Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Episode 4


(Date me and be free)


Reese’s POV


“Excuse the lady and I sir” the doctor pleaded


“Oh..hope there is no issue?” Miguel asked the doctor


“No, I need to explain something to her ” The doctor said and Miguel nodded


Miguel walked out and the doctor focused his attention on me


“Your name again?” He asked



“Reese” I replied


“Sit upright , We need to talk” He commanded and I obliged


I was wondering what he really wanted to say


you are such a beautiful woman, you shouldn’t be a slave of someone , I can help you” He said and I furrowed my brow and gave him my full attention


“You see…” he said and searched around to confirm if no one was watching him


“I really like you , you ain’t pregnant , If I tell Miguel this , trust me , you are doomed, he will sell you off to more cruel people, you do not want to meet these demons called men” He said , swallowed and watched my expression


“I like you and I really want us to start up something


I want us to date , I’ll lie to Miguel that you are pregnant , before he finds out the truth , I’ll have killed him” He said and smirked wickedly


I was confused , this met me in shock , I do not even know what to say . my mouth dropped while my heart was seriously searching for what to say


“Girl , this is your last chance , just tell me you are in and I’ll lie to him and ensure I work for your freedom ”

Claiming her Innocence



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