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Caroline’s pov ????????
“Aunt! What in Calli are you doing here? When did you leave your wretched palace at the Philippines?” I asked. “Dearie,how have you been?its been a long time,pls help your uncle,he’s dying plss” she said rubbing her palms together crying. “No way!he can die for all I Care,I don’t care”she replied angrily. “Carol dear,pls forgive us,we are very sorry,its still me your aunt,pls” she said coming to hold me and I pushed her away making her to fall with her butt on the floor. “Becky,you abandoned me when I needed you,when strategy knocked,you didn’t care for me,you threw me out of the house to survive for myself. What if I died? Will you see me here and start asking me for Favour huh?what if I died huh? What if I died!?” I shouted. Just then I saw Michael coming towards us,I already created a scene. “Doc carol,what’s going on here,why the fuse?this lady brought a patient with heart attack”he said confused. “This wretched old lady here is my aunt. And that sick old killjoy in there is my uncle,they are asking me to help them,whereas in the past they cared the less about me. They threw me out of the house when I needed them the most,I’m not treating him, he can die for all I care” I said and with that I stormed to my office,where I could go release my tears.
???????? Alice’s POV ????????
Lucas called me to his office,as I entered through the door,GE grabbed me at once and we engaged in a serious kiss. So that’s why he called me???????? oh Christ,he’s too crazy. He carried me up as I flung my legs around his waist. He took me to his chair and sat down making me to sit on him facing him,all this while we were kissing,he unzipped my cloth and was about doing justice to my body,when we heared Micheals voice. “Uh uh,not in the office,you can go to a hotel if you want,but not now,we have a problem,its about Caroline” he said and at the mention of Carol,I jumped out of Lucas’s laps and he zipped up and cloth back. “What’s it about carol” I asked. “Her aunt just arrived,Becky,and her uncle is dying of heart attack and she won’t treat him due to thier mistakes to her in the past,” he said and I cursed. “Those witches,she’s right. I wish the old man dies” I said and Lucas held me,”Alice,I want you to convince carol to go and treat him,its all past” Michael said. “The past you caused thats still hunting her? No way,let him die” I said and Lucas turned me to himself and kissed me while Michael rolled His eyes. “Alice,please go and talk to her,pls just for me,you know we are here to save lives,no matter what,that should be our priority”he said caressing my cheeks and I nodded,I couldn’t refuse him,I walked past Michael,heading to carols office. “Thanks man”I heared Michael tell Lucas.
???????? carols pov ????????
I was in my office crying my eyes out,as the past event flashed to my head….
” I cried my way back home crawling,cos Micheals d**k broke my bones,how could he have done this to me. All my cloths where torn,and NY boobs where dirty due to the mud I mistakenly entered while coming home,and blood rushing out of my virgina,face and mouth. As I cried home,I regretted ever having to know Michael. He’s a beast,a basterd!
I finally arrived home at my aunts place and saw her making up,”a….aun…..aunt…..”I called but she ignored me, “aunt,I was rapped” I managed to say and continued crying,she looked at me up and down and stood up. “Carol,you were raped,so?… many times gave I told you to stay indoors you don’t listen,what do you want me to do now?leave me alone”she said and hissed. “Aunt pls,won’t you help me??”I asked still crying. “No,never,you are leaving this house right now,I can’t have a disgraced human being in my house,like mother like daughter,get out” she scold and with that,she started dragging me with my hair outta the streets,I continued crying and thinking of where to go,I remembered Alice,and I knew she won’t throw me out so I decided to crawl to her house,but I collapsed on the road. When I woke up,I was on Alice’s laps,she was crying with me. She consoled me and took Care of me ever since……..
Flash back ends…….????????????
Just then Alice came in. “Carol dear,its ok,forgive and forget,”she said but I ignored her. “Its not the old man that drew you out right,just help him”she said. “No Alice,I don’t care,let him die” I said still crying. “You know we are hear to save lives right,and if you want to make a good impression on sir Michael then you will treat him”she said and it hit me,I stood up relonctantly and went to treat him,it wasn’t that severe anyway,I just gave him drips and prescribed drugs he would take,after that,I left his ward. Just as I came out,I saw aunt Becky smirking. “Look at you,cursed girl,so I had to beg you before you treat him,how dare you even push me to the floor,your gonna regret messing with me you scoundroll”she said and I shook my head in disbelief. “You havnt changed a bit you bicth,get out of this hospital before I call security”I shouted at her. “You don’t command me carol,you’ve got some nerves huh?”she said folding her hands. I couldn’t take it,I began dragging her hair and pushing her towards the door,almost at the gate,Michael rushed out,”hey security,separate those Two and throw the old woman out”he said and they separated us,”no!!let me throw her out myself,let me go!!”I ranged with the security holding me. Before I knew what was going on,Michael carried on his back with my legs on his chest to his office as I screemed. “Let me go Michael!leave me alone”I shouted hitting his back as Lucas and Alice followed us. What a scene!!!……………..

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