Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Claiming Her Innocence





Episode 1




(P@nties only)


Reese’s POV


I sat sadly at the moving Lamborghini, I’d lived all my life encamped. I have never had freedom but I’d hope someday that I may be free


Seems it will never happen cus the a popular celebrity with cute and handsome face but very wicked in look had just acquired me from my master


I’m following him to a new territory and I did not even know what to expect




“Step down young lady ” Miguel said and I obliged


“Welcome to my empire” He said and led me inside


I had lived all my life has a subject, obeying all orders coming from him shouldn’t be a problem but I’m more concerned about what exactly he acquired me for


On getting to his room , he grunted happily and sank on the chair


“Young lady , obeying me is the very first thing you must take as your first priority , we go to school together , go to events together , all you have to do is oblige by what I do , is that cleared ?” He asked sternly


“Very well sir ” I answered respectfully even though his age can’t be much more than mine


He looked so young , very cute , his looks are killing but with the way he talks , walks and acts , I need no one to tell me that he is heartless


Only heartless people continue acquiring people with their money and subjecting them all their lives


“Well, I’d bought many ladies in the past but sell them to my colleagues who need them cus they end up being useless to me , I wanna have a baby

He said looking into my face A baby?



“The doctor said I’ve got low sp*rm count and that I may never be able to give birth forever , but I promise myself that I will give birth anyways , I’d s*xed countless ladies hoping that they will get impregnated but they do not , I had to keep selling them since they do not serve their original purpose” He said and swallowed


“You must give birth to a baby for me , I don’t care what disease I have , otherwise, I will sell you to more wicked people” He threatened


A baby? At my young age ! What in the world did this young boy want a baby for anyways ?


My heart beats slowly as I find it so hard to think and grasp fully what he had just said


I’m sure gonna be his s*x slave now and what if I can’t produce a baby for him too? He sells me to someone more cruel than him


My bad


“Take your bath and join me in my room ” He said and led me to the room I’ll be staying


“And …when you coming over , wear your p@nties only , you have just five minutes young lady ” He


said and walked out of the room he had just given me to

Claiming her innocence


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