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EMILY: episode 19


SETTING (10am at Emily’s parents’ home. They are feasting on a very sumptuous macaroni and cheese prepared for them by Mrs Peters upon hearing they were on their way coming.


They had already apologised over and over to Emily, With Mr Peter adding that he feels less of a man to have tried to push her daughter in harm’s way when he should be pulling her out of it..)



MRS PETERS: Jane, if your parents won’t mind, we would adopt you as our daughter. What a wonderful friend and sister you have been to Emily since you met!


Thank you so much.


JANE: awwwww! Thank you ma. What people also do not know is just how much Emily has been there for me too.


She is the only friend I can call at anytime and she will be there.


MR PETERS: you deserve each other and I pray nothing comes between the both of you.


JANE: if marriage has been unable to come between us, I don’t think anything else would.


EMILY: Mum, when did you speak with brother Kenneth last?


MRS PETERS: about 4 days ago when he threatened to burn I and your father if we didn’t find you in two days.


MR PETERS: I’m sure he would have done that. Your brother is a beast when activated.


When I called to tell him you were back, he just said “you and mum are very lucky”


MRS PETERS: He got that from his father. Very nice until you get them started. So how is Obed?


EMILY: Obed is fine. I’ve actually been trying to contact him since morning because he sent us something but we need to get the name of the guy through which he sent it.


MR PETERS: I hope he is not angry at us?


EMILY: No. He doesn’t know much. I only told him you guys were suggesting I marry a family friend.


By the way! Tell me more about Tyson the responsible pilot. …



MR PETERS: my dear, Tyson is a classic example of bad son of a good man. His father is such a man of integrity. Can’t fault him! But here is his son totally different from that.


MRS PETERS: oh! And you needed to see the lady she impregnated! And he even tried to deny it until the lady gave him a clear, simple and exact explanation of how it all happened.


I know when a woman is lying so I told my husband that she was telling the truth and that we need to walk away from the this pit of shame and insult. We stood up to leave and he just sat there like it’s nothing


EMILY: of course it’s nothing to him. That was exactly what he wanted to do with me.


Jane, please try ringing Obed again. So we don’t miss the guy since he is going to the east this evening


JANE: it’s strange he hasn’t called to know is we are still going. That’s unlike him.


How do we locate him if we haven’t got his name and phone number ..


MRS PETERS: so when is he coming to see us?


EMILY: very soon, mum


MR PETERS: oh please! He should take his time. No rush. As long as you both love each other, there is no need to rush through it.


JANE: I think we should get to the hotel and wait until he calls


EMILY: that’s a good idea. Let me quickly use the bathroom and we start making our way


(Jane and Emily went to the hotel and as they waited at the car park, Obed called and gave them the contact details and the name of his friend as Greg .


They went to the reception, and asked to see him. The receptionist called him and he said he was going to be with them soon. After a while, he appears..)



GREG: Hello ladies!




JANE: hello gent!


GREG: so who is Emily and who is her friend?


EMILY: I am Emily.


GREG: awww! So this is the lady that has the master key to Obed’s heart! He never stops talking about you!


Come on in, ladies; let’s go to my room


EMILY: how is he?


GREG: oh he is very well. He should be coming home soon.


JANE: are you married? If not, why not?



GREG: maybe because I haven’t found a lady as beautiful as you are will you marry me?


JANE: hehehe as a second husband, yeah



GREG: ughhhhh! My heart is broken! Why are all the lovelies ones married! Please sit down, ladies. Sorry about the messy room. I was still asleep when I was told you were here.


EMILY: No worries at all.


GREG: so Obed told me all you’ve been through lately. Your parents wanting you


to marry someone and all.


How are you coping?


EMILY: it’s not been easy but love is worth it.



GREG: awwwww! So he asked me to find out from you if you would like to relocate to another state or something. Maybe to stay farther away from the whole drama until he comes back.


EMILY: ermmm, no. I think I’m fine here.


GREG: I mean, if you are worried about your job, we can still get you somewhere else to work. You don’t even need to work, Obed can place you on monthly salary.


EMILY: No, I’m fine. Since he will be back soon.


GREG: it depends on how soon is soon to you. He tried to get a leave to come home this December, but that was declined as he has in fact been put on a two year course.


This means Obed will only be home in 2022.


Do you mind waiting?



JANE: is he mad!


GREG: No, he is not. It’s just the circumstances he finds himself in at the moment.


EMILY: I honestly don’t mind. Even if we live together for a year before dying of old age, I believe it will be worth it.


JANE: don’t give me that bullshit! If Obed is not coming back this year, I will personally find Emily a man.


She needs a man! Not a promise of a man!


GREG: calm down okay? Obed is a man of his words. Like Emily said, it will be worth the wait.


JANE: mtcheeew! Please bring whatever he sent us so I can get out of here.


GREG: alright ladies, give me one second.



EMILY: excuse me please. I bought him this, it’s only a perfume and card. Please give it to him when you see him


GREG: awwwwww! I’m sure he will love them. Thanks. I’ll be back.


To be continued



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