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Setting( Emily and Jane sat there waiting for Greg to bring the parcel but it’s been 10 minutes since they have been waiting…)


JANE: what does this guy think he is doing? Has he abandoned us here or something?


EMILY: Maybe he is unpacking. Could be that the parcel is not so handy.


JANE: I’m going in there right now! I can’t have a boy keep me here indefinitely when my baby is at home probably crying (stands up to enter the room where Greg went in)


EMILY: no! Please! Jane! Stop it! What do you think you are doing?


Going into someone’s private room? Come on! That’s not on!


JANE: mtcheeeew! Watch me! Nonsense and two year wait! (Goes into the room)



EMILY: heeeee!Jane!


(After a while Jane comes out holding a placard that says “EMILY, WILL YOU..)



EMILY: what’s this? Jane? What’s the placard for?


(Then Greg appears holding the second placard which reads “MARRY…”)


EMILY: Hello?????? Can somebody explain this game so I can join! What is this!


What the heck is going on!



Can somebody talk!! Jane? Hello!!!!!!


(Then appears Obed with the third placard that reads “ME?” And a diamond ring on the other hand.


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He comes right in front of Emily and gets down on one knee..)


EMILY: Obed! This is not you, right??? Oh my gosh! Somebody wake me up from this dream!! Jane!!!!


What..what…what is this!!!!


(Obed gets up and curls her up in his arms and gently placed a kiss on her forehead and then whispers in her eyes..)


OBED: it’s real baby, I told you I was coming to get you soon…


Will you marry me, please?



EMILY:! Oh my God!



JANE: Awwwwwww! My girl! gosh don’t make me cry!!


EMILY: Jane, I thought I could trust you never to keep anything from me! You hoodwinked me and I hate you!


JANE: I love you too awwwwww!



OBED: (still holding her very tightly to his chest) I pleaded with her to help me make this moment a reality.


I wanted this surprise for you.


I’m sorry for all the pains you went through.


I’m sorry for leaving you out here in the midst of sharks and wolves


I’m proud of you for fighting and standing for the love you believe in and wanted.


Not many can


Not many have


You are just one of the few that could handle long distant relationship


I’m so proud of the girl you are


The lady you are


The fiance you now are


The wife you will soon be


And the mother you will later be to our kids. EMILY: I still feel like this is some weird dreams

OBED: but I did promise to come get you soon. Did you think I was kidding?



EMILY: I never knew it was going to be this soon Jane! You are an idiot for playing me around like a football. Dumbnut!


JANE: awwwww! You are so sweet! We needed to make you feel as


special as you deserve to feel.


She can’t stop crying! Awwww come here! (Hugs her really tight)



EMILY: I love youuuuu! God knows I love you!


JANE: I love you too, girlfriend. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!!!


Naomi will soon have baby sisters and brothers!


OBED: (gently pulls her away from Jane and back into his arms) Jane, stay away.



I’m back to possess my possession yeah



JANE: absolutely!



OBED: baby, pick a wedding date of your choice in July and a honeymoon destination of your choice.


Anywhere in the world, I’ll take you there.



EMILY: a wedding date?


OBED: yes sugar. I am here to make you mine forever



EMILY: Janeeeeeee help!



JANE: nah! Can’t help you on that baby! Pick a date and let the shopping begin!


EMILY: pheeeewwww! 27th of July?


OBED: 27th it is then! And the honeymoon?



EMILY: I don’t even know


OBED: take your time. We are not in a rush..


EMILY: The Bahamas.


OBED: Greg, are you taking notes?


GREG: Yes, bro.



OBED: by the way, Greg is my cousin and he lives in Abuja. Forget this accent he is putting up, he’s never been to America. All na scam


GREG: but bro! I pulled this game up like a pro see me naw! Come dey claim say heat wan kill me when the AC dey deal with me. Story from Topster Stories


To form American accent no easy abeg.



Thank God i no fall hand fa!



OBED: you deserve a drink


EMILY: How did you guys plan all this!


OBED: well, we created a WhatsApp group and everything happened there.



I love you, honeycomb



EMILY: I love you too! ( )


OBED: take me to your momma and papa.



JANE: yesssss! let’s do this!


Long distant relationship works after all!


Rossy: winks, smiles, flips hair and walks out of the stage.



Emily: by Rossy Chris Umeweni Uju

All rights reserved


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