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EMILY. Episode 17


(Over the weekend, Tyson and his squad stormed the residence of Mr and Mrs Peters in their flashy cars and wears. But their excitement died out when they realised that Emily was nowhere to be found.


Every attempt to contact her proved abortive.


Tyson was gutted to say the least. However, the Peters ensured they were well fed before they left.


Although the Peters apologised to Tyson, they also promised to come back to him on Monday regarding the whereabouts of their daughter.


It is now 9am on Monday morning, and they have just arrived at Tyson’s house and are already seated in the sitting room waiting for him to come down)


MRS PETERS: If after 12pm we didn’t see Emily, we would have to report it to the police. Since she is not at Jane’s house, I can’t think of anywhere else she would be.



MR PETERS: I’m even thinking if that Obed of a guy sent people to kidnap her. Otheriwse why would it be on the day of the introduction that she would go missing!


MRS PETERS: And to think I spoke with her on Saturday night and she told me she was all set and would be at home before 7am on sunday! Something is not right!


TYSON: Good morning, mummy and daddy.


MR PETERS: Good morning my son. Sorry for coming too early to disrupt your sleep. It’s just that we feel so so bad about what happened on sunday.


TYSON: oh! no dad, don’t worry about that. I was told that nothing good comes easy.


And because you told me what she had been through in the past, I was sort of ready for this


MRS PETERS: such a perfect gentleman you are!


TYSON: Thanks, mum. So what would you like. Just mention it and the chef will prepare it.


MRS PETERS: Don’t worry my son, we already had our breakfast before coming. We follow a very strict low carb and no sugar diet so we cook our own meal


TYSON: wow! Such discipline! No wonder you both are aging backwards!


So has she made contact yet? I’m worried about her safety.


Although I want to marry her and take her with me to America in two weeks but if that is not what she wants, I would like to ensure she is okay before I leave the country.


MR PETERS: we asked her friend and she told us she isn’t with her.



So we are going to wait until noon and if she fails to make contact, we would have to report her as a missing person to the police.


TYSON: her WhatsApp messages are delivering and she is reading them but not responding..


MRS PETERS: how sure are we that he is the one reading them? God please keep my daughter safe


TYSON: Don’t worry mum. She is safe. I just hope that Obed of a guy is not playing some smart game somewhere.


If I find out that he is behind this, I would kill him and go to prison!


MR PETERS: This is the exact thing i was telling my wife before you came down! We are going to name him as our prime suspect in this case…


Hunt: (walks in) excuse me sir, there is a lady here to see you


TYSON: A lady? What’s her name?


Hunt: Her name is Emily, sir.



MRS PETERS: Jesus thank you o!!!



MR PETERS: our own Emily?


TYSON: please let her in


(A lady with a suitcase walks in and no, it isn’t the Emily you and I know.


Remember the lady Tyson met in the shopping mall and went home with? Yes! That’s the Emily. She is also called Emily! So let’s call her Emily11)


EMILY11: why haven’t you called me since? What game is this supposed to be?


TYSON: who the hell are you and what are you talking about?


EMILY11: I have no time for this. Please take my suitcase upstairs I can’t drag it up because the doctor has asked me not to lift.


I am three weeks pregnant with your child. Thanks!








TYSON: thi… this has got to be a joke! Someone is trying to blackmail me here!


EMILY11: oh stop it! When I spent three nights with you and we had unprotected sΒ£x, what were you expecting? A Lamborghini? (Makes herself comfortable on the sofa..)






SETTING (Jane’s house where Emily had been all weekend. They are both having breakfast in the dinning room since they are both off work today)


EMILY: I regret everything right now


JANE: what and what?


EMILY: ever giving that Tyson the attention he received from me. I hate him so much right now I could stab him.



The worst part of it is that Obed has not spoken to me since then



JANE: it’s okay. Obed is a very principled human being. I think he wants you to see by yourself what you have done and punish yourself like you are doing now; He would rather you do it yourself than him doing it.


EMILY: Do you think i should just marry this Tyson then? Even though I hate him!



JANE: why would you marry a guy you hate! You guys are gonna kill each other!


EMILY: I’m just scared my parents would disown me because of what I did on sunday


JANE: They won’t. We will figure out what to tell them. Leave that to me.


I will ring Obed today and talk to him. I know it’s not easy. He is nursing an injury on his ego


EMILY: I wish he would give me a chance to apologise and even if he doesn’t want me back, at least I would know I apologised.


JANE: give it time, Emily. He will come around. He replied to my status on WhatsApp yesterday


EMILY: did he?


JANE: yes, it was a picture of you carrying Naomi


EMILY:really! What did he say??


JANE: he wrote “sweet”


EMILY: Oh my God! Really! And you didn’t tell me!


JANE: awwwww! Look at you! You guys are so in love with each other! You better get married!






SETTING ( Obed driving down to the shops to pick up a few things before he leaves for Nigeria tonight.


He puts a call across to friend, Jude using his handsfree)





JUDE: what’s good!


OBED: Almost everything. You okay?


JUDE: I am. Yourself ?


OBED: same. What are you doing tonight?


JUDE: Nothing


OBED: would you drop me off at the airport?


JUDE: airport? To do what? Where are you off to?


OBED: I’m going to Nigeria


JUDE: to do what?


OBED: to fix what I have broken…


To be continued


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