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EMILY. Episode 7


SETTING(7.30 at Obed’s house. Emily has just come to return the phone he left with her on friday)


OBED: How are you?


EMILY: I’m fine. How are you?


OBED: Not bad, thanks. Come upstairs please. I think the cleaner wants to clean this place.


EMILY: Oh okay. I can’t believe you left your phone with me. You missed a lot of calls; does it bother you?


OBED: Nope! People can always call back if it is important. So who called me?



EMILY: Some weird names


OBED: Trying to be rude?


EMILY: No seriously, who bears Mr Toogood!


OBED: Oh! He’s actually a very good colleague and friend of mine. Of course English people go by that name. It is not at all weird


EMILY: pfffff!


OBED: Do you want tea or coffee?


EMILY: Nothing, thanks. I had my breakfast before coming.


So friday was your last day at work truly?


OBED: Sure! Just one thing left and I am done with Tylor and Co


EMILY: What is it?


OBED: The company organised a sendforth dinner party for me tonight. Nine thirty to be precise


EMILY: Wow! That’s very thoughtful of them.


OBED: So how was your meeting with your friend?


EMILY: Hmmmmm! It was amazing! We talked about some old time memories. It was really cool


OBED: Great! So what was the highlight of the evening?


EMILY: He made me very delicious lamb chops and for dessert, he gave me a piece of sponge strawberry cake and on the plate, he wrote my name with melted chocolate.


I think that was the highlight for me.


OBED: Super. So, do you love him?


EMILY: Funny enough, he asked me out!


OBED: Fantastic. And you agreed right?


EMILY: Ermmm! I told him I’ll give it a try.


OBED: powerful. So you guys are dating now right?



EMILY: Yes o! Emily is finally in love


OBED: And you never brought up the issue of Chima?


EMILY: Nah, I think I’ve moved on finally


OBED: Isn’t the lord so great!


EMILY: Wait! Are you trying to be sarcastic or what?


OBED: Nah, babe. You sound ridiculous with those half baked lies of yours.


EMILY: Excuse you!


OBED: You see, when you want to do something and do it well, take your time and practice it very well, rehearse it over and over; if possible, get a second opinion on it to ensure you will produce a masterpiece.


And if you are going to lie, choose an unintelligent audience.


EMILY: I don’t understand what you are on about!


OBED: Come on Emily! That’s another lie. I understand that you are trying to run away from your fears.


But sometimes, confront your fears! Not because you are sure you are going to win, but because winning is a possibility


EMILY: (avoiding eye contact) but he did ask me out!


OBED: oh shut up Emily! Hehehe you can’t even look at me. Shall I tell you something? There was no guy, there was no dinner and there was no stupid chocolate dessert and all that shit you talked about.


Y’all made that shit up to intimidate me and sorry, it was a beautiful failure


EMILY: So you have been monitoring me!


OBED: Hehehe! Nope!


EMILY: So how did you know I didn’t go out on Friday?


OBED: Because you didn’t!


EMILY: Mtcheewww!


OBED: Prove me wrong. Give the guy a call and ask him where he bought the cake he gave you on friday. Go on!


EMILY: He’s on transit at the moment.



OBED: Oh! To plan your wedding in the Bahamas, I guess!


EMILY: Obed, you are just so rude!


OBED: Rude and honest. Don’t cut that part off.


Emily, I love you. I really do and I know and understand all your fears.


But just give it a chance and if it doesn’t make it, you are free to call it off.


It is by no means a prison sentence



EMILY: I feel I might not be able to sustain it



OBED: We will try to sustain it together. We just need to be determined. The most important tool we need in this, is love and Emily, we already have it. I love you and pretend all you want, you love me too!


I can see it in your eyes and through your eyes, I can see it in your soul


EMILY: People have told me that long distant relationship is not the right relationship for me.



OBED: I know they have. But nobody should tell you what’s right for you. I will protect your fragile heart with everything in me.


And I’ll make sure I see you face to face every three months until we are together forever


EMILY: And you won’t cheat on me with other women?


OBED: Boys cheat. Real men don’t and permit me to brag for a moment, I am a real man. I just want you to trust me and I know it’s hard


EMILY: But it is in the nature of men to cheat. In fact, every man cheats!


OBED: I don’t know the kind of men you have been dating, but Obed doesn’t cheat and I won’t cheat on you


EMILY: I really love you but…


OBED: I know you love me but I need you to trust me as well. Will you trust me? Will you, Emily, please?…


SETTING ( Emily walks straight into Jane’s office)


JANE: You look defeated! Did you fight with an elephant?


