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Emily: episode 18


SETTING ( 8AM, Mr and Mrs Peters just arrived at Jane’s house to inform her that Emily is yet to make contact with them)


JANE: good morning mum and dad. Hope everything is fine?


MRS PETERS: No, Jane! everything is not fine! we still do not know where Emily is and it is unlike her to keep away from everybody! Let’s say she is angry with us, is she also angry with you?


Something has happened to Emily and no one is telling us!



MR PETERS: I believe that Obed of a guy has kidnapped her and I am going to deal with him squarely!


I will show him that I am a lion and no one dares touch my cub!


JANE: it hasn’t gotten to that, daddy. I think Emily just wanted to cool off a little. I learnt you were pressuring her into marrying some guy she doesn’t even like. I mean, that’s not so cool.


She is an adult and should be allowed to be with whoever she wishes to be with.


If it goes well, it goes well. If it goes south, she bears the consequence!


MRS PETERS: And to think the person we were persuading her to marry is a philandering He-goat of the community!


JANE: oh really! How come? I thought he was from a reputable family and all that?


MRS PETERS: we went there yesterday to apologise to him about Jane not being present at the introduction, only to realise he had already impregnated one of the known prostitutes in his area!


As we speak, the lady has moved in with him!




JANE: no way! Are you kidding, mum?




so what happens to the marriage



MR PETERS: what marriage plans? Oh please! The only plan in place right now is a Thanksgiving plan.


As soon as I find my daughter, we will go to church and thank God for saving her from that disaster waiting to happen.


I just want to find my baby girl please I am a desperate father!


Help me find my daughter please my dear.



JANE: erm, there is another friend of ours that i believe she might be staying in her house. I will quickly take care of my daughter and go look for her there.


MR PETERS: please take us with you



JANE: No dad, that won’t be necessary. As soon as I find her, I’ll let you know and we will gradually bring her back home. I’m sure if she hears about this incident she would show up.


MRS PETERS: But how are we to be sure she is safe wherever she is!


JANE: I can assure you she is fine. A friend confided in me and told me she saw her in a shopping mall in the same area where the friend I am talking about lives.


So putting two and two together, I am almost sure she is there.


MR PETERS: somebody saw her well and alive?


JANE: yes papa. Please don’t worry, she will be in contact in less than 24 hours.


MR PETERS: Jane, I am relying on you o!!! So you are giving me your words?


JANE: Yes papa.


MRS PETERS: so we should go home?


JANE: yes. Go home, shower and eat something. You don’t look like you’ve had anything for days


MR PETERS: where is the appetite! My dear, we’ve been to hell and back.


Our son, her elder brother has been threatening to burn us alive if anything happens to her


JANE: Awwwwww! No, it hasn’t gotten to that yet….



(Emily’s parents left and as Jane was about to get inside the house, she met Emily who had been listening to their conversation behind the curtain)


JANE: Oh my God! You are here???


EMILY: what did I just hear???? Please tell me this is true!!! Hahahahaha! I told my parents and they said this boy was the best thing that has happened to humanity since sliced bread!


JANE: right now, I am the happiest woman on earth.



For the rest of today, you can call me happiness!


EMILY: I wish I never had anything to do with that idiot!


JANE: did you have something to do with him? You never told me?


EMILY: I mean even talking to him. Of course I didn’t go beyond that!


JANE: oh please! That’s nothing. He met you at your vulnerable moment and trust me, most ladies would have gone beyond just talking to him.


I’m proud of you!


EMILY: you are more than a friend. You are a sister!


JANE: I love you


EMILY: I love you too, I really do.


JANE: hang on, who is this calling me with a private number now!


EMILY: pick it, it might be Matthew.


JANE: that’s actually true. When he goes to China he calls with private number



(Picks the call ) hello???



OBED: Hi. How’re you doing?


JANE: Is that you, Obed?


OBED: You should know it’s me. Nobody on earth sounds like me



JANE: oh please don’t start how are you!


Obed, look I am not happy with you.


OBED: and why do you think I care about your emotional state. Not like I am your husband?


JANE: Rude! Why are you calling with a private number though? And hey! Where were you yesterday?


OBED: did you look for me at home?


JANE: I called your number severally but it kept going to voicemail


OBED: you should have just taken a flight to my house if you were that worried. How’s my girl doing?


JANE: Obed! You don’t wanna know! That girl has been through hell these few days.


It’s been very very stormy for her


OBED: it’s all my fault, Jane. I’m dying of guilt


JANE: But why haven’t you spoken to her or at least reply her messages!


OBED: I don’t know what to say to her yet. I am tired of making her endless promises of coming to get her soon.


I feel responsible for everything she is going through right now.


JANE: and guess what? She is here and she can hear you!


OBED: oh shit! Tell her I love her



EMILY: (in the background) I love you too!



OBED: awwww! She’s so sweet! Anyways, I’ve got to go now because I’m running late for work.


Erm, a friend of mine is currently in Nigeria and I did give him a few things for Emily. So when are you guys able to go pick them up?


EMILY (in the background) I don’t need any of those, I just want you back into my life and that’s it )


OBED: oops! Things that make a man cry! I’ve always been in your life, baby girl. I love youuuuu!



EMILY: I love you too


OBED: so Jane, when are you guys able to go see him. Unfortunately, he is heading to the east tomorrow evening. So could you please meet him up tomorrow morning?


JANE: where is he?


OBED: he is literally thirty minutes away from your house.


JANE: really? Where!


OBED: he is in that Hilton hotel where you met I and Mrs Kunle that night. Remember?



JANE: oh really! That’s not up to thirty minutes away. Should be like 20 minutes or so


OBED: Oh great! Please meet him tomorrow morning then.


Is Emily still there?


JANE: yeah, she is.


OBED: pass her the phone, please.


JANE:(hands the phone over to Emily)



EMILY: hello …I am so so…..



OBED: shuuuuush. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that you mean the world to me.





OBED: I will fulfill every single promise I made you that evening. Every single one of them and more!


I’m sorry for breaking you but hey! I’m gonna fix you. I’m not blowing my own


trumpet but I’m gonna do it so well you’d forget you were ever broken….


And it won’t be long.


I need to run along now. I love you! Bye!




JANE: girrrllllllllllllllllllll gone and the sun is out!!!!


we made it through the day!!! The night is



EMILY: Oh my God! I can’t believe this is happening!



JANE: dey there dey cry. I can’t wait to see what he sent us. I hope there are some hot sĀ£xy dresses there!



I can’t wait to lose this baby weight so I can start slaying again!



EMILY: I have never seen a person so vain!



JANE: who cares! I need to keep Matthew glued to this body before these small girls with massive God snatch him away from me abeg




JANE: let’s go upstairs. You need to speak to your parents right now. They are very worried as you saw. Let’s not punish them any further.


And if you ever mention to them that you were in my house all these while, I’ll murder you!



EMILY: I swear I’m gonna tell them!


JANE: try me!










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