Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Caroline pov????????????????
I was still starring at her like really confused. “Cut to the chase Jane, what are you doing here” I asked. “Well, I heared there was vacancy for a P.A,am just here to try my luck,*winked*you know what I mean” she said shewing her gum. Oh, she came to look for work dressed like that??? I looked at her and laughed. “You’re insane Jane,with the way you’re dressed, I’m sure before you’ll utter a word the next thing you’ll hear is ‘you’re disqualified’” I said and she chuckled. “Let’s see” she said and just then I sighted a nurse eavesdropping on our conversation, so I left Jane there and walked to where the nurse was and caught her as she was about to escape. “What’s your mission? Why were you eavesdropping?” I asked as she shivered. “Am sorry mam, but am just doing my job” she said. “Your job? What are you saying? Someone payed you to watch me??! Tell me…. Who paid you” I said squeezing her arm as she sqweeled in pain. “Tell me now or you loose your arm” I said and what I heared next shocked me. “Its miss Alice, she asked me to keep a close eye on you,” she said and I let go of her. “You can go, sorry for the inconvenience” I said and she left. What the, am I a kid?? Why would audy ask someone to watch over me?? Whatever, its time to get to work.
Michael’s POV????????
I just entered my office when my sec entered,”sir an applicant for a P.A is here sir,” he said and I signaled him to let the applicant in. I was expecting a responsible person to enter my office, just to see a tall charming lady in a shiny short gown of which one side was torn. Wait, what is she even thinking, she was even chewing gum. I felt the urge to disqualify her but I decide to hear her out first. “Good morning sir, I’m Jane caston, I’m here for the work of a P.A,I hope I get accepted” she said and I chuckled,”with your dressing? Are you here to seduce anyone” I asked hands on my jaw as she chuckled in a s£xy way, wow, ok this is a slut. “Maybe so, just employ me first and we see how it goes” she said and I was shocked. Really…… I was about disqualifying her when an idea popped in my head. That’s Right, wow, a great idea. “Ok, you can start, meet my sec, he would show you your office and your secretary” I said and she smiled. “Thanks sir” she said and left. Immedietly she left, I called my sec,”connect my computer to the CCTV in carols office, I need to watch some drama, and also in the new P.A’s office” I said and he connected it and it showed carol making a call in her office.
Caroline’s pov????????
I was in my office when my phone rang. It was Alice. “Hey Audy,” I said immedietly I picked up. “Candy, how are you holding up there, I heared Jane came there today” she said. “Am not surprise you know about that when you assigned nurse Carlotta to watch over me, common Audy, I can handle myself, and Jane, I’m sure mich won’t employ, you should have seen her dressing” I said and she hmmmmed. “You can never tell carol, just in case, don’t allow her to torment you in your own territory like old times, I want you to stand strong and face her, if things get outta hands just call me kk” she said and I smiled”. “Ok Audy”I said just then, I sighted Jane coming to my office. Oh my, mich employed her. “Oh my, speaking of the bicth, she’s coming to my office, Audy I’ll call you later” I said and hung up waiting for Jane. “What kinda reckless doctor are you Carol, you should best fired” she said immedietly she entered hands on waist. “Wow, a slut in city hospital, so you were employed, trust me it won’t last” I said and eased and continue with my paper work. “You dare noted talk to me anyhow, I have the power to kick you out anytime, I’m your P.A now girl,there’s a patient dying and you’re here talking trash? You’re the worst doctor” she shouted. “Hey, hey, hey, you just got employed, you’ve no guts to fire me, I’m more than a staff here” I said and stood up and faced her. “I’m warning you, better back off, you should be scared of me” she said pointing at my face. I pushed her hands away and she looked at me shocked. “You know what, you’re the worst boss Jane, I can put you down at anytime, outta my way” I said and brushed past her going to attend to the patient.
Michaels POV????????
This is gonna be war, I heared everything carol and Jane said from the CCTV in carols office. This is my idea, I know that somehow, carol still feels something for me, so am gonna use Jane to bring it out even if it means making her jealous. I took my phone and called Jane. “Hello sir,” she answered still chewing the gum. “Yeah, I’ve for a little task for you,” I said over the phone. “Ok sir, right now??” She asked. “No,bring me the birth and death records including the vacancies and list of unqualified staffs to my house this evening” I said and she answered “ok”. “I’ll send you the address” I said and hung up. Just then carol came in. More like she stormed into my office, of course looking angry and I know the reason why, I’m ready for her. “Mich, I wonder why, on all basis and…. I don’t know, why would you accept that harlot to be your P.A” she said hands on the air as she rolled her eyes in the mention of PA. “How is that suppose to be the concern of a common worker like you carol, look how barged into my office, what has gotten into you, don’t your have respect anymore”I said and I could see that my answer striked her as she raised her eyelids at me. “Michael…… You didn’t answer my question….. Jane is nothing but a slut, why was she employed” she asked me. “Because that’s my business not yours and she had to be employed, now leave my office,stop asking stupid question and get to work”I snapped and I could see the sadness in her eyes….. Oh my!! What have I done!? She looked at me and slowly turned and left my office. No no no, I couldn’t have hurt her again, no! I have to apologize. U saw tears in her eyes.
Carol’s POV????????
” I can’t believe Michael is screamed at me. I can’t take this” I said to myself as tears dropped from my eyes. But wait! Why am I crying? I mean, he’s my boss, and I really asked an absurd question, he has the right to shout at me. I quickly wiped my tears, when I heared screams. I patient was carried on a stretcher, with the loud girlfriend crying her eyes out. I didn’t have that vibe but I had to work. I took my tycoscope and ran to the room. The patient was poisoned and was almost dying, blood was pouring from his mouth. The girlfriend fell on the floor crying. “Dic plss save him, I beg you, he’s all I’ve got” she begged. ” I’ll do what I can but…….

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