Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Micheals pov ????????????
I carried carol into the room and started my treatment on her while Alice and Lucas waited outside. After some minutes of working on her I left the room waiting for her to wake up. “It was just a light shock. She should be awake anytime soon” I told Alice immedietly I came out and she nodded and made to leave. “Where are you going Alice?”Lucas asked her,am going to get her food,I’ll be back”she answered and left. I wish I and carol can be a happy couple like Lucas and Alice. But right now,am not certain of carols reaction when she wakes up. Cos clearly she almost killed me earlier,thank God for the shock…..uhmmm,not that am happy she’s sick but….thank God it stopped her…”hey man,aren’t you gonna say anything to me,or are we just gonna stare at each other all day huh,”Lucas said bringing me outta my thoughts. “That was some real drama in there some minutes ago” I said. “????????*laughs*like real drama,I almost thought carol would kill you…..????????*sighs*how do you feel now ?” He asked. “Lucas am scared. What’s she gonna do when she gets off that bed. Yeah the shock saved me once,its not gonna save me next time. I mean she’s not gonna be shocked forever”I said pointing at her entrance door. “Yeah yeah,I get…but ???? ???? *shocked* you mean you are happy she got shocked into coma??!,really??”he said misunderstanding me. I ruffled my hair in frustration. “Lucas I didn’t mean that. Am just……*confused*????…..I don’t know”I said and I felt tears striping outta my eyes. “Oh no,*sad*???? Michael??”touching my shoulders. “Lucas,just call me when carol she wakes up”I said and left there,I couldn’t stand me crying in front of me. Lucas is only gonna comfort me,he doesn’t get it,carol won’t kill him,ite she’s gonna be slaughtering. Am so scared.
Carol’s pov????????????????????
I opened my eyes suddenly,I flipped them trice to know where I was,I removed the stuff on my nose and breath in some real air then every thing started flashing back to my head. So doc Michael is my paddy. Why does it have to be him. How will I kill him now when am already falling for….*shocked????* what did I say?? Of course I don’t fall,I can’t fall for that pervert. If I can’t kill him,I’ll make sure he spends the rest of his bloody life in jail. I made to stand up but sited Alice shoes and I slept back and put that stuff back on my nose,pretending to be asleep. “Carol dear,how you doing my candy”she said as she carrased my cheeks. I wonder why this friend loves me this much. Something’s fishy. “From now on,I’ll make sure no one hurt you again Lil sis. I’ll be your bodyguard,your eyes and ears”she said and I invisibly widened my eye. Lil sis??? Could this be Audrey?? But mum said she’s dead. I opened my eyes slightly and looked at her as she also looked at me shocked. “Audrey???”I said surprised trying to stand up. “Carol,did you hear what I….no no no,save your strength,don’t try standing up”she said. “Alice am dammn ok now. Did I just hear you right m? Lil sis,eyes and ears? Thats what Audrey always told me that,tell me the truth. Are you Audrey?”I asked. She nodded quietly and I gaps as tears rode down both our cheeks. “Audy,you told me you’ll never leave me!what? *Alice shaking head negatively* no Audy what? You left me to face aunt Becky alone after mums death?”I said crying. “No baby calm down…its not..”she was saying when “why is today like this….am I cursed??”I said cutting her shut. “No Caroline baby,don’t ever say that,never say that. You aren’t cursed candy,listen to me,its a long story,I had to leave….”she said as I continued sniffing. “What happened Alice…..why did you leave me,you had to leave me….no! You had to leave me! You changed your name to Alice,never to know me or see me again. You knew all this while I was your sister you kept it from me”I blabbed. “Listen to me,I had to run away,mum and dad where going to sell me out. They were forcing me to marry Mr Tom’s son,I was still 6 years then,I had to run. But guess what,Lucas is Mr toms son. He was also six back then,i just got to know that,few weeks ago,carol candy,am so sorry”she said and I hugged her. Lucas came in. “Alice,what’s going in,why is she crying?”he asked. Just then Michael came in. “You beast”I said and made to stand up when Alice calmed me down. “Pls guys,excuse us” Michael said and everyone left.
Michael’s pov????????????????????
“Carol dear….am”I was saying when she cut me short. “Get outta my room Mich,I don’t wanna see you. The mare sight of you makes me sick”she said. I was expecting drama. “Candy….”I said. “Don’t ever!ever call me candy again!ever”she warned sternly. “Ok,am sorry” I apologized. “Sorry for your crazy self” she cursed. Right,I get it,she hates me. “Look am so sorry,pls”I said. “No need for apologizing,you’re gonna rot in jail,get out”she said shocking me. “Carol,are you serious”I asked kneeling down. “Let’s see about that tomorrow”she said. “Carol pls don’t do this,I’ll do anything,pls”I begged. “Get out!”she said and I got up and left.
*next day ????????*
Micheals pov ????????????
It was already mid day,carol isn’t at work yet,I wonder why,Alice said she had no idea why. Oh God pls protect her. After some minutes,my sec came into my office saying there where police men outside and they wanted to see me,only for me to go out and found carol with police men. “There,thats him,arrest the rapist already” she said and the police men came to arrest me!!! Oh my!!

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