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???? Micheals POV????




I was still in my office,shading tears of sorrow when Alice barged into my office….”Alice,what’s the problem…av been asking of you… “She didn’t even let me finish and I received a terrifying slap. “You moron,you think you can fool us for long!I know your secret now…”she said and for the first time,I was scared of her. “Alice,calm down a … “I said almost finishing when I received another hot punch from her leg making me bleed. “You scandrol,you are that bastard who raped carol and you act like you did nothing”she said with a clenched feast. “Alice,am sorry,it was unintentional,”I said and she dragged my hands backwards making me to kneel backing her as she drag my head upwards and hit it with her head,not like I can’t get up and beat the hell outta her till she asks for mercy,but she was Lucas’s girlfriend,and I won’t want to hurt him, “Alice let me go this Instant”I said but she ignored,”so of all the things you’ve done to carol its sorry you have to say you wizard!you deserve death”she said still hitting me making me to bleed. “Security!!!” I shouted and securITU came in and separated us before I would change my mind and beat blue outta her. “We arnt done yet!!”she said and stormed out of my office the same way she came. Oh brother!! I should have a quick talk with Lucas, I stormed out of my office heading to Lucas’s office…..


???? Lucas POV ????


“Look at my face,does it look good??tell me!!”Michael thundered,as I stared at his face still thinking how Alice could do this….”Lucas,why did you have to tell her. You know she’s gonna tell carol…and know what’s gonna happen,am a dead meat Lucas”he shouted panicking at once. “Mich,she gave me her word,she wouldn’t tell carol,and I have to tell her,she asked me,looking all curious and cute,so I just told her,and am sure you didn’t hurt her,cos if you did,I wouldn’t hesitate to ruin your face the more”I said and ruffled his hair in anger. “Lucas,I would have hurt her till she begs for mercy and face you,ain’t scared of you,….she told you that she won’t report and you believed her. “He asked. “Of course,I trust carol with my life”I said and he shook his head and left.


???? Carol’s POV ????


Its already half past 4, I was lying down,waiting patiently for Alice to return home,today has been really boring,….as I was in my world of thought,our door cracked open. We lived in a rented apartment. “Alice!!I said and went to welcome her ,”any news…”I asked but she ignored me,she was looking angry ????, “Alice what’s wrong”I asked and she shook her head negatively signifying ‘nothing’,as she pulled off her shoes. “Alice, I know when something is wrong with you,tell me”I persisted. “Nothing,I just had a stressed out from work, how was your day at home”she asked and I fell on the bed. “It was boring Alice, I just kept thinking about the kiss,Alice,I wish it never ended. “I said dreamily and she stopped removing her earrings and shot me a glare. “What!!,carol,don’t ever mention that again,”Alice said,sounding weird. “Alice what’s the matter with you,I have a crush on him,how does that affect you??”I asked but she eyed me and continue removing the eyelashes she put on. “I can’t say you love him,cos I know you are dating Lucas,I saw you guys kissing at the restaurant last night”I said and she gaps, “you did??”she asked smiling and I nodded on affirmation. “So, if I didn’t know,you won’t tell me”I said sounding jealous. “No its not that,it was just last night and time flies fast” she explain smiling, “whatever Alice,food is ready” I said and she jumped out to the kitchen for food.


*next day at the hospital*????????




Caroline’s POV continued????????


I arrived at the hospital and my God every where was busy again as usual,as I walked to my office after greeting my few friends,I sighted a woman,aged a bit backing me from afar talking to a nurse,it was kinda a stone throw,so I could hear what they were saying. “Pls help my husband,he might die please” came the woman’s voice,it sounded familiar,”mam,am sorry,all doctors are busy right now,you have to wait a bit,maybe after 2 hours” the nurse said. “What!! My husband might die before that time,” the lady shouted sounding like my aunt. “Thats not my problem mam”the nurse said and the woman raised her hands to slap the nurse,I ran and intervened holding her hand. “Madam, you don’t have the right to touch any worker ????,”I said….”nurse you can go”I said and she went I faced the woman and I knew it!! Its the witch. ‘Aunt Becky’!!

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