Tue. May 28th, 2024

*In Manila, Lucas and Alice apartment*????????????
Lucas’s POV????????
I came out of the bathroom, dressed up and came downstairs only to find Alice pacing to and fro the living room. “Alice dear, what’s the matter” I asked holding her hand.seriously I don’t like seeing her like that. “Lucas, I want to go home, my sister needs me”she said and I loosed control. “Hey calm down, what happened, you want to leave me here all alone” I asked “but carol needs me, she’s hurting”she said and I carrased her cheeks. “Hun, are you choosing your sister over me now, why is she hurting, she is a big girl now, common” I begged. “Michael is hurting her, he brought another lady to the house⛲???? and was flirting with her just to make my sister jealous, they almost kissed Lucas, and carol is hurt. I didn’t leave her in his hands for her to get hurt again” she fired and sat down on the sofa and I knelt down facing her. “Alice, I’ll talk to Michael ok, just don’t leave me, I love you”I said and she hugged me, “I just want my sister to be happy, I’m sorry” she apologized. “It’s ok, I’ll talk to Michael, I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again” I said and carried her to her room. Of course she has her own room and I have mine, do you expect us to stay in the same room when we aren’t married?! Common, don’t be like that.
Next day????????
*at the hospital ????????*
Carol’s POV????????????
I arrived at the hospital, I didn’t take Michael car, I took a cab, I am trying to avoid him, I sighted Felix, so, I went to him. “Hi Felix, thanks for last night” I said. “Is not me you should be thanking, it’s sir Michael” he said. “Why should I thank him, when I know that he’s just making up for what he did” I said. “What really happened”he asked as I explained what happened to him. “Hmmn, really tragic, I noticed sir Michael always wanted to be with you but what I don’t understand is why he employed that Jane as his P.A,from the first time I saw her I knew she was a slut”he said rather gossiping. “I know right, what where you doing there?” I asked him “Uhmmm, I work there by night”he answered and just then Claire, the nurse Alice asked to watch over me ran to me. “Mam, we have a major problem can talk to you privately… Its urgent hurry up”she said. “Claire, common not now am in the middle of a discussion, what did Alice tell you this time” I said. “Oh Carol, its ok, you can attend to her, I’ll be fine” he said. “Oh alright, let’s go Claire”I said. “Hurry up mam” she said running and dragging me with her as I yanked my hands off. “Yo, wait up claire, wait up what’s the problem?” I asked getting scared due to the drama she was exhibiting. “It’s…..” She was saying when we heared the loud scream of the lousy girlfriend of yesterday shout all over the hospital…. As we ran to the room. “That’s the problem mam” claire said on our way to the room. Oh my God what has happened now……

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