Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 2


(You are a v@gin)


Reese’s POV


I hurriedly bathed and wore my p@nties only as I walked to his room, I ensured that the five minutes ultimatum he gave me did not elapse


I entered his room and stood before him.


I am just a nonentity living the surface of the earth with no freedom of my own , it’s my terrible fate


He salivated on the bed. He’s stark naked already, his cock is as charged as rock


“Come over ” He said softly and I walked sullenly to him


He sat upright the bed lusting passionately on my glaring boobs and curves , he pulled me closer and lay me to the bed gently


“You look so sweet young lady ” He said and he tickles my nipples


I made an unconscious soft moan, he bite his lower lips and began to play with the nipples , my head was spinning for pleasure and my body was longing much more for that


He stopped suddenly and looked squarely into my face , his deep blue eyes emanating fire , fear engulf me and but his handsomeness and how so cute he is tickles my soul


He places his hand on my left br*st and began to fumble it , he held the second one in no time and start to fumble both


My bre@st start to become swollen and hard, blood are running through my body , my pu*sy is tickling Lust fully. Story from Topster Stories.


I was giving a soft romantic moan , I had always thought all wicked men are never romantic but this boy proved me wrong


He fumbled it and suddenly brought his lips closer to mine , our lips locked and kissing commences , his lips are softer and sΒ£xier than I imagine , he unlocked and shot me the wicked look again


I wonder why he keep letting it come to my consciousness that he is wicked


He held my hair as he stood up from me , he pulled me up with it and it hurt slightly , he lay and me to his cock


“Suck the fvcken cock young lady” He said and I looked into his face first then brought my head to his cock


I held the cock and it was so hard than I thought, the shape was s*xy and the veins can easily be seen round it


I placed his cock in my mouth and licked it , I licked the tips of it and he moaned , I began to suck deeply while he moans softly , I swallowed his cock that it chokes my throat , Saliva forcefully poured from my mouth to his cock


I licked the shaft of the cock , I fumbled the scrotum and swallowed it in my mouth


I placed the cock again in my mouth and began to suck it


“Enough ” he yelled suddenly and I shook fearfully and stopped


He could have just tell me to stop softly and I will, why is he trying to make it look like he is a very wicked person


I stood in the squatting position that I am waiting for his next line of action


He made me lay and set his cock at the center of my pu**y , I closed my eye gently as my heart beats heavily


He thrust the wet cock inside my wet pus*y , I felt it struggle to enter , but after series of thrust , the cock entered and he held my neck , looking into my face and fvcking me so hard


He was pushing and pulling , thrusting in so bad while I moan like I’d die , the pleasure I’m deriving from it made me forget that I was a slave


He continued fvcking for a series of minutes after which he behaves Like someone that wanted to convulse and released inside me


He grunted and maintained a silly look as he pulled out of my pu**y slowly


He checked my Pussy and he suddenly expressed a look of surprise


“Huh! You are a v@gin ?” He said seeing bloods on the bed

Claiming her Innocence


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