EMILY: Of course I am defeated!


JANE: By what?


EMILY: Obed!


JANE: please don’t tell me you flopped!


EMILY: That boy is a wizard!


JANE: Did you tell him exactly everything we came up with?


EMILY: word for word, babe! Word for word!



JANE: pfffff hahahahahaha! Dem don catch us



EMILY: It’s not even funny! The guy allowed me finish telling my sorry story before he showed me just how stupid I sounded!


JANE: You know what I was actually thinking last night? Maybe you should give it a try.Story from Topster Stories



With mobile phone and the internet, it might not be as bad.


EMILY: I think so too. In fact I have decided to.


JANE: But he is not coming to work today right?


EMILY: No, friday was his last day



JANE: Good! Because i don’t want to face him



SETTING (Obed is at the reception of the dinner venue, he calls Mrs Kunle and she comes down dressed very provocatively. See it as provocative as your imagination gives you)


OBED: Hi, Trish! You look awesome!


Mrs Kunle: Thank you and as ever, you look charming!


OBED: You are kind! So where are we?


Mrs Kunle: We are in the fourth floor


OBED: is there a lift?


Mrs Kunle: No, don’t be lazy! You are still young and fit!


OBED: I ain’t climbing all the way to the fourth floor! No way!


Mrs Kunle: Hehehe! Just pulling your legs. Of course there is a lift



OBED: So is everyone else here already? Hope I’m not the last to come?


Mrs Kunle: Everyone who is supposed to be here, is here


OBED: Oh great!


(Mrs Kunle got to room number 25 of the fourth floor and unlocked it, and signalled Obed to come in.


It was a large nice room with a king size bed properly made with immaculate white bedding)


OBED: erm, I’m a bit lost. Do you mind telling me why we are going into a room instead of a hall?


Mrs. Kunle:(already seated in bed. Definitely not like a lady. I’ll leave you to your imaginations again) Come in first, please?


OBED: Where is everyone else?


Mrs. Kunle: It’s just the two of us. I’m sorry but I wanted us to have some private moments.


I’m really sorry but please just do it for me okay?


I promise I’ll do whatever you want.


Just make me feel like a woman.


OBED: (Grabs a nearby chair and sits close to her) you know what? There is something very interesting about you. And that thing isn’t letting me judge you. Talk to me, what’s the matter with you?


Mrs Kunle: Nothing. In fact I have more than everything I need but I just want you to make me feel like a woman. I am terribly in need.


OBED: Unless I’ve been taught wrong, that’s your husband’s duty, not mine…



Mrs Kunle: (let’s out a deep sigh) Obed, I’m married to a very busy man. A man who is very busy to know that I am a woman. It’s been four years now since my husband last touched me . Believe it or not


He gives me more than enough money to look after the kids and myself.


Comes back late at night, eats, talks to the kids for five minutes or so then crashes in bed and never moves until morning when he gets ready to leave again.


OBED: There’s nothing wrong in you asking him for s£x when you need it whether expressly or some other way, you know? Why don’t you ask him?


Mrs Kunle: Trust me when I tell you I have tried everything. I have even tried to do it by force and he accused me of being a prostitute and s£x addict.


The day I first saw you and you complimented me, I felt so beautiful. I had forgotten I was beautiful until you said it to me that day.


No matter how i dress, my husband will never take a notice not to talk of complimenting me.


I am so frustrated I just had to do this. I know you may look at me as a loose woman but I am probably a woman who has been so starved of s£x that I am going crazy


OBED: Don’t cry please. I hate it when women cry. It breaks me. I think you may need to get your parents or his, involved.


Mrs Kunle: His parents hate me so much. They never supported our marriage…


OBED: Many women out there are going through what you are going through and it’s sad men believe looking after a woman is just giving her money.


I’m so sorry I can’t meet your needs in this aspect but here is my advice, don’t try to sleep with just any random man.


Talk to your husband about this and maybe involve your pastor and if that shit isn’t working, end it and get you a husband.


I know it sounds horrible but you are already horrible in this mess.


Mrs Kunle: I’m sorry for this, Obed. I promise it will never happen again. And I wish you and Emily a lovely union


I hope everything goes well for you.



OBED: Thanks, and I hope your marriage is restored soon.


I hope you feel happy again pretty soon.


Shall we go to the bar and have something to eat?


Mrs Kunle: Sure!


To be continued




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