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EMILY: Episode 13


SETTING ( 7.45pm in the car park of one of the posh restaurants in Lagos. Emily drives in to where Tyson is packed waiting for her.


She switches off the ignition and Tyson walks to her car opens and holds the door for her)


TYSON: Hi, beautiful!


EMILY: Hello (carefully trying to bring out the box of flower from the front seat)


TYSON: What is that you are trying to get out? Can I help?


EMILY: The present you got me. There’s no need taking it home if I’m going to be destroying it.


I’m sure it cost you quite a lot.


TYSON: Why would you destroy it?


EMILY: I don’t think my boyfriend will be happy if he sees it…


TYSON: How is he going to know since he is not in the country? Besides, they are real flowers and will die off soon anyway!


EMILY: We tell each other everything..


TYSON: I see. So where is he now?


EMILY: by this time he would be in the gym



TYSON: hehehehe! All guess work baby! Do you know it is possible that he is somewhere as we speak, making out with some other girl?


EMILY: never! Obed is different


TYSON: hahahaha! Listen babe, I’m a man okay? We are very different from you guys. I’m not saying your man doesn’t love you . Nah! I ain’t saying that.


He probably loves you but he will be helping himself out with other girls until he is reunited with you.


This is the truth every man knows but will never tell you.



EMILY: Does it mean that no man is faithful to his woman?


TYSON: No man is faithful to an absent woman. Take this to the bank.


If I was dating you right now, I will be hundred percent faithful to you because you are right here with me.


And to keep being faithful to you, I would never live away from you.


You see, I don’t wanna sound rude, I don’t wanna sound wrong but come on! What man in his right senses would have a girl like you and leave her out here and travel to another country!


EMILY: it is only temporal though.


TYSON: I wouldn’t risk that. One thing I can say to you is this, do not withhold yourself from having fun. I can assure you, your man isn’t doing that shit. By the way, you look as beautiful and attractive as ever


EMILY: oh please! I had a long day at work.


TYSON: if this is what having a long day makes you look like, then have a long day everyday.


Let’s go inside the restaurant so you can eat something


EMILY: No, I don’t want anything. I just want to go home and relax


TYSON: Can i go get you something to drink while you wait here?



EMILY: No, I’m fine


TYSON: Can you come sit in my car for a while. I wanna tell you something please?


EMILY: promise to keep it brief because it’s almost the time i speak with my boyfriend on video


TYSON: I promise


EMILY: alright then


(Tyson opened and held the car door for Emily and she sat in the front seat while Tyson sat on the driver’s seat.


At this point, Emily’s knee length black skirt had gone up a bit by reason of her sitting down, thereby revealing some decent amount of her fair smooth thighs)


EMILY: I’m listening…


TYSON: I know but it’s kinda hot in here


EMILY: hot? When your AC is at the highest?


TYSON: the smoke your thighs are emitting can make the sky so cloudy that even the most experienced pilot would refuse to fly.


Permit me to say you have such sΒ£xy thighs


EMILY: hmmmm! Thanks


TYSON: Emily, you are so beautiful and if you give me a chance, you and I will light up the sky


EMILY: But I already told you I have someone


TYSON: I don’t mean to be rude but can you just stop talking about him for a moment?



He is a dream, you and I are real. I can touch you and you can touch me. That’s real! Anything else is a joke!


Why are you letting a guy lie to you? You are too beautiful and precious for this okay?


EMILY: But I love him


TYSON: I know you do. He showed you something that looked a little like love and you fell for it.


Can you give me just two weeks to show you what real love is all about?


EMILY: I can’t


TYSON: (places his left hand on her laps and gently squeezing them) listen to me, if you say yes to me, I’ll stay here with you in Nigeria until your papers are ready and we go back to the states together.


There’s no way I would leave such a treasure all by herself. Come on! You don’t deserve this.


You’ve been so lonely for so long. After the demise of your late boyfriend, you stayed alone for so long why do you want to go back to it?



EMILY ( starts crying )



TYSON: I know I know! You are still hurting baby girl, why don’t you let me heal this wound forever?


I mean, I don’t believe in that long distant relationship bullshit but even if it works for people, it’s never gonna work for someone like you!


Just look at you. Every weekend, you stay indoors! When you need a shoulder to lean on, no one is there, when you need a hug, you hug your pillow, when you need a kiss, you say our lord’s prayer and when you need sΒ£x, you sing it is well with my soul.


That ain’t right baby!





TYSON: Do me a favour. Will you?


EMILY: what favour?


TYSON: let those tears drop on my shirt, please. They are too precious


EMILY: (places her head on his shoulder)


TYSON: ( gently wraps her into his arms) I promise to take all your pains away and give you beautiful memories that will last a life time. Just create a space in your heart for me to plant this precious seed of love I have here.


I know you don’t know me and you have no reason to trust me but just give me a chance.


Just one chance to prove my love for you (tries to kiss her)



EMILY:(disengages herself from him) don’t do that



TYSON: I’m sorry. I.. I.. was just carried away and for a moment, thought you were my wife. A dream I will give my life to make a reality


EMILY: I need to go home now!


TYSON: would you want to spend the night in my house? I promise you will have your own room.


EMILY: No. I’m going to my house


TYSON: can I at least get a hug?



EMILY: (hugs him quickly and leaves)



SETTING (10.30pm in Emily’s bedroom, Obed had called severally and left her a message to get in touch as soon as she could.


She quickly showered, wore her blue satin nightgown and started ringing Obed on WhatsApp video call)


OBED: Oh! Thank God you are okay!


EMILY: awwwww! I’m so sorry sweets, I was stuck in traffic for hours and hours!


OBED: I even called Jane and she told me she couldn’t get in touch with you either!


I felt less of a man not being able to go look for my girl.


I’m so sorry for all these. I promise to make it up to you


EMILY: It’s okay honey you don’t have to be sorry. My battery went flat.


OBED: I love you so much. I really do.


EMILY: (avoiding eye contact) I love you too


OBED: Emily, is everything okay?


EMILY: yeah sure! Everything is fine.


OBED: Are you sure?


EMILY: positive!


OBED: why are you avoiding making eye contact with me. I mean I noticed it right from the time you called. What’s going on?


EMILY: I don’t get what you are saying?


OBED: Emily, did you meet up with that guy?


EMILY: hian! o! was just the traffic


OBED: come on baby, don’t lie to me okay? Remember what I told you about trust being important here?


EMILY: so why can’t you believe me!


OBED: calm down, there is no need to scream or get angry. Did you meet up with him or not. Yes or no?



EMILY: I don’t….


OBED: yes or no, Emily?


EMILY: (starts crying)


OBED: I know….I know. Alright stop crying you know I can’t stand those tears.


Did anything happen?



EMILY: No. Nothing happened


OBED: great. Now, go to bed I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


EMILY: honestly nothing happened. He tried to kiss me but I stopped him


OBED: sweetheart, I believe you but I’m feeling really defeated tonight. I feel less of a man. Another man is trying to fill the void I left in your life.


It’s all my fault (starts biting his lips in an attempt to hold back his tears)


I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to go now. Good night.


I love you.


To be continued


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