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EMILY: Episode 14


SETTING ( Obed and Jude his best friend went from work to their favourite restaurant. They had already placed their order and seated waiting for it)


OBED: I might be going to Nigeria soon…


JUDE: You’ve only just came back. What’s


happening their?


OBED: My girl…


JUDE: You miss her?



OBED: oh yeah! But mostly because she is struggling


JUDE: Financially?


OBED: No. She is under a lot of pressure by her family to get married to some other guy; their family friend or so…


JUDE: People still do that shit?


OBED: sadly.


JUDE: do you think management will be happy to give you another holiday anytime soon?


I think you should just get her a house so she moves out of her parents’ house. That would reduce the pressure..


OBED: She lives on her own. I don’t think she is coping well with the distance. It’s hard you know?


JUDE: Why won’t she? I mean you have been handling it like a pro, and you are a man. Ladies do better in terms of discipline so?


OBED: you know women sometimes can be like kids. They tend to lean towards wherever they’ll get that physical attention and I think the said guy is taking advantage of that


JUDE: oh man! That’s a dangerous situation. You gotta do something real quick. If the said guy is a certified player, he’s gon’ whisk her away before you know it!


OBED: true man! True. Yesterday, I called her on video and she couldn’t make eye contact with me. When i probed, i discovered she met up with the guy and he attempted to kiss her.


She did tell me though. However, she failed to mention about the huge flower that was on her dressing table. I’m guessing he got it for her as well



JUDE: damn! You are in trouble man! How do you sleep at night? No wonder you’ve been a shadow of yourself lately!


I can’t remember asking you this, are you guys engaged or just still dating?


OBED: We are not yet engaged…


JUDE: oh man! Why didn’t you give her a ring before coming back!


OBED: As if that guarantees anything..


JUDE: I know but it kinda shows you are serious about marrying her. At least to her parents


OBED: I don’t believe all that crap. My words are far more reliable and I gave her my words.


JUDE: You need to start calling her all the time. Like all the damn time!


OBED: I don’t wanna come across as paranoid and I want her to have a life. I don’t wanna choke her up


JUDE: this is not the time to be a gentleman. This is a time to fight ferociously for what you believe in.


A lion lives in your girl’s garden and you must protect her at all cost!


OBED: more like a coward. Only a coward tries to lure a lady because he knows her man is out of town.


If I were in Nigeria and this guy comes anywhere near my girl, i would tear a hole in his head!


JUDE: That’s the problem. You are not there and that makes you powerless


OBED: it’s killing me!



JUDE: I know man, but some of these things can actually strengthen the relationship. Depending on the kind of woman she is.


OBED: it’s difficult to love a broken girl…


JUDE: Is she?


OBED: Yea, she lost her boyfriend some years back


JUDE: oh dear! You know what? Hats off to any man loving a broken lady and any lady loving a broken man.


The paranoia, the distrust and the journey to rebuilding that person pffff! I can’t cope. I haven’t got the patience!


OBED: She’s not that bad now. She was, when we recently met.


JUDE: I’m sorry to sound very negative but deep down, I feel you might lose her to the guy nearby






OBED: Please don’t break my heart.


JUDE: nah, I’m saying it so that you know it is a possibility. You gotta do something and do something really fast.


If he has started buying her presents and meeting up with her, the battle is thirty percent lost…


OBED: I’m losing my ish! I really am!


SETTING: (Emily is home in her see through white night gown. Suddenly, her doorbell rings; believing it was the lady who comes to do her laundry, she goes downstairs, opens the door and here was Tyson with a flower and a teddy bear the size of a ten year old!)



EMILY: oh my gosh! I was not expecting you! What are you doing here? How did you locate my house!


TYSON: I’ll start from the last question, I followed the GPS of my heart and it landed me here. What am I doing here? To see the lady who kept me from sleeping all through the night.


May i come in?


EMILY: erm, erm, yeah sure! Please take a seat I’ll quickly go put something decent on


TYSON: (stands in her way) i beg of you in the name of whatever you believe in, don’t put anything else on. Let me enjoy the sight and maybe feel of your beautiful temple. I promise to behave myself okay?


Come on! If i had my way, you would never cover these meticulously put together body of yours. You are hiding away this treasure from humanity. It sucks.



EMILY: Tyson!



you have a way with words! Anyway, can I get you



TYSON: nah, I’m okay unless you would let me kiss you. That’s all I need right now


EMILY: Don’t be silly! Anyway how are you?


TYSON: I’m great. Erm, I am travelling to Abuja today and I will be there for 48 hours. The thought of not seeing you that long is excruciating. So I decided to come spend some time with you before leaving.


You know, it gets me thinking of how people could claim to be in love and live apart from the one they claim to love.


I just do not understand it!


EMILY: taking a swipe again huh?



TYSON: Not at all. I got you these


EMILY: Oh wow! They are so cute! Wow! That’s a very huge teddy!


