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Michael’s POV ????⌚????????????




I sighted carol dragging her bag through the street and I smiled and dropped. I don’t think she knows am the one driving before she waved. I came out and saw that shock on her face. “Sorry am late candy, let’s get going”I said and took her bags to the boots as she followed me. “Michael give me my bag, to hell with you” she said but I ignored her and put the bags into the boot. I know she needs this ride, she’s just acting drama. “Get in” I said and opened the front sit for her and she went in. I ran to the drivers sit and entered. I was about to start driving when I took a glance at her and noticed she looked scared, even shivering, what could be her problem this time, “Caroline are you….” I was saying trying to touch her when she yanked her hands off me still scared. Ok, what is going on. “Candy, feel free and tell me the problem, what are you scared of, its still me your paddy, I’m harmless” I said and she looked down. “I’m scared of you, you might try to abuse me again, pls Michael, don’t” she said and wow, really??? Is she really that scared of me? I was shocked. I held her shivery hands and looked at her and she did the same. “I will never do that again, trust me, that was my biggest mistake, I wasn’t myself, I’m so sorry, you have nothing to be scared of ok” I said and she nodded. ” that’s enough, too much drama, let’s get going” she said and removed her hands from mine. and we drove off……….


Caroline’s POV ????????????????????????????????


We arrived at a big mansion and the gates opened on its own and we drove in, wow, this place is dope…. Michael opened the car door for me and I stepped down. He’s been really nice and I kinda feel bad for calling the police to him, the mansion was really beautiful with fountain falls around. That’s what I called it. It was really huge, goergous and wow, words can’t explain it. “Do you like the place” Michael asked. “Yeah, Sir this….” I was saying when he cut me short. “Caroline, we aren’t at work right, so why call me sir, I prefer you call me that name you call me back then” he blabbed,as I just looked at him. What does he think he’s doing, well lemme play along, “you mean Mich?” I asked and he nodded. “Ok, Mich the place is dope” I said and he smiled. “Shall we?” He said and we went inside.

On getting inside, I met 10 house helps lined up like they knew I was coming. “Welcome mrs Montenegro” they said in unison and wait what?? Did they just say mrs Montenegro? That’s Michaels surname, now what is going on here?? I looked at mich and like he read my thought, he spoke out. “So, you’ve all met Carol, she’ll be your mistress now, obey her, do her biddings, respect her like you do to me and more so, lemme not hear that any of you made her sad, understood!!” He said and they replied in unison “yes sir”. ” good, you all can go, grace stay behind” mich said and they all left except a lady. She wasn’t dressed in the same uniform as the house helps,I wonder what her role was. “Carol meet grace. She will be your personal servant. Her duty is to carry out your oder, either good or bad, know your whereabouts, know where you go each day and who you should return, make you happy and relaxed” he said and I felt really special, I liked the lady, lady, she looked like a mother to me, she smiled at me and I did same. “You can go, Carol will join you in a bit” mich said and she left. “Mich, thanks a lot, could you excuse me, I’m feeling sleepy,” I said and yawned. “Grace would show you your room, do you like her, or I should change her” he asked and I widened my eyes,”no, she’s ok, and why did they call me mrs Montenegro, am I your wife young man?” I asked and he chuckled. “Well I think the maids got that question. Grace??? Come take Carol” he said and called grace then left. “This way mam” she said and I smiled, “am Carol, don’t call me mam, I kinda like you, can we be friends” I asked and she smiled and

nodded. She took me to my room and wow, it was pretty, I bounced on the bed, wow, so soft. “You like it carol” grace asked and I nodded, “uhmmm, take your bath and go to bed ok” grace said and left. How will I just bath and sleep, lemme explore this house a bit. I went out of my room and came downstairs to the living room and went to the dining, wow, glass table. Just then something caught my attention. There were stains on one edge of the table, looks like someone’s tears, I used a hanky to clean it. To my surprise it didn’t clean, I tried harder then it cleaned a bit, as I was about finishing my work, grace came. “Carol, we’ve tried cleaning that, it never cleans, go to sleep now, sir might kill me if he finds you here” she said and I went to sleep……


*next morning, at the hospital*


I drove into the hospital with one of Michaels cars since I refused for him to ride me and he doesn’t want me to take a cab.

I entered the hospital to see the shock of my life???? What is this wicth doing here, am doomed??!!! “Jane???????” I asked surprised that my niece is a here, that lady is a devil. “Hi carol, its been long” she said and winked at me as she chewed gum wearing s£xy cloth, just too short…….

What is this girl up to………





Guys it would av been longer, but everything I typed vanished and I had to start again….

So sorry…..


Gen gen, jane don enter the scene, carol and Michael, time for confusion!!!!!!

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