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Caroline’s pov ????????????
“I’ll do what I can but I’ll have to know the kinda poison he took so I could fine the antidote” I said to her, “its rat poison doc, it was a mistake, we had a misunderstanding and I refuse to cook for him so he ate the food meant for the mice as a trap, doc pls help me” she begged”Kelvin am sorry”she added as she shouted heading to the patients room when some nurses stopped her. “Mam, you can’t go in there for now,lemme do my work, its all ok, alright??” I said and left her there as she sanked on the floor crying, I entered Kelvin’s ward, connected the antidote of the poison to His drip and some other things then came out with s satisfactory smile that he’ll be ok. “Your boyfriend is safe now, you can go in there now, tryna keep a close eye on him, this is a big hospital, anything could happen”o said to her. “Ok, thanks doc but he’s still on drips??” She asked. “Oh that’s a temporary issue, he just needs that to correct the side effects of the poison he took, he’ll wake up in no time”I said and she smiled “ok, thanks doctor, I’ll take it from here,”she said and I nodded and left.
*evening at the hospital*
I was in my office attending to a patient,after prescribing drugs he’ll take he stood up and opened the door to leave and as he opened the door, in came sir Michael!!??? Why is he here?? I placed my hands backwards in respect, well since he said am a mere worker, let’s play official. “Sir, you need anything???” I asked hands still backwards. “Yeah, actually, I’m really sorry for the way I snapped at you earlier, I was wrong, I know you were really hurt a I’m sorry for that ok, I didn’t mean all I said back there, candy I’m sorry”he said while I maintained my position *standing up, with my hands folded backwards* “well sir, I ain’t mad at you, and I have no right to be. After all, I’m just your worker and that’s how the boss is suppose to address to the worker who asked an absurd question”I said and he walked towards me closing my mouth with one of his fingers. “Candy, don’t ever carry that in mind. You are more than a worker to me”he said and I blushed inwardly, but ignored him outwardly still in my position. Then he continued with his next move…. He cupped my chicks in his palms caressing it as his fave came closer, my heart begins to beat faster than normal,”sir, what are you doing?? Stop” I said but he ignored me and his face kept coming closer. “Sir pls stop am begging you” I said really trembling like I would die any moment from now. “Candy I’ll kiss you if you don’t stop acting official”he said and I was shocked, so he knows I was acting. “Ok, mich just stop this, you got me, jist leave plss” I said and he withdrew from me smiling while I breath out in relieve. “Now that’s Carol, gotcha” he said happily cos he tricked me and left. My heart was beating real fast, and I took a glace of water to calm down then what happened flashed in my mind and I smiled…. Well frankly, I was really yearning for his lips. ‘I’m such a drama queen’ I thought and laughed just then I heared Jane’s voice, oh my she was there all along, well who Cares, serves her right.
“I saw that,…. So sweet… Awwn, you’ll pay for this” she said and headed outta my office. It was getting late so I went home, I ran to grace room to tell her all about today, yeah, we’re close now, she’s more like Alice to me.
Michael’s pov ????????????
*at night, at Michaels house⛲????*
I already arranged it with grace, so that when Jane arrives and something out of the ordinary happens then grace will call carol, I just wanna know if she has feelings for me……. The door bell rang, my servants got it and Jane came in wearing a short pink skirt and a top with a fragrant perfume, looks like my plan is working…..”oh my, welcome to my house⛲???? Jane, have a sit” I said and she smiled and sat down close to me, I looked up and sighted grace and Carol look from the balcony,… That’s good, grace is really good at this.
.Carol’s pov????????????
Grace rushed into my room when I was about to sleep saying that Jane is here, I was shocked so I ran out to the balcony only to see Jane dressed like that, with mich, “look how she’s dressed, she looks like a slut” grace said and I smirked, but I thought mich loved me, why would he be doing this to me, “Jane, call the list of unqualified workers for me my eyes are hurting” mich lied as I opened my eyes in shock and continued watching, I was already boiling in anger against the both of them especially mich!!! How could he??
“Ok, first, Sarah, cos she’s always late, second, Olivia, cos she forgets her working tools most of the times then lastly carol, cos she’s inefficient. Well we don’t have a lot of useless workers so these are the few of them” Jane said and I began to boil as grace held me,”why on earth will she call my name, who does she think she is???” I ranged. “Calm down carol” grace said. “Don’t worry, she pay for this, both of them” I replied still fuming. I mean, what on earth???!!! “Ok Jane, I’ll see to that, but for now can you help me with my neck, its hurting badly” mich said touching his neck like it has pains while I stood there shocked?? When did mich have neck problems?? Why Jane and not me??? “Ok, your wish is my command” Jane said and Began marsarging him still on her sitted position. “Does it feels good” Jane asked and he nodded, I couldn’t believe my eyes. “You’re beautiful Jane” mich said and I almost fainted!!!! What????? Just what is going on here??? “Wow, Jane is really a slut!!” Grace said. “It’s not Jane’s fault, it’s Michael’s, he’s the one flirting with her” I said tryna hide my anger but Jane caught mo. “Are you mad right now??” She asked. “Nope, why should I be??? I’m not affected at all, mich can do whatever, its not my shit business” I said lying. “Don’t tryna lie to me, I know you still love Michael, am I right??” She asked but I ignores her, cos I myself can’t figure out my feelings towards mich, I mean how could I love the same guy that rapped me years ago, I looked at them and what I saw almost took me off balance. Jane has graduated from his neck to carresing his chest as thier lips started getting close, just too close, they where about to kiss when I left there, I couldn’t take it, I just couldn’t……..
I wore a simple dress and escaped from the back, I kept walking around the streets that late hour not knowing particularly where to go… Then just then I heared footsteps behind me… I turned to see two men smirking at me. Oh no, I can’t experience rape twice. I took on my heels and ran as fast as my leg could take me until…………

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