TYSON: Yeah his name is TY and I hope you feel me everytime you hug him


EMILY: So when is your flight?


TYSON: 8pm. Was wondering if I can take you to my house just to show you where I live since you are off work today..


EMILY: I planned to talk to my boyfriend today. And it is very important


TYSON: you can talk to him from my house. I’ll avail you with every privacy you need


EMILY: And if he asks where I am since we speak on video?


TYSON: Tell him you just came to a hotel to relax. I don’t just want you to be here all by yourself.


No woman she be made to live this kind of life. You should always have a man handy to protect you


EMILY: so you promise to give us our privacy when when he calls right?


TYSON: cross my heart.


EMILY: alright then, let me quickly shower and put something on


TYSON: why don’t you shower in my place. My car is fully tinted so no one is gonna see you until you get to my house.



EMILY: no, I’ll be right back!



(Emily and Tyson picked up some food and drinks from an eatery on their way to Tyson’s house.


Tyson’s house is a newly built 5bedroom detached apartment in Lekki. It was very quiet, posh and modern…)


TYSON: welcome to my abode!


EMILY: wow! Nice place you’ve got here!


TYSON: Thanks mama! Come right in


EMILY: wow! What a beautiful place!


TYSON: you are more beautiful! Let’s go upstairs so I’ll show you to your room then we come down and eat and you can go make your call.


EMILY: Alright, thanks.


(Tyson showed Emily to a well decorated bedroom before they both went to the dining and ate. After they were done eating, Emily went back to the bedroom and made herself comfortable. After a while, Tyson came in her room…)


TYSON: I’m going to my room now to see some movies, if you need anything do let me know okay?


EMILY: That’s very kind of you. Thank you.



TYSON: you are welcome


EMILY: please, shut the door behind you.


TYSON: will do.


(Emily relaxed and then started ringing Obed who picked up immediately)



OBED: Hey baby! Wow you are looking so radiant!


EMILY: Thank you! You look tired. What’s the matter?


OBED: I’m okay. I guess I miss you that much.


EMILY: awwwww! I miss you too!


OBED: wait! That’s not your room or did you renovate it?


EMILY: it is certainly not! I’m in a hotel


OBED: why?


EMILY: I checked in this morning. I just needed a new environment where no one


would come looking for me


Shared on WhatsApp by martino.


OBED: amazing! I think I need to do something like this soon!


So is that guy still disturbing you?


EMILY: Yes but not like before. I think he has finally realised that there is no chance of anything happening between us.


OBED: this is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! How is Jane?


EMILY: she is alright


OBED: we had a short chat on WhatsApp yesterday.


EMILY: oh really?


OBED: yeah..sweetheart, tell me about the flower I saw in your room the last time we spoke..


EMILY: erm, it was from him…



OBED: go on, tell me more. How did he send it?


EMILY: He..he sent it to my office


OBED: He knows where you work? How?


EMILY: I think my parents told him


OBED: phew! God this is hard! It is. Okay listen to me. I need you to do what I’m about to tell you. Will you?


EMILY: tell me.


OBED: I want you to send those flowers back to him. Sweetheart, flowers say a thousand things and when you accept them, you are accepting a thousand things.


See, I know you are a woman and these things make you happy. I know that very well, but please give me a little more time and I will make up for the times I wasn’t there.


I could send you flowers from here but they would perish before they get to you.


You see how difficult my situation is?


Please be a little patient with me and help me preserve our relationship. Please



EMILY: I’m sorry and I promise to send it back to him as soon as I get home


OBED: that’s my girl. How long are you here for?


EMILY: I’m leaving in the morning


OBED: I paid in some money into your account. Did you receive it yet?


EMILY: awwww I haven’t checked yet. Thank you.


OBED: I want you to get a puppy


EMILY: oh my God!!!! I can’t wait!!!


OBED: I’ve already arranged for it. The guy is expecting them today and once he gets back to me, I’ll tell you exactly where and when to pick her up. She is so cute, white and fluffy!


I do hope she’ll keep you company whenever you get home after a long day at work


EMILY: i can’t wait!!!! I love you!!



OBED: i love you too, baby girl! when are you having…


TYSON: (interrupts) Hi beautiful, mum is on the phone…



OBED: who is that?


EMILY: erm erm (cuts the call) why!!!! Tyson why!!!


TYSON: Sorry? Your mum wanted to speak with you! Don’t tell me some boyfriend mere boyfriend is more important than your mother!


Come on! Besides, I didn’t know you were still on the phone with him!


EMILY: Tyson, you’ve just ruined my relationship. Thank you!


TYSON: what relationship are we even talking about here? The non existent one? Oh please!





TYSON: awwwww! Please don’t cry! I’ll be here for you. Tries to hug her


EMILY: don’t you touch me with those filthy hands of yours, idiot!!!



To be continued



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