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Episode 20(grand finale )


Jake POV


“Who is she? Okay, that doesn’t matter. Let’s go to her” Bethel replied and I replied with a nod.



I drove to Ashley’s house. That bitch! If there is one single bruise on Roxanne, I am going to kill her.


That’s why the bitch was calling me in the morning. I drove as fast as I could, I wished I could just vanish into her house.


I finally got there and she was home. Roxanne is definitely here or why the hell should Ashley still be at home instead of in school.


I barged into the house and saw her, she welcomed me with a smile but I slapped her real hard.


“You bitch! Where did you keep her? Where did you keep Roxanne?” I yelled.


“What are you talking about? I didn’t keep Roxanne anywhere” she said and slapped my hands away.


“Tell me the truth before I lose it right now!!” I yelled.


“I said I know nothing about it!!” She yelled back.


“Ma’am, I just dropped your car outside. I will be back” a guard said and dropped the car key on the table but something caught my attention.


It was the wristwatch, it was Roxanne’s wristwatch, maybe he has it but a guard can’t have it.


“Ashley, did this man take your car out?” I asked.


“Yeah, he said he had some things to take care of and needed a car” she said.


I turned to the man and landed several punches on him but he retaliated, I guess this is what they call anger.


I didn’t know where I got this strength but I found myself on him beating him up, Bethel dragged me up.


“Let me go” I yelled but she held me back.


“You bastard! Where did you keep Roxanne?” I yelled.


“I didn’t keep her!” He yelled back.


“You bloody liar!” I yelled.


“Why are you wearing her wristwatch?” I asked and he looked at me with fear.


I pulled out a gun from one of the guards beside me.


“Tell me where she is or I kill you” I said.


“Kill me then” he said and I cocked the gun.


“Remember you would bear the consequences!” He quickly yelled and I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration.


“Damn consequences!” I yelled and pointed the gun to his leg.


1, 2, 3 and I……shot, I did it. I shot his legs, he let out a sharp cry.


“Are you ready to take me to where she is or I kill you?” I asked.


“Fuck! I will take you to where she is” she groaned.


Thirty minutes later


We were at the place already, I aligted from my car and ran inside with Bethel running after me.


“I called the police, they would soon be here” she yelled but I continued running.Story from Topster Stories


I finally got to where Roxanne was tied, she looked fearless like she wasn’t kidnapped. I walked to her and loosed the ropes used to tie her.


I expected a warm hug but I received a hot slap with eyes that suddenly went teary.



“What happened?” I asked.


“Is is true?” She asked.


“What? Don’t believe anything that guy told you, he’s a liar” I said but she hissed.


“The game, all this is a game right? It is? Just answer me!! Tell me he lied! Tell me you truly love me! Tell me you meant all those words you said!” She yelled but I couldn’t say a word.


Did I love her or not? I had confused feelings, I keep on telling myself it’s a game but there is something else, love.


“It’s true then! You made me trust you! You promised you won’t betray me!! I was a fool, you must have laughed a lot at how foolish I was, didn’t you?!!” She yelled with tear rushing down.


I don’t want you crying” I said and wiped her tears while I could feel my own tears forming up too.


She’s not crying because she was kidnapped, she was crying because of me. I am a monster.


I reached for her face and cupped it in mine. Slowly I kissed her, it was a slow kiss but it had all our emotions in it.


I pulled back slowly and looked into her eyes.


“I love you and this time it’s not a game” I said and leaned into a harsher kiss.


She pulled back and hugged me.


“Thank you so much, but if I find out it’s still a game then I will kill you” she said and I chuckled.


“I have such a cute girlfriend” I said and pulled her cheeks.



Three day later.


Philip had been taken by the police but we just had one problem, the consequence of not fulfilling the conditions of the game will be given to you by your ex.


You guessed correctly, that’s Ashley, even if it was just a bit of time, she will still be the one and Roxanne knows about this.


“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Roxanne asked as we walked to class with her holding my arm.


“What sort of punishment is Ashley going to give me?” I asked.


“Calm down, we will deal with anything she says” she replied and I took a deep breath in and out before nodding.


We got to class and the whole class gathered around us, Ashley walked to the middle with a mischievous smile.


“Aren’t you breaking up?” She asked.


“I have decided to go against the rules and I will accept whatever punishment you give to me” I replied.


“The punishment is that……” I could feel my heart beating fast.


“Live happily with Roxanne” she said and I stared at her.


“I meant the punishment” I said.


“Yeah that’s it” she said and walked away.


I smiled and lifted Roxanne up then spun her round before pecking her forehead.


“I love you” I said almost yelling.


“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The class chanted, naughty class.



I stared at the class but Roxanne turned my face to her and kissed me deeply. Turned out the best game of love I ever did!


That’s the end of the story! I hope you enjoyed it.

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