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Episode 6



SETTING ( Emily’s kitchen. She is dressed in a bumshort and tank top, with a red apron over it. Jane was assisting her with washing the meat)


JANE: When was the last time you spoke with Obed?


EMILY: Just before you came. Why?


JANE: We went out yesterday’s evening


EMILY: You did? Where did you go?


JANE: He took me to some restaurant in town


EMILY: And you guys never bothered to take me along! That’s not fair


JANE: I honestly thought you were going to be there, but I later realised why he wanted it to be just the both of us


EMILY: Why was that?


JANE: He told me certain things I’m sure he will tell you soon


EMILY: What did he say?


JANE: I guess he realised that you are yet to get over Chima. So, he is thinking of ways he could get you help


EMILY: I don’t need any help o! I’m more worried about the fact that he is going to become unemployed because of me..


JANE: I don’t think that should bother you. There are things you are yet to know about him.


What I think should bother you now is the fact that he will be leaving the country soon


EMILY: What!! No way! How come he never mentioned it to me!


JANE: I think he wasn’t sure of how you would react to it


EMILY: That’s his problem anyway! I told you this love thing isn’t for me and you keep pushing it!


JANE: Love is for you, love is for every human being. The right time just hasn’t come yet


EMILY: Please spare me! Maybe the right time would be when I’m gone past childbearing age


JANE: But he still wants you guys to carry on with your relationship, but I told him I wasn’t in support




JANE: Do you think you can handle long distant relationship?


EMILY: But I have been in a long distant relationship for the past three years


JANE: Really? How come I am not aware of this?


EMILY: Chima lives in heaven and I live here, and we are still in a relationship although I don’t hear from him often..


JANE: Stop it! What’s the matter with you! You weren’t even married to him and you are being this stupid!


Even in marriage, death brings the marriage to an end. You need to declutter your mind of all these lies of yours.


You need to help yourself or at least assist people who are trying to help you!



EMILY: I’m sorry…


JANE: it’s okay. Come here (gives her a hug)


EMILY: (tearfully) thank you, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Do you think I should accept to be in a long distant relationship with Obed?



JANE: Do you want me to be honest with you?


EMILY: Yes please


JANE: I don’t think that’s the right kind of relationship for you. I think he is a great guy, but you need someone who will be present; someone you can give a call to come over and they will be with you within an hour.


EMILY: You are right, Jane. So how do I dismiss him? but I think I love him..


JANE: He is a great guy. Maybe you guys can be friends. Just tell him you love someone else.


That’s the easiest way to put a guy off


EMILY: Okay, I am seeing him this evening, so I’ll tell him


JANE: Ughhhhh! Now I feel bad. But girl! We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do!


EMILY: I guess so.


SETTING (Inside Mrs. Kunle’s office. She is dressed in a mini black bandage skirt, a white top with the first four button undone revealing over fifty percent of her bosom. Her legs are crossed, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Obed walks in, dressed in a painstakingly ironed white shirt and a pair of black chinos )


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MRS KUNLE: (flirtatiously) Oh hello! You are here already.


Wow! you are giving me palpitations!


OBED: You must have been having too much coffee. Good morning and wow!


You look great!


MRS KUNLE: You think?


OBED: Yes, except that I am not sure how appropriate it is for a work environment.



You know it is one thing to dress good and another to dress appropriately. Anyways! I don’t want to interfere, I suppose you like it


MRS KUNLE: It’s been very hot lately in this office, so I needed something mild on my body


OBED: Again, I am not sure how mild a bandage skirt can be on the skin..


MRS KUNLE: Are you trying to scold me or what?


OBED: No, because it’s none of my business


MRS KUNLE: What if I want it to become your business?


OBED: Bad market. Not interested.


Wait a minute! Is this why you called me? I was actually on the phone to the contractor when you called..


MRS KUNLE: No, I have called you because you have a message from the company!


OBED: Interesting. What message is it?


MRS KUNLE: The company has offered to make you the director general of all our Lagos branches if you agree to stay with us.


What this means is that we will pay you two and half million naira monthly, you will be given an executive car, an assistant and half of your rent will be paid by the company.


You will also get a wardrobe allowance of two hundred thousand every three months.


How does this sound to you?


OBED: Great! But I am not interested. Please tell the company I appreciate their offer, but I am going to be tuning it down, unfortunately


MRS KUNLE: Because you want to date Emily?


OBED: Yeap!


MRS KUNLE: Is she really worth it?


OBED: yeap! Mrs, Kunle, thank you for going out of your way to get me such offer from the company..


MRS KUNLE: shuuuushh! The name is Tricia, or you can simply call me Trish


OBED: I see! Thanks, Trish (cynically)


MRS KUNLE: Anyways, in the alternative, they are organising you a send forth dinner this weekend. Are you also going to decline that?


OBED: Of course not! Can I come with my girlfriend?


MRS KUNLE: Unfortunately no. This is because she is also a member of staff, and no ordinary member of staff is allowed. Only the executives.


OBED: That’s a strange send forth party. But I am going to try to be there. Where about is it?


MRS KUNLE: I will confirm the date and time with the person in charge, and send you a text okay?


OBED: I will be expecting it. Thanks


MRS KUNLE (Visibly unhappy) welcome!


SETTING( Obed walks into Emily’s office where she is seated having some ice-cream)


OBED: Looks like someone is enjoying herself!


EMILY: what’s going on with you?


OBED: Nothing interesting; I’m just missing you very terribly!



EMILY: Hmmmm


OBED: please can we go out after work today?


EMILY: Aww! Unfortunately, I am going out today


OBED: Where are you going?


EMILY: Dinner..


OBED: Who with?


EMILY: Someone…


OBED: Is this person nameless?


EMILY: I don’t think telling you his name will help you in any way.


OBED: Is this person male or female?


EMILY: male


OBED: What’s your relationship with him?


EMILY: He’s only a friend


OBED: I see. So, can I come along because I am so bored and need to go out today


EMILY: Don’t you think it will be rude to bring someone in when you are invited for a dinner?


OBED: No, I’ll pretend I came on my own. Get a table close to you guys and pay for my own meals. I just don’t want to be home alone tonight


It’s just difficult and lonely for me because I have no friends to hang out with…. Or


are you going to his house?




OBED: right…..Okay, I’m gonna leave now. Give me a call when you get there so


I can be sure you are okay


EMILY: I don’t know if I will be able to do that because my phone has been acting up


OBED (reached for his spare mobile phone in his pocket and dropped it on her table) here! Call me with this


EMILY: (to herself) Gosh! This is going to be difficult!






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