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Episode 19


(Semi finale )


Roxanne POV.


It was Philip! My guard, that I helped with my f**king money! Betrayer!


“Are you going to scream or yell?” He asked and I chuckled.


“Of course not, that won’t be needed” I replied.



“Roxanne, that’s one of the reasons I love you. You are not afraid of anything” he said.


He loves me? Philip? Such a huge joke.


“Yunno, I am impressed. How did you know about my wristwatch?” I asked.


“I will answer all questions from my love” he said with a smile.


“The day Jake got you kidnapped, you used it that day and we were there” he replied and I nodded.


“So brilliant! How is your mum doing?” I asked.


“My mum? I never had one,she died while giving birth to me. I was working so I could earn money for my mission but you decided to help me and give the money to me. Isn’t my love so kind” he said caressing my face.


“Really? This is funny, you are using my money against me. Are you the one who tried killing me at the beach?” I asked.


“Oh no, I would never kill you. I knew your charming Jake would come to save you when I did that, I just wanted to confirm if he was with you that day” he replied and swears I would have clapped for him if not for the fact that my hands were tied.


Such a perfect plan! Incredible but still no one messes up Roxanne, absolutely no one.


“Should I blow your mind about Jake?” He asked.


“You have been blowing my mind so just continue” I replied.


“Jake is only playing a game with you, you didn’t notice? He never talked to you before all of a sudden, he wanted to be friends. It was a game and after two weeks he is going to break up with you cause that’s what the game says” he said.



Could it be possible? Jake was playing a game all this while? He doesn’t love me? He’s just going to betray me at the end.


But for now, I can’t let Philip know it got to me.


“If there was anything I learnt it was not to trust people. So why should I trust you” I asked.


“Good! Then why should you trust Jake?” He asked.


“I didn’t tell you I trust him and I am tired of these talks. Get me some soft drink” I said.


“Not yet, Roxanne. I want you to say yes to me. I love you” he said.


“Well I don’t” I replied.


“Then you are staying here till you do!” Hr said.


Jake POV


These feelings that I keep having, something bad is definitely going to happen to Roxy.


I stood up and left class in a hurry, I drove to her house speedily.


“Roxanne!” I called but there was no response.


“Roxanne!” I called again and I heard few mumblings from her room.


Thank goodness, I ran to her room but it was only Bethel there, I looked around but she was not in sight.


“What are you looking for?” Bethel asked.


“Where’s Roxanne” I asked.


“Uhmm..I don’t know..I was sleeping all the while” she replied.


“Maybe she went out, call her” she added and I brought out my phone.


I called her but it was just ringing, she didn’t pick it up.


“Maybe she’s in a meeting” she said.


“Definitely not, Roxanne is not in a meeting, she’s in danger. I didn’t want to leave earlier” I grumbled and Bethel stood up.


“Let’s go find her then” she said.


“No, your dad just died and I know you are not over it yet. I will go alone” I said.


“No, we are going together. I knew dad was going to die all this while so it didn’t came as a huge shock to me” she said packing her hair in a bun.


“Let’s go then” I said and we walked out of the room.


When we got to the main door, something caught my attention. It was a red stain on the floor.


I looked at it carefully, it was a blood stain. Roxanne was definitely knocked out here.


“She was knocked out here” I said.


“How about we check the CCTV cameras” Bethel asked.


“Okay then” I replied and we went to the street security.


“We really need to check this sir” I pleaded.


“I can only show it to you if you are with a police man” he said.


“Please sir, it will only take a minute” Bethel pleaded holding the man’s arm.



“Okay, just a minute” the man gave in and a smile lifted up my face.


“Thank you sir” I said happily.


We rushed inside and he showed us the CCTV cameras footage.


“The faces aren’t clear, what do we do?” Bethel grumbled.


“That car, I know that car” I said.


“Thank you sir” i thanked the man, held Bethel’s have and raced out of there.


“Who owns that car?” She asked when we got into my car.


“It’s Ashley, she’s the owner of that car. I am sure of that” I said.




Things are getting confusing right? Ashley’s car was used by Philip and Ashley gave Jake a call in the morning.


Connect the dots. And Roxanne already knows about the game.


Who wants to find out the consequences of not fulfilling the promises of the game?






Game of love


By Authoress Juliana



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