANE: That’s the trick babe. I remember when my mum was trying to get me marry her friend’s cousin, she became the nicest person on earth. And my mum has never been that nice.



EMILY: hahahahah! these women are dangerous! My mum knows how much i love ankara prints. So, that’s a bait, i suppose!


JANE: Absolutely! Go, but have it at the back of your mind and play smart.



They know you very well and all the right buttons. If they give your right buttons to the guy, you will be in for a tough battle


EMILY: Obed took all my right buttons with him to Scotland. Every single button in me right now is wrong and will only spark off an aggressive reaction if pressed.


JANE: Hehehhe! i will keep you in my prayers, because girl! you are going to be needing it


EMILY: Naomi is finally asleep. I am going to lay her back in her cot and start making my way


JANE: One more thing! believe me your parents must have given that guy your number and he must have checked you out on whatsapp. Get one of those beautiful pictures you took with Obed at the airport, and use it as your whatsapp profile picture.


EMILY! functional brains! right away!


JANE: Yes o! we have to be on top of our game. When you are up against your parents, your chances of winning is quite slim. Are you sure you don’t want to wait and eat first?


EMILY: No, you don’t eat when going to momma…..


SETTING (Emily drove into her parents’ compound and found a brand new range rover parked beside his dad’s car. she parked and went into the living room and found a very handsome, tall dark young man in his mid thirties sitting in the sofa, talking with her dad)


EMILY: Hello, everybody


MR PETERS: Emily the girl! how are you, my daughter?


EMILY: I’m fine dad. Where’s mum?


MR PETERS: She’s in the kitchen. Emily, meet Tyson, Mr Okeke’s son



EMILY: Hi Tyson



TYSON: (Stands up and gives her a handshake) You must be Emily.(in his thick American accent)


EMILY: Yes, i am.


TYSON: nice to meet you. You look beautiful by the way


EMILY: Many thanks! (Runs upstairs)


(Emily got upstairs and met her mum very busy preparing assorted types of both African and English dishes)


EMILY: Wow! mummy is very busy! what’s happening!


MRS PETERS: My dear! you don’t understand how amazing this family has been to us over the years.


When i and daddy went to America last year, they gave us presidential treatment. I am absolutely thrilled to see how well Tyson of yesterday is doing for himself! absolutely thrilled.


EMILY: I see . Can i have some fried meat?




EMILY: Oops! sorry mum! can i have some meat, please?


MRS PETERS: On the condition that you would assist me with dishing and serving the food


EMILY: That is not a problem, mum. Of course i wouldn’t sit back and watch you do it all by yourself


MRS PETERS: Good girl. You can have as much meat as your stomach can take.



(Emily helped her mum to dish and serve the food and they all ate together. While they were eating, Emily would occasionally look up and find Tyson just starrng at her but she would look away and pretend not to have noticed. Lunch is over, Emily has cleared the table and is back to the dinning where everyone is still seated having a chat…)


TYSON: So Emily, what did you study ?


EMILY: Law and business studies


TYSON: Good! are you enjoying it?


EMILY: Yes, i am. What did you study?


TYSON: aeronautical engineering.


EMILY: That’s nice. I guess you would be a pilot someday


TYSON: I think i am already one. I flew myself down here


EMILY: Oh wow! well done


TYSON: Thanks. So, are you on any social media at all?


MR PETERS: my dear, i think we should go upstairs and leave these two to themselves because they are about to start speaking the language of social media, which you and i do not understand.


MRS PETERS: You took that right out of my mouth! Tyson, if you need anything, please tell Emily. I am going to go upstairs and shut my eyes for some minutes. I think i have eaten too much and it’s making me dizzy


TYSON: I think she’ll look after me like you do



(Mr and Mrs Peters went upstairs, leaving the two youngsters alone in the living room)



TYSON: I’m sorry for the way i was staring at you during lunch, I just couldn’t get my eyes off you. Goodness me! those pair of legs can cause a plane crash!


EMILY: I was almost going to ask you. I mean each time i raised my face, you were there staring. That was kinda awkward.


TYSON: I couldn’t help myself. Sorry but not sorry.


So how do you normally spend your weekends?


EMILY: I normally go out with my boyfriend or my best friend


TYSON: Can i ask why your boyfriend isn’t your best friend?


EMILY: How do you mean?


TYSON: Never mind. So can i join you lots this weekend because i am new in town and don’t know my way around.


EMILY: He is not in the country at the moment.


TYSON: That makes us, then! shall we make the weekend count?


EMILY: How does that make us. Is your girl not in town as well?


TYSON: Let’s say i have not met her yet…So can we go out this weekend?


EMILY: Ermm, I’m not sure i’ll be able to make it


TYSON: Please be kind to a stranger…


EMILY: I will think about it and get back to you